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  1. Need a second opinion (video comparison): Kuragehime - ANE vs. Yousei-raws vs. tlacatlc6


    I'm not very practiced at this, but to me Yousei looks significantly blockier (in a bad way) in dark scenes. Especially noticeable in image #6. Yousei is also 8-bit vs. ANE's 10-bit.

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    2. Koby


      ANE seems to have less noise, but Yousei seems to have a greenish tint at times. I'd say go with ANE between the two.


      As for tlacatlc6, haven't seen a comparison with them, but his stuff tends to be unfiltered and suffers from banding.

    3. Solaufein


      @(AC) @Koby Just for the sake of argument, I've added tlacatlc6 to the comparison link above. Some of the scenes didn't sync up perfectly with the other two releases but I didn't bother fixing it because IMO tlacatlc6 isn't in contention. It's 8-bit, about half the file size of the other two releases, and you can see significant banding, particularly in screenshot #2 (which is perfectly synced with the other two releases) on her hair.

    4. Hayato


      Going to roll with the popular opinion because I too think ANE is the best of those shown.

  2. This has been on my PTW list for a while, but was the bluray video quality actually any good? I guess I just assumed it was another shitty upscale but I don't know the technical details.
  3. Solaufein


    This season didn't have any dubbed shows that stood out, which is the only pool that many people here draw from. I've heard great things about A Place Further Than the Universe, though I haven't gotten around to watching it yet myself. It has the highest MAL rating of everything else in this poll. I'm also enjoying FranXX, but IMO incomplete shows shouldn't even be allowed in these polls. Agree with you on Violet Evergarden. Not much going on in terms of plot or character. Wouldn't mind seeing a story that took place during the war though.
  4. Solaufein

    Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

    I'm finding myself a lot more interested in the real world story line rather than what's happening in the game. It seems like ep5 was just setup for her to meet a group of players in the real world, in which case what actually happens during the game is largely inconsequential. Whether LLENN has god mode or not is only tangentially related to her personal anxiety issues or the mystery they've set up regarding Pito's and M's identities are their relationship with each other. This is in direct contrast to Kirito's struggles in-game having real-world consequences (escaping with his life/freeing Asuna from her prison/catching a murderer), so his god mode definitely cheapened his victories a bit.
  5. I also love it when the karaoke matches effects that were applied to the text in the actual credits. A great example is PAS's subs for Land of the Lustrous. Starts off with a bubble effect while Phos is floating underwater and then transitions to multicolored polygon shards. Of course, it lags MPC so much they had to put a disclaimer on the torrent description that says it should be run in MPV only. Works fine for me in Plex though.
  6. Are you looking for something more advanced than this? Because that's a pretty quick and easy script, but still looks pretty nice IMO. I have no idea how DDY and FFF do particle effects like smoke/confetti/sparks/etc. (though I'd love to learn...)
  7. What's your biggest bottleneck right now? Just trying to get a sense of what you're looking for.
  8. ??? This is actually pretty great. Thanks for sharing! Seems to work fine for me in Tampermonkey.
  9. Solaufein

    Query re: Content Distro Rules and Guidelines

    Just my 2 cents... but that feature sounds like a nightmare to me. People who are not socially-inclined to begin with are not likely to contribute anything of value if they are required to participate. I usually Follow all the threads for the releases I download so I can keep tabs on any further developments with the release, such as patches, or any meaningful conversation I may find interesting and might want to reply to. But it drives me crazy when I get a notification and it's just someone saying "Thanks" with no other contribution to the conversation. Especially when it's a 2-year-old thread and the original creator might not even be active anymore. I don't consider that to be "user participation", or at least not desirable participation. I wish there was a way to discourage one-word replies while still making the uploader feel appreciated. This is why I usually stick with the Like/Thanks button rather than making a reply, unless I have something else to say in addition to "thanks".
  10. Solaufein

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    frost = Beatrice, yes? Also if you would like QC/grunt work assistance with AoTJH let me know. I'm looking forward to completing my collection (at least until season 3 comes out ).
  11. My only real issue with it is that it doesn't even have the slightest hint of an ending/resolution, which knocks it down a good 2 points in my view. I've only given 10/10 to 4 anime and those have all had beautiful cathartic conclusions, which seems to be extremely rare in anime.
  12. Solaufein

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Upload in progress: https://mega.nz/#F!QTQSCB7T!wYP-FHOUkAtuuJ5gQoay_Q ... ... ... @Scyrous Upload Complete! A note on the episode 12 commentary- I took this from a separate file, the Episode 12 Video Commentary. This has a 5-second Funimation logo at both the beginning and the end that are not present in the episode proper, so these will need to be cut out to get the commentary to sync up.
  13. Solaufein

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    I just resumed that one, but I'm not seeing anyone connected to it. Also my connection blows, and I often find that people have trouble connecting to me, and vice versa. I'll start uploading the audio to mega.
  14. Solaufein

    A call for donations

    How difficult would it be to re-implement the funding meter that used to be on the sidebar? It would help donors stay on top of it before the situation becomes dire. It would also help guide how much of a donation is needed because you can continuously see the speed at which donations from other people come in.
  15. Solaufein

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Awesome guide! As a Plex user, I've always appreciated your naming convention, and I'm happy that a few others here have started using it. I agree that TheTVDB is not ideal (especially for Monogatari holy shit), but IMO it's the best we've got. As for the internet connectivity argument, this thread is all about sharing media with strangers over the internet. Presumably, if you're acquiring a CTR release, you have internet at that time. Once you add it to Plex or Kodi, it connects to TheTVDB once and pulls the data it needs and stores it locally. After that, you can take your computer offline if you want and you'll have your permanent local archive complete with episode titles, synopses, airdates, production staff, series/season artwork, episode screenshots, etc. Have you already tried JMkvpropedit? You can tag all your tracks a lot faster, and there's a log at the end so you can verify that it was able to update everything successfully. The only issues I have with it are: A recent update to Windows 10 stripped it of the permissions it needs to modify files, but running it as an Administrator fixes this. If you try to modify a track that doesn't exist, it will error out on that file and won't update anything. For example, if you've got commentary tracks on just 3 episodes and you try to set the title of audio track 3 on the entire batch, only the episodes with a track 3 will be updated, including changes to video/subtitles/attachments. So I just leave off any extras when I do the full batch, and then do a smaller batch with just the episodes that contain commentary afterward. Also, a few questions: Would it not be beneficial to have consistency in the track names? In your example, you've got the group tag for the audio and subtitles at the end, but for the video it's at the beginning. Plus the video track includes information about the audio, which seems odd to me. Would you consider some standard rules for track naming when modifications are made to the original source? I've seen some people use something like "FFF-Modified" when all they did was delete lines of dialog to make a signs track, or just retimed it to match Beatrice or something like that. To me there's a big difference between that and actually correcting errors that existed in the original source, or adding missing signs, or swapping out the kfx. Also, people often tag subtitles with a group that is actually a modification of another group. For example, a lot of old Shiro releases credit Final8 for the subs, which were often a 1080p BD resample/edit of someone else's 720p TV subs. Maybe it's being too nitpicky, but IMO it would be nice to know what to expect by looking at the media info since not everyone does detailed descriptions. How would you name an audio track that you ripped from the BD yourself? FLAC 2.0 [CTR]?