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  1. I know what you mean with the lines looking a bit more softened in my result. When i was just using the Dehalo_Alpha filter the line art did look a bit darker. But i had the feeling it jumped out a tiny bit from the rest of the footage so that's why i was trying this out. And yes most of the details are fixed by the mask, overlay and merge etc without them mt_convolution would have blurred to much details. I can understand your point that you rather stick with the Dehalo_alpha with contra sharpening, dehalohmod and finedehalo filters. Looking at my code it is a bit of mess. I'll probably test out the DeHaloHmod filter you mentioned some time i don't have that filter installed and it's funny i think you mentioned finedehalo before and i even have it installed but i always forget about it. Also thanks for the tip about QTGMC i think i used these parameters in the past but just forgot about these settings with rendering various encodes. Hey Koby that sounds interesting but i'm not really familiar with the 16-bit filtering part. Did you customize the dehalo_alpha filter yourself to do this ? I'm currenlty using the DeHalo_alpha_cs.avsi by Desbreko found on the Avisynth wiki. Do you happen to have a comparison to see the difference with the freely available Dehalo_Alpha contra-sharpening and the modified one i'm kinda intrigued to see how it handles fine details in comparison ?
  2. Goku22

    Avisynth Script Help?

    nevermind i see SaurusX already replied
  3. Goku22

    Avisynth Script Help?

    The YV12 format requires your video width / height to be divisible by 2. That's why your getting a error message. Also looking at the video colors you just seem to want to convert the NTSC colors to PAL. ColorMatrix(mode="Rec.709->Rec.601") does this. You don't need the extra 2 colormatrix().colormatrix() calls. It will only degrade the quality.
  4. Hi SaurusX, well i've been using the DeHalo_alpha with contra-sharpening filter like you suggested and it whields great results. But i've just been playing around with it a bit and tried something different here. In the comparison i posted here i just wanted to show the result i got using Dehalo_Alpha in conjunction with MT_convolution with a auto generated mask to preserve most of the picture. I thought it looked pretty good. Maybe i'm silly and i should just stick with DeHalo_alpha for this kind of stuff ore abcxyz which actually works really well too. But i had the feeling the line art looked about right in my attempt here. In case your interested in seeing what i exactly did, here is my script. MPEG2Source("REAL_GHOST_V2_D3.Title1.d2v", cpu=0) AssumeTFF() QTGMC(Preset="Fast", Sharpness=0.5) BEFORE_DEHALO = last DeHalo_Alpha(rx=3.0, ry=1.0, darkstr=0.0, brightstr=1.0, lowsens=55, highsens=1, ss=3.0, cs=true) DeHalo_Alpha(rx=3.0, ry=1.6, darkstr=0.0, brightstr=1.0, lowsens=72, highsens=15, ss=1.0, cs=true) AwarpSharp2(depth=6) AFTER_DEHALO = last BEFORE_DEHALO clip1 = last clip_mask = clip1.mt_edge(mode="hprewitt", thY1=50, thY2=40, thC1=0, thC2=0, Y=3, U=1, V=1).Greyscale().invert().Blur(1.50, MMX=True) BEFORE_CONVOLUTION = last mt_convolution(horizontal="-1 -1 -2 -1 0.9 -1", vertical="-1", U=2, V=2) FlipHorizontal() mt_convolution(horizontal="-1 -1 -2 -1 0.9 -1", vertical="-1", U=2, V=2) FlipHorizontal() MergeLuma(BEFORE_CONVOLUTION, lumaweight=0.25) mt_merge(last, clip1, clip_mask, luma=True, Y=3, U=1, V=1) overlay(last, AFTER_DEHALO, mask=clip_mask.invert(), opacity=0.3, mode="luma") AssumeTFF() SeparateFields() SelectEvery(4,0,3) Weave()
  5. I've been playing around some more in Avisynth to reduce halo artifacts which sometimes occur when videos are over-sharpened. Left is my Dehalo attempt / right is the original raw: My goal is to solely remove the halo artifacts while preserving the grain and other details of the picture. I'd love to hear what you guys think of this result.
  6. Goku22

