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  1. Hey :) Just wondering if you still the Hey Arnold ISOs for the series (I saw a post that you said you had Season 1-5 of Hey Arnold) :P If you do could you upload them please? 


    Thanks ;) @Mr. Kimiko

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    2. RequestMyFace


      Wow! I was completely unaware of this Blu-ray, hopefully someone uploads them.

    3. DJHulp


      @RequestMyFaceRemember it's still 480P SD Quality on a Blu-Ray Disc.

      This Means No Blu-Ray Quality, but it will be Upscaled.

      Beter then nothing I guess! ;) 

      I'm not going to buy it because it doesn't contain my Language :( where I grew up with, otherwise it was a instant buy for me. ;)  Not that it means that English Dub is Bad or Something, but I'm missing Jokes made into it what isn't in the English Dub Version! :( 

    4. RequestMyFace


      Exactly, it's better than nothing. Even if there are small improvements like audio quality I would buy it instantly if I wasn't extremely broke lol. I feel for you man, maybe if this release does well, they'll release it in other languages 😄

  2. Update on Hikaru no Go: The project is kicking off in about 2 weeks with Garo7 at the Helms of encoding. I will be making custom fan subtitles using Qrazed's original karaoke subtitles that Wizisi2k will revive. I will be using the region 1 DVD subtitles for episode 1-45 and Hulu for the remainder of the episodes.

    1. mrbaer


      thanks you 😼

    2. emjay911
    3. Goku250


      Been Waiting for this from a very long time. 

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you are still working on the Blu-ray Scooby Doo film collection. It seems that the torrent is virtually dead and I would be very happy if you can upload the separate movies...

  4. Mr. Kimiko

    UpDate: Shaman King Manga Rights

    Shaman King License Status in English As previously mentioned on Twitter by Hiroyuki Takei’s Shonen Magazine Edge editor, they are hoping to have Shaman King re-licensed across the world. Currently, no additional publishers have announced that they have the rights to the new Kodansha eBooks or the new Shaman King manga series (The Super Star or Gaiden). However, Vertical and Kodansha Comics, both English USA-based licencors/distributors, are currently in talks with Kodansha in Japan for the license rights. This is typically a private bidding process, followed by writing a contract prior to any official announcement. Often this licensing process can take several months to complete. Both Vertical and Kodansha Comics are partially owned by the Japanese company Kodansha. Currently Viz Media only has the license for the print volumes, but has not made an official statement as to how long those rights will remain in their hands.
  5. Mr. Kimiko

    UpDate: Shaman King Manga Rights

  6. Mr. Kimiko

    UpDate: Shaman King Manga Rights

    Is it possible we can spread this news far and wide? I think I'm going to set up a petition to have a new company relicense the manga.
  7. News about Shaman King Manga...


  8. Mr. Kimiko

    UpDate: Shaman King Manga Rights

    Viz Media no longer has the rights to the all-time great manga series known as Shaman King.
  9. Do you know if the other episodes of D.gray-man are out yet? I want to wait for all of the dubbed episodes before I watch it ;)

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    2. NeutralHatred


      Bloat is just as bad, in some cases. Mini encoders are trying to keep quality but reducing size. Bloat is just... not needed. Unless you plan to just watch it then delete it. Which I suppose works.

    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      @Emrys I will work on it in June: 


    4. Inverti



      Unless you plan to just watch it then delete it.

      That is what I do. I delete the files right after I've finished watching.



      And good to hear, Kimiko.

  10. Goodbye...

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    2. Sinbad
    3. ElementalCards


      This would've made sense in April Fools day tho..


      In any case, see you soon Mr. Kimiko.

    4. Inverti


      Look, guys. Kimiko's still online. Told you he isn't quitting for real. 

  11. All my projects are put on indefinite hold I have lost my internet and I have no idea when I'm going to get it back.

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    2. Sinbad


      :anger:This really sucks.

    3. emjay911


      Good Luck and take care of yourself seriously.

    4. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      will miss you.

  12. Mr Kimiko,


    some time ago you responded to my message for needed ISO.

    When do you have them for me?

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. domi162


      It was about Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh.



  13. I am sorry I'll be taking a leave of absence for my mental state.

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    2. Sinbad
    3. emjay911


      Hope you get better and well soon.

    4. DarkRavie


      Take care of yourself.  One's health is always the most important and must come first!

  14. Does anyone want to see really good Japanese DVD encodes of Yugioh GX season 4 with custom English subtitles?

  15. OUT NOW: https://vrv.co/watch/GY5P2ZJPY/Bravest-Warriors:EP-409-EP-410

    HQ Thumbnail (for your reference, but click this image for full.):




    On my honest side note: I can't send your PM due to your own unknown/security reasons so... We go in public one (instead) if you don't mind...


    Hope it helps. You can send me an E-Mail or on your Facebook Messenger privately in our PM (instead of the public Kametsu talk) if possibly available. Thanks.


    -- weazelone


    FINAL UPDATE: @szescxz does have a new hot EP copy (on this week's episode). You can import your copy to your Mega Account if necessary optional. --> [link]