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  1. Yessssssssssssss..........



    5x 10TB WD Reds :D 

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    2. Solaufein


      I'm pretty sure I already have all your releases... all the ones that have threads here anyway.


      So... guess you'll need to make some more. :) 

    3. Catar


      sorry i'm retired again

    4. Solaufein


      That's what they all say.

  2. Solaufein

    Best anime of the season

    Slime, Bunny Girl Senpai, and SAO have all been great this season so far. I'm also enjoying Bloom Into You. Goblin Slayer I dropped after 4 episodes but I plan to binge the rest once the dub finishes.
  3. I kept seeing this thread's truncated title popping up in the "latest activity" section and I just figured someone on the forum had lost their mind: But that trailer actually looks really good! I'm officially intrigued.
  4. Solaufein

    Horror Anime recomendations

    I second Higurashi. If you're only going to watch one, make it that. Shiki is also really good. I thought Another and Electromagnetic Girlfriend were just so-so.
  5. Solaufein

    How to get audio on Netflix

    No one seemed to have a problem linking to the github page of the exact same thing. What's the difference?
  6. Solaufein

    How to get audio on Netflix

    Here's the code- you can paste this into Tampermonkey:
  7. Solaufein

    How to get audio on Netflix

    I'm getting pseudo-broken audio files with v2.0.5. Anyone else having issues? For subtitles, I get a proper file name containing the name of the show and episode number with a .srt extension. For audio I just get a file called "download" with no extension. The file does play and sounds fine, but MKVToolNix doesn't recognize it as having any audio tracks so I can't mux it into a mkv.
  8. Solaufein

    Advance Search Broken

    This is definitely something that has gotten worse over time. Search used to work fine, but it's been broken for at least a few months. Are the forum updates granular at all? Could you revert an update for just search? I first noticed the search issue at the same time as another one that's been annoying me: the input field for the simple search in the upper-right corner of the page needs autocomplete="off" set on it. Without that, the search history drop-down (in Chrome at least) covers up the search options and I have to escape out of it every time. Do we have the ability to modify the html for that field?
  9. Solaufein

    Help with Aegisub Karaoke scripts

    You're right on both counts! I am indeed using line0. Downloaded 3.2.2 Portable and the templates work flawlessly there. I also tried your suggestion for the English lines in Effect 31- seems like a wonky way of doing it but the end result looks fantastic. Thanks for your help! I'll also be checking out those other scripts you linked.
  10. Solaufein

    Help with Aegisub Karaoke scripts

    Do I have to have specific lines selected when I select Apply Karaoke Template from the menu? I get: Runtime error in template code: Expected 1 arguments, got 2 Code producing error: ci = {0,0}; cn = _G.unicode.len(orgline.text_stripped:gsub(" ","")) Same error on all the scripts in the pack I've tried so far. Here's one as an example: https://mega.nz/#!keBHxaDL!1uBVfXhXhvd1ZyKwekLZoSWwo03_XSsTZCs1plV4s_M Not sure what you mean by first window. Here's the only window I see when I select the script from the Automation menu: For Apply To I select the English lines. Next drop-down is the effect type, where I've chosen the fade in/out option. The colors and styles below I assume are irrelevant for the English lines since they don't have k tags (but I haven't had any trouble making it do exactly what I want for the romaji, which does have k tags).
  11. Has anyone ever used a script called Aegisub Effect 31 for kfx? This works great for the romaji/kanji, but I can't get the lead-in/out effect to apply to the English translation. The English part has no \k tags so the script just comments it out without creating any transition effects. Is there some tag I can put in the English lines to trigger the script to apply the lead-in/out effect? Another question, semi-related, I also found a collection of scripts called "Aegisub Karaoke Effect Collection" that contains effects numbered 1-30. Except unlike 31, these didn't come with lua files. They're just ass files that contain example k-timed lyrics and what appears to be lua script embedded in comments within the subtitles. I'm not sure what I'm meant to do with this. I tried copying the lines into a lua file and putting it in the autoload folder but it just gave me script errors. Any have any experience with this?
  12. Solaufein

    Kametsu Projects Index (Archive and Discussion)

    That would be awesome. I've been wishing for a high quality release of that show for a long time. Since FFF video is not an option, I'm assuming Kagura for the series and sergey_krs for the OVA (ep27)? BTW, I own the latest reissue of the USBDs including the dubbed OVA, if anyone working on this needs English audio or any other components.
  13. Need a second opinion (video comparison): Kuragehime - ANE vs. Yousei-raws vs. tlacatlc6


    I'm not very practiced at this, but to me Yousei looks significantly blockier (in a bad way) in dark scenes. Especially noticeable in image #6. Yousei is also 8-bit vs. ANE's 10-bit.

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    2. Koby


      ANE seems to have less noise, but Yousei seems to have a greenish tint at times. I'd say go with ANE between the two.


      As for tlacatlc6, haven't seen a comparison with them, but his stuff tends to be unfiltered and suffers from banding.

    3. Solaufein


      @(AC) @Koby Just for the sake of argument, I've added tlacatlc6 to the comparison link above. Some of the scenes didn't sync up perfectly with the other two releases but I didn't bother fixing it because IMO tlacatlc6 isn't in contention. It's 8-bit, about half the file size of the other two releases, and you can see significant banding, particularly in screenshot #2 (which is perfectly synced with the other two releases) on her hair.

    4. Hayato


      Going to roll with the popular opinion because I too think ANE is the best of those shown.

  14. This has been on my PTW list for a while, but was the bluray video quality actually any good? I guess I just assumed it was another shitty upscale but I don't know the technical details.
  15. Solaufein


    This season didn't have any dubbed shows that stood out, which is the only pool that many people here draw from. I've heard great things about A Place Further Than the Universe, though I haven't gotten around to watching it yet myself. It has the highest MAL rating of everything else in this poll. I'm also enjoying FranXX, but IMO incomplete shows shouldn't even be allowed in these polls. Agree with you on Violet Evergarden. Not much going on in terms of plot or character. Wouldn't mind seeing a story that took place during the war though.