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  1. Gintama best encode and subs?

    @sfaxt Got any links to subs for all the seasons? I'm gonna download SOFCJ's release when I'm gonna watch this series. Thanks!
  2. Avatar: TLA episodes 1-4

    Got any comparisons between hue's encode and your 1080p remaster?
  3. Thanks for the share guys! Will be downloading this release soon. Not really related but do you have or know where I could get subs that sync up to this https://nyaa.si/view/812115?
  4. Do those sync to the SOFCJ raws you linked?
  5. Thanks, I'll check it out!
  6. Whats the best release for the first FMA anime? Figured to ask here since Shady's is the best for Brotherhood as far as I can tell.
  7. There's something called sushi which supposedly autotimes subs to the audio. I dont understand anything about it though because I'm stupid but here's the link, maybe you can make sense out of it lol. https://github.com/tp7/Sushi
  8. Bleach English Audio Syncing

    Doesn't seem like the entire series is on AnimeBytes. =[
  9. Bleach English Audio Syncing

    Where can I even find R2 DVD rips of Bleach?
  10. I wish I had an account on ADC
  11. The Oblongs (WEB-DLs or DVDrips)

    Not trying to make this the Myspleen invitation thread but if anyone has a spare invite I'd love to have one too. I can show my bakabt ratio or whatever if needed. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask. Haha
  12. detective conan

    Those raws look great. Wish I could find sub files to use with them haha. Thanks for the links man!
  13. One Piece s01 - s05 (cloaknsmoke)

    No problem. I'm trying to see if I can find the R2DVDs cause I hear the quality is better.
  14. detective conan

    Any idea where I can get the all the episodes subbed in good quality? Thanks
  15. One Piece s01 - s05 (cloaknsmoke)

    You still looking for these