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  1. Hello, this is my first post here, so I hope everything is ok: Advantages of PCs You can find a lot of games like in the Steam Origin store. Most games (physical disk) are very expensive but a lot are cheap (in key stores). It is easy to do more things at the same time. Shooter good at playing with PC. Disadvantages Hardware can be quite expensive (& and difficult to change if you don't have any ideas how or you have a notbook). Not every game were release for PC (damn Exclusives). Without a gaming wheel maybe hard to play games like "NfS" or "Project CARS". Consoles Advantage Console exclusive games. You can play every game with a steady FPS. (most games) Mostly cheaper than a good PC. Disadvantages Your games don't have the highest graphic optimum. Some games are a bit different from their PC buddies.
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