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  1. lauroree

    Help for all you Video question

    I see a lot of question about video editing and converting for all those questions try those 2 sites www.videohelp.com/ http://www.doom9.org/ think it help
  2. lauroree

    I need help with CD.avi Files

    here is it guys http://forums.vso-software.fr/how-to-merge-video-files-and-join-video-files-together-t3080.html
  3. this will help you guys http://www.videohelp.com/
  4. lauroree

    Converting mpg videos to mp4 or avi?

    this will help you http://www.videohelp.com/
  5. lauroree

    (Solved)Jdownloader safe?

    jdownloader is seems good but freerapid is very stable give it a try
  6. k-lite codec pack standard is definitely the ways to go
  7. lauroree

    what software will work best

    Like Cynthia says Sony Vegas Pro It's very powerful and easy to learn as a video editing software. I would suggest XnView as good a free photo editing