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  1. how are you doing mate ! long time no see

    hope u doing fine :)


    1. 21century


      I doing fine still burned out but fine 😏

      how are you doing

      I was playing games on ps4 new God of war and RDR 2 will coming out so i will be playing it day one 

      and mostly spending time out side anime as many of recent ones aren't all that exciting for me 

      and if you want to chat Private message me as i would love to talk aside from anime anything else


    2. dantek


      im good too lol busy lately i check randomly from time to time here

      and yeh im doing fine

      nice to hear from you btw

      hope u doing fine bro


  2. i dont know if you can help me

    in fact we are trying to finish a web dl of Aladdin series but we missing the eng audio

    if you can help us would be great ! thanks in advance !

  3. dantek

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    can you share make a post if you can ? seriously
  4. happily followed back :D

  5. I would happy follow you :D

  6. hey mate could post slimer the real ghostbusters dvd isos

    i can encode them myself and make a post .

    thanks in advance

  7. hey tooncore thanks for your answer but unfortunatly i dont have myspleen account . if u can invite me would be great . i got long experience in private trackers and im a power seeder in most of them .

    thanks you Sir in advance .

  8. dantek

    Why can't I buy GTA 1 or 2 on Steam?

    only way to get them is to buy a game key from some resellers .
  9. dantek

    Why can't I buy GTA 1 or 2 on Steam?

    they got removed from steam ...
  10. dantek

    50 GB lifetime cloud storage with pCloud

    internal error plz try egain says .... edit : works now after mutiple tries thanks mate for share
  11. key for tiny toon 3 episodes

  12. dantek

    hello there

    hi eveerybody , hope u all do fine . thanks