    SMB Super Show Episodes

    Oh sorry i misunderstood i thought you where still referring to the audio. So your trying to sync subtitles to your footage ? I've never really subbed anything before i only re-timed a subtitle file ones and that was years ago i believe i did it in DivXLand Media Subtitler. Maybe someone else can give you some advice on that.
  7. Goku22

    SMB Super Show Episodes

    To anwser your question, yes it is possible to sync the cover songs to the already available Netflix uploads on Kametsu. But there is no way around having to cut the audio up into parts for it to align. The reason beeing is the current available releases including the original music don't have the exact same framecount / scenes. Sometimes a fade in/out will be slightly shorter on one release while the other will extend it by a few frames. SMBSS_Restored tried to time the videos so the would align with the Shout Factory release i think he also mentioned it in the video descriptions. So if you own the Shout DVDs you can for the most part just swap the DVD track with the restored versions from Youtube. It isn't going to work for all episodes especially the King Mario of Cramalot / Day of Orphan episode. For that particular episode you'll have to correct the speed from the video ore audio first depending on what you want todo. If you don't want to re-encode the video to speed it up then the only option is to edit the audio. The easiest would be to just cut the cover song, find the start point from the censored song and change the tempo from there till both vocals / sound effects sync then swap that particular part leaving the rest of the audio unaltered. If you really want to you could try to use the full audio but you'll have to make a few cuts to fully match the NTSC versions. My main computer is beeing fixed so i have no audio programs currently available to work with so i can't do it for you i can only give these tips on how i would do it. Last option if you don't care about the video beeing PAL i could just rip that specific episode for you. Then you won't have to edit anything.
  8. Hey helgasboy,


    I don't remember for sure if i already asked you this but if i remember correctly didn't you used to have some of SMBSS episodes recorded from television ore Kids Klassics ?

    I was hoping maybe you could help me out.

    I'm still trying to find a few soundtracks and live action segments to complete my collection.

    Currently i have almost preserved all original broadcast audio tracks in near DVD quality.

    Can you send me a message if you still have them and are willing to help me out ?

    Maybe we can trade something ?

  9. Goku22

    SMB Super Show Episodes

    Hi merbleroll, The dvd releases / streaming sites are using the Family Channel re-run. This is why the original commercial bumpers, Legend of Zelda preview and the scenes that segued into them are missing. The re-run episodes where slowed down to compensate for the missing footage. A other thing the did was add a fade in/out for the placement of a extra commercial break in the cartoon. I undertand you already aligned the audio to your source so i guess you won't need any help anymore with that. Anways in case anyone else wants to know you need to adjust the tempo a bit ( Audacity can do this ). Also the best way is to just cut out only the cover song part that way it's easier. The length isn't going to match here sins it includes bumpers and the restored zelda preview.
  10. Hi Badguys, thanks for the input just wondering do you happen to know if the King mario of cramalot episode include the zelda cartoon preview on Pluto airings ? Also terrible sorry to everyone for the lack of updates on this topic. I've just been a bit too busy with a lot stuff to actually even watch my own dvds to even provide a honest review on them. Also i just want to throw it out their, recently the German market seems to have been able to release the full series onto dvd. We can thank https://www.pidax-film.de for this. The released a total of 4 volumes, each volume includes up to 2 a 3 of the never released live action segments. I took a gamble on them because i wasn't sure if the information was really legit. I've often see incorrect dvd information listed on tv series so i was a bit skeptical when the where first annouced. But still decided to buy them and the good news the really include all the live action segments so that's fantastic news for everyone wanting to own these on dvd. Now be warned the sets are advertised as beeing dual audio so English / German dub. However the zelda live action segments are only provided in german dub no english audio is available on them. Also a other issue a lot of scenes are missing. For example the Zelda previews and the scenes that segued into them are not included. The original NTSC bumpers are not included and even the endings where Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells with the guest stars say untill next time has been cut from all episodes. So that's something everyone should be aware off which isn't mentioned on the site of course. Three specific episodes are even missing extra scenes: Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn ( the mario head transition seems to have been cut short on this one ) The Magic Love ( is missing his complete mario head transition including a little bit of footage before it ) George Washington Slept Here ( this one is full of errors i have no idea what the did with this one. It's missing a giant scene in the middle and for some reason the cartoon beginning is sped up. When set to English the untill next time everybody vocals are still present while the end credits is already playing ). As for the video quality these dvds are not new scans the are in fact NTSC dvd copies. The simply converted them from 29.97i to 25p and upscaled them to PAL resolution 720x576. Resulting in inferior quality and besides the conversion the also applied dynamic noise reduction. The audio quality is good similar to the NTSC releases. As for the cover songs, get this, all of them are included in the german dub. But when switching to English the audio plays the generic DIC stock music. So i have no idea why the German dub can just use the songs while the original series has to be censored ... I find it annoying because i actually really like the 80s pop music and to me it's part of the show the should have never censored it to begin with. When i have the time i'll be sure to update this topic with some raw screenshots. That's all for now regarding the Pidax releases.
  11. Goku22

