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  1. how are you doing mate ! long time no see

    hope u doing fine :)


  2. i dont know if you can help me

    in fact we are trying to finish a web dl of Aladdin series but we missing the eng audio

    if you can help us would be great ! thanks in advance !

  3. dantek

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    can you share make a post if you can ? seriously
  4. happily followed back :D

  5. I would happy follow you :D

  6. hey mate could post slimer the real ghostbusters dvd isos

    i can encode them myself and make a post .

    thanks in advance

  7. hey tooncore thanks for your answer but unfortunatly i dont have myspleen account . if u can invite me would be great . i got long experience in private trackers and im a power seeder in most of them .

    thanks you Sir in advance .

  8. shhhh some how i got this files from long ago but was lazy to sync language coz i even cant but is best quality just give me a sec i up u one episode and then maybe we can start your project in a good way
  9. thanks me later i didnt finish yet lol by the way im ready to make ur life easier by providing you with files with no logo and you finish the language thats all good ?
  10. its just one episode . is fine we will come accross it some how
  11. kody method is not even cropping .. damn thats works
  12. i know but i saw this method of cropping done even by the studios . i think for what available material it has .. this is allready very respected quality .
  13. do like koby suggested . i think is good way seriously and for sure we need this project to be in forums coz we never have a proper release of the serie .