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  1. Had to deal with him on our Discord spamming his shit. Fake uploads of Animax, broadcast audio, all other shit. Says he does it for the "troll". Guess he loves 'trolling' communities that have Dragon Ball in them.
  2. Looks to be on MySpleen.
  3. Please tell me I'm not seeing things . . .


    Was Top Cat in the garbage can with the lid closed and now he appeared?

  4. I'm not in the interest in lying. I've told people this whenever asked about the FUNimation dub for Dragon Ball Kai on /r/DBZ -- the subreddit I moderate. “We were just recording something for Dragon Ball Kai maybe about ten months ago. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but we got done recording Resurrection 'F' last year and everyone recorded on the Boo Saga but me, and I just wrapped up recording the Boo saga probably about six weeks ago, so I’m done. It’s done it’s gonna get released. Everyone else has recorded they have to mix it and print it and whatever but you will get the Boo saga at some point…it’s gonna happen.” [1] Sean Schemmel Q&A Bristol Comic Con April 9 2016 - YouTube.com
  5. Meh. Posted this a bunch of times on /r/DBZ. Kai is finished, well, the dub is finished according to Sean Schemmel back in April. Don't know what is taking them long to publish it. Possibly waiting on Toonami to finish their broadcast? Who knows.
  6. You should share your finds. I may have to copy some of 'em! Costume Quest so far is a great game. I'm having a lot of fun playing it. If you play games on the PC, it may be on sale when the Steam Halloween sale roles around. It should be really cheap, considering how old the titles are.
  7. Still collecting my Halloween binge watch... Plan on finishing the game Costume Quest sometime on Halloween!
  8. I was quite spooked by your daughter's costume! I'd post mine... but that would require me showing my face. Sister bought me some Squirtle glasses as a gag halloween costume. My intentions are just passing out candy this year as usual. It's always fun looking at what kids are dressing up this year. I'm hoping to find some Pokemon trainers!
  9. Sweet. Overviewing some of the previous episodes Crunchyroll subbed, I'm not really happy with their subtitles. Edit: guess I'm not as picky. Herms also thinks they're okay. Just wonky translating here and there.
  10. Will someone be uploading Dragon Ball Super from Crunchyroll? I'd do it, but I don't have an account.
  11. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Toonheads&page=2 Here are some episodes. Only checked one episode and it was a TV rip.
  12. That's the best you're going to get as of today.
  13. Huh. I didn't know that. TIL.
  14. Ask @Koby or a member of staff to move the thread for you. Answering your request, I wish you best of luck. Only a 720p rip is available and you can grab it here. you can always check Cartoon Network Southeast Asia to see if they have it on there. If they do, someone could rip it for you. Of course, whenever that person gets the time to do so. Because we all have lives outside this forum.
  15. Cute avatar <3 

    1. Arian


      Thanks, yours isn't bad either. ;)