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  1. Goodbye...

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    2. Gogeta-Blue
    3. ElementalCards


      This would've made sense in April Fools day tho..


      In any case, see you soon Mr. Kimiko.

    4. Inverti


      Look, guys. Kimiko's still online. Told you he isn't quitting for real. 

  2. All my projects are put on indefinite hold I have lost my internet and I have no idea when I'm going to get it back.

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    2. Gogeta-Blue


      :anger:This really sucks.

    3. emjay911


      Good Luck and take care of yourself seriously.

    4. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      will miss you.

  3. Mr Kimiko,


    some time ago you responded to my message for needed ISO.

    When do you have them for me?

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. domi162


      It was about Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh.



  4. I am sorry I'll be taking a leave of absence for my mental state.

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    2. Gogeta-Blue
    3. emjay911


      Hope you get better and well soon.

    4. DarkRavie


      Take care of yourself.  One's health is always the most important and must come first!

  5. Does anyone want to see really good Japanese DVD encodes of Yugioh GX season 4 with custom English subtitles?

  6. OUT NOW: https://vrv.co/watch/GY5P2ZJPY/Bravest-Warriors:EP-409-EP-410

    HQ Thumbnail (for your reference, but click this image for full.):




    On my honest side note: I can't send your PM due to your own unknown/security reasons so... We go in public one (instead) if you don't mind...


    Hope it helps. You can send me an E-Mail or on your Facebook Messenger privately in our PM (instead of the public Kametsu talk) if possibly available. Thanks.


    -- weazelone


    FINAL UPDATE: @szescxz does have a new hot EP copy (on this week's episode). You can import your copy to your Mega Account if necessary optional. --> [link]

  7. Good evening from Manila and our hometown of Visayas... Here's the promo of this week's NEW Episode of #BravestWarriors S4. Just in case if @GideonWrath and others; doesn't reach in any later reasons.




    That is right now today on VRV x Cartoon Hangover Select in the early/regular morning EDT. New EPs airing bi-weekly.


    On my side note, if it's not... we're quite okay with that. Just for checking if available.


    Hope it helps... Cheers.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Ep. 1-6 Plus a Documentary are up for Season 4.

    2. weazelone


      Thanks for that. And the latest one this week, probably sometime immediately later this weekend? Just asking... If it's quite not, we're okay with that. This is the only site of it's exclusivity...

    3. weazelone


      FINAL UPDATE #2: I'm pleased to say... the episode is legit as checked. Thanks!

  8. Is it possible for you to reupload the files for Ultimate Muscle as the links have been removed from Amazon and there is no way to get them from BakaBT?

  9. VRV exclusives

    If you want anything from vrv just ask me.
  10. .hack - Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
    DVD vs FUNi-DL (Old) vs FUNi-DL (New)

    1. jhoopes517


      Where to find new?

    2. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I ripped both.

    3. jhoopes517


      Hmm. I probably should have assumed that and looked. I looked elsewhere first and could not find.


      Thank you! :)

  11. I'm coming BACK. Shaman King is Coming Back so am I.

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    2. iBreaker


      Welcome back bro! :)

    3. 21century


      hopefully in good health my friend 


    4. Todd Harry
  12. UpDate: I'm going to slowly come back.
  13.  I'm on hiatus until further notice. my mom passed away today at the age of 44. :too_sad:

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    2. emjay911


      I am really sorry for your great loss.

      No person can replace a mother.

    3. IkarosBD


      @Mr. Kimiko you have my condolences. It's not easy to lose a parent. Especially at that age. Take it easy for as long as you need. We'll be here if you need anything.

    4. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Thanks everyone. She meant the world to me and my family. It will be hard but I will come back someday. She was the one who got me into Anime. I love you mum....

  14. The Blu-ray is Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 1080i The DVD is Tenchi Muyo GXP 480i
  15. de-interlacing DVD is a pain in my ass, but Blu-ray should be easy.