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    No problem, good luck with the mask code and hopefully it will be useful I think if you really want to degrain the DBZ footage or any old footage in that case it's always best to use a masks to preserve the original line art. The only problem i'm having myself, i'm still trying to figure out how to correctly create masks. Currently i've been doing some testing with the mt_edge and mt_inflate function in masktools: mt_edge(mode="hprewitt", thy1=110, thY2=255).mt_inflate(u=2,v=2) I also got a pretty good looking mask using the following code: edgemask = video edgemask = mt_makediff(edgemask.mt_inflate(u=2,v=2), edgemask).mt_lut("x 128 - 5 *") edgemask = Levels(edgemask, 0,1,255,80,255) edgemask = Greyscale(edgemask) If you increase the 5 in mt_lut you can expand the mask. I use avspmod to preview my code so when i'm making the mask it's pretty useful to directly see the result. In my previous code i used Overlay to merge the raw luma. But I figure you can also just use the mt_merge function for that.
  12. Goku22

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Hi Karyuuni i used dfttest to denoise / degrain the screenshot from Trunks. Also for anyone interested in the complete Avisynth script here it is : # Note: i'm in no way inclining i'm using these filters in their correct way. # Neither do i incline to know how to everything works, i'm still learning Avisynth myself. # So just take my code as a grain of salt. # Real experts might even cringe seeing my filter chain :) # LOAD DBZ Trunks screenshot acquired from: kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1182242#p1182242 # NOTE: I CROP OFF 700PX to hide the comparison made by kanzenshuu.com RAW_YUV12 = ImageSource("161104044711907759.png").ConvertToYV12().Crop(0, 0, -700, 0) RAW_RGB32 = ImageSource("161104044711907759.png").ConvertToRGB32().Crop(0, 0, -700, 0) # My idea was to make a mask from the raw lineart so i could later merge it back ontop of the denoised image. # This mask isn't perfect and most likely i'm doing it completely wrong but i'm still learning emboss = subtract(RAW_YUV12, crop(RAW_YUV12, 2, 0, -0, -0).AddBorders(0, 0, 2, 0)) v1 = ColorYUV(emboss, off_y=-128) v2 = Invert(emboss).ColorYUV(off_y=-128) Merge(v1, v2).ColorYUV(gain_y=1000) linemask = last.ConvertToRGB() # Next I take the RAW RGB32 image and use ColorMill a VirtualDub plugin to restore the green sky and skin tone etc RAW_RGB32 LoadVirtualDubPlugin("ColorMill.vdf", "colorMill") ColorMill(25688, 25724, 25700, 24420, 25700, 25700, 26470, 25670, 25695, 25693, 25705, 25700, 25700, 1124, 5) ConvertToYV12() # Here I used dfttest to DEGRAIN the image # Note i think this is too aggressive for a video but sins i was just trying to fix a single frame i settled on Dfttest dfttest(sigma=70, tbsize=5) # Next I tried to make the line art a bit darker and thinner: FastLineDarken(strength=48, luma_cap=191, threshold=4, thinning=24) mfToon2(strength=20, sharpen=false) AwarpSharp2(depth=4) # At this point a lot detail has been destroyed so i use my previous created mask to restore the original line art. # Ore atleast that is what i was trying todo. # I made sure to change the opacity so i could still see a bit of the previous line darken etc Overlay(RAW_YUV12, mask=linemask, x=0, y=1, opacity=0.5, mode="luma") # I felt the contrast just needed a tiny bit more and removed a tiny bit of saturation SmoothAdjust_SmoothTweak(brightness=0, contrast=1.1, saturation=0.95, hue1=2, hue2=0, TVrange=True, Lmode=0, limitSTR=100) # Stackhorzintal was used to compare the end result StackHorizontal(last, RAW_YUV12)
  13. Goku22

