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  1. Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    Here's another comparison someone posted between Nozomi's upscale and nizzk's DVD-rip: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124095 I don't suppose there are any skilled encoders here who might want to take a stab at upscaling some scenes to show what it could look like? I have no idea to what degree the backers will be able to influence the production process, but we currently have a limited window where Nozomi claims to be listening to us, so it might be worth trying to convince them to do it correctly. I'd love to have a version of this show that doesn't look like ass when all is said and done.
  2. Has anyone else seen the screenshots Nozomi just posted for their upcoming English release of Aria? They don't look great. Some relevant user comments from Kickstarter for those of you who can't see them: And Nozomi's response to the comments: A little disconcerting that Nozomi thought those screenshots were ready to be shown to the public, but I'm glad that at least there are people in the Kickstarter speaking up about it, and Nozomi claims to be listening to them. Hopefully they can get it sorted out before the release...
  3. Gintama best encode and subs?

    The first 3 torrents you linked are attributed to Wailyn on AnimeBytes, who also did this release of the first series: https://nyaa.si/view/794545 That one uses a BD raw from YYDM, and he put up a comparison between that and SOFCJ: http://compare.bakashots.me/compare.php?setId=1926&comparisonId=12343&imageNum=3 I also uploaded my own comparison between Wailyn and Yousei-Raws, which uses a DVD source: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/123708
  4. Kametsu is now on Discord!

    Just joined. Username: Solaufein, #6117.
  5. Seedbox questions

    I assume that with 4TB, you're not seeding your entire collection. Do you just download to local storage and then delete it off the server after you've met the minimum requirements of whatever private tracker you're using?
  6. Seedbox questions

    That seems to imply that you recommend against doing that. I'm open to all suggestions if you have an alternative that resolves the three issues I mentioned above. What do you use when you distribute on Nyaa, for example? Regarding generic server hosts, can you recommend any that look the other way on torrenting? Most of the seedbox-specific hosts I've found seem to be privacy-focused, for obvious reasons. Are there similar offerings from a more generic host?
  7. Seedbox questions

    I'm totally ignorant of everything to do with seedboxes other than the name, so please bear with me. Right now I'm seeding about 11 TB of stuff to AB and a couple other private trackers from my home connection, stored on a local NAS. I also download (but don't make an effort to seed) on public sites like Nyaa. I live in the US, and I use a VPN to avoid threatening letters from the MPAA and my cable company. I'd like to start getting into more private trackers as well as ranking up in AB by uploading. The issues I'm running into with my current setup are: AB bans you if you log into the website using a shared IP, which my VPN is (privateinternetaccess). So I have to be careful and disconnect when I'm browsing the site and adding torrents to my client, and then reconnect when I want to seed/download. I've noticed that in the rules of some of the private trackers I've gotten into recently, they don't allow seeding from a shared IP either, so I wouldn't be able to use my VPN for those. The max upload speed offered in my area is 5 mpbs, which sucks, and is not really feasible if I want to upload multiple new torrents and I'm the only seeder at the start. Does anyone have any suggestions (seedbox or otherwise) that would help me get around these issues? If a seedbox is the correct answer, I could use some direction on which company to go with. If anyone wants to share their own setup, that would also be helpful. Thanks!
  8. Chobits 720 dual audio

    For an existing 720p dual-audio release, your best bet is probably this one: https://nyaa.si/view/235416 It's also on aB if you have access to that.
  9. AniDex Searchfilter Bookmarklets

    The reason I was originally asking about this is because it would be nice to be able to add AniDex as a search engine in Chrome with search filters, such as lang_id=1 for English-only. This is what I used to do with Nyaa. I set it up so I could search Nyaa from the Chrome address bar and it would automatically limit the results to Trusted only and English-Translated anime because that's all I'm ever interested in seeing. This was accomplished by adding URL parameters in the query string.
  10. AniDex Searchfilter Bookmarklets

    Pretty slick. Nice job! Hopefully they'll add official support eventually. I noticed that Feature Requests is currently in the Topic in their IRC channel, but the channel itself is pretty quiet so I'm not sure how active they are there.
  11. Hi