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  1. Yessssssssssssss..........



    5x 10TB WD Reds :D 

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    2. Solaufein


      I'm pretty sure I already have all your releases... all the ones that have threads here anyway.


      So... guess you'll need to make some more. :) 

    3. Catar


      sorry i'm retired again

    4. Solaufein


      That's what they all say.

  2. I kept seeing this thread's truncated title popping up in the "latest activity" section and I just figured someone on the forum had lost their mind: But that trailer actually looks really good! I'm officially intrigued.
  3. I second Higurashi. If you're only going to watch one, make it that. Shiki is also really good. I thought Another and Electromagnetic Girlfriend were just so-so.
  4. This is definitely something that has gotten worse over time. Search used to work fine, but it's been broken for at least a few months. Are the forum updates granular at all? Could you revert an update for just search? I first noticed the search issue at the same time as another one that's been annoying me: the input field for the simple search in the upper-right corner of the page needs autocomplete="off" set on it. Without that, the search history drop-down (in Chrome at least) covers up the search options and I have to escape out of it every time. Do we have the ability to modify the html for that field?
  5. Need a second opinion (video comparison): Kuragehime - ANE vs. Yousei-raws vs. tlacatlc6


    I'm not very practiced at this, but to me Yousei looks significantly blockier (in a bad way) in dark scenes. Especially noticeable in image #6. Yousei is also 8-bit vs. ANE's 10-bit.

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    2. Koby


      ANE seems to have less noise, but Yousei seems to have a greenish tint at times. I'd say go with ANE between the two.


      As for tlacatlc6, haven't seen a comparison with them, but his stuff tends to be unfiltered and suffers from banding.

    3. Solaufein


      @(AC) @Koby Just for the sake of argument, I've added tlacatlc6 to the comparison link above. Some of the scenes didn't sync up perfectly with the other two releases but I didn't bother fixing it because IMO tlacatlc6 isn't in contention. It's 8-bit, about half the file size of the other two releases, and you can see significant banding, particularly in screenshot #2 (which is perfectly synced with the other two releases) on her hair.

    4. Hayato


      Going to roll with the popular opinion because I too think ANE is the best of those shown.

  6. This season didn't have any dubbed shows that stood out, which is the only pool that many people here draw from. I've heard great things about A Place Further Than the Universe, though I haven't gotten around to watching it yet myself. It has the highest MAL rating of everything else in this poll. I'm also enjoying FranXX, but IMO incomplete shows shouldn't even be allowed in these polls. Agree with you on Violet Evergarden. Not much going on in terms of plot or character. Wouldn't mind seeing a story that took place during the war though.
  7. I'm finding myself a lot more interested in the real world story line rather than what's happening in the game. It seems like ep5 was just setup for her to meet a group of players in the real world, in which case what actually happens during the game is largely inconsequential. Whether LLENN has god mode or not is only tangentially related to her personal anxiety issues or the mystery they've set up regarding Pito's and M's identities are their relationship with each other. This is in direct contrast to Kirito's struggles in-game having real-world consequences (escaping with his life/freeing Asuna from her prison/catching a murderer), so his god mode definitely cheapened his victories a bit.
  8. Just my 2 cents... but that feature sounds like a nightmare to me. People who are not socially-inclined to begin with are not likely to contribute anything of value if they are required to participate. I usually Follow all the threads for the releases I download so I can keep tabs on any further developments with the release, such as patches, or any meaningful conversation I may find interesting and might want to reply to. But it drives me crazy when I get a notification and it's just someone saying "Thanks" with no other contribution to the conversation. Especially when it's a 2-year-old thread and the original creator might not even be active anymore. I don't consider that to be "user participation", or at least not desirable participation. I wish there was a way to discourage one-word replies while still making the uploader feel appreciated. This is why I usually stick with the Like/Thanks button rather than making a reply, unless I have something else to say in addition to "thanks".
  9. My only real issue with it is that it doesn't even have the slightest hint of an ending/resolution, which knocks it down a good 2 points in my view. I've only given 10/10 to 4 anime and those have all had beautiful cathartic conclusions, which seems to be extremely rare in anime.
  10. Agreed. It's really good so far but who knows if it'll stay that way.
  11. I used to be like this. I still prefer dubs if they're available, but there are too many amazing shows that will (in all likelihood) never be dubbed. Monogatari is what finally pushed me over the edge. Now for new stuff I usually always watch subbed unless it's being simuldubbed, and even then if the show is really good I often get impatient and watch ahead with the sub.
  12. Maybe the poll should just have the top 5 most-nominated shows. That way people who nominated shows that have no chance of winning can vote for their second-favorite and the outcome would be less predictable.
  13. I feel like that's probably hurting Land of the Lustrous too. ;_: Haven't seen Inuyashiki yet but it's on my PTW list. So far my AOTY is still Made in Abyss.
  14. Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni), for sure. All it needs to reach 10/10 is a second season with a proper conclusion. Ancient Magus' Bride is another contender if it finishes strong, but it's still airing. I also hear that March Comes in Like a Lion and Girls' Last Tour are really good, but they're still on my PTW list.
  15. Nothing particularly "good". Depends on what you're looking for. Japanese audio is all that's available right now. niizk's DVDrip is probably the best video at the moment, and Sally for the best subs and FLAC JP audio. Once Nozomi's kickstarter ships, we'll have English audio and possibly (but unlikely) a better video source. At that point, according to the spreadsheet, HTT will put together the best of what's available.
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