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Personally i'm fine with how the series looks i have no desire to work on it. But i do love the passion people are putting into the series. And have seen some really unbelievable color corrections on the kanzenshuu forums. I want to thank kojiroryuga for his link it was inspiring to see how far someone can go with color adjustments. I've been working on a old cartoon series myself so i fully understand how much work these kind of projects require. A interesting example screenshot from Trunks originally posted on the Kanzenshuu forums here: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1182242#p1182242 Made me want todo my own attempt on just this particulier frame, just for fun. I saved and cropped it so i could work with the unfiltered screenshot. Tried a couple of filters to clean it up and based my colors on the fixed screenshot in Avisynth. It took me a while to figure out how to adjust the sky but it was fun and i just wanted to see if it was really possible haha. For those interested in seeing what i came up with here's my attempt Note: applying this settings to complete episode would probably never work sins i based all my settings on a single screenshot.
  14. Yeah i thought i'd share it here sins subtitles are mostly used with anime series. Like @MaxxCatt mentioned if you have the latest VLC you are safe. They fixed it already. Also thanks @Superoswald for clearing that up i wasn't aware this vulnerability was related to only .zip archived subtitles. Makes sense because it would be pretty strange if someone would be able to embedded malicious stuff in .ass , .srt files etc.
  15. I've been wanting to do a comparison between the various Super Mario Bros. Super Show / Legend of Zelda DVD, VHS and streaming releases for a while. I hope anyone interested in collecting the series wil have use for it. This is my buying guide for you on which releases to get and why. In my comparisons i try to include details on the quality, languages, extras and even specifically mention if something is missing has been changed ore was added ect. Little history about the show. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is an American television series based upon Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2. The show was produced by DiC and was distributed by Viacom Enterprises. When it originally broadcasted in 1989 the show ran from Monday to Friday. In total the series consisted out of 52 Super Mario Bros and 13 Legend of Zelda cartoons. Each episode began with a live-action segment starring Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells. During the summer of 1990 DIC tried to make the show more 90s by replacing the live-action segments with a show called Club Mario. In its original form 41 Mario episodes included pop music from the 80s. The music played during the cartoon's were mostly removed and replaced on later airings / releases. This GUIDE includes both NTSC and PAL releases. --------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD releases: Title: Shout Factory The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Volume 1 - 2006 release Language: English Subtitles: none Region: Region 1 Number of discs: 4 Episodes included: 24 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Title: The Super Mario Bros Super Show - Volume One 2004 Language: English Subtitles: none Region: Region 2 Number of discs: 1 Episodes included: 6 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1 Title: The Super Mario Bros Super Show - Volume 2 2004 Language: English Subtitles: none Region: Region 2 Number of discs: 1 Episodes included: 5 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1 Title: The Super Mario Bros Super Show - Robo Koopa 2005 Language: English Subtitles: none Region: Region 2 Number of discs: 1 Episodes included: 3 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1 ------ Topic To be continued soon sorry for the wait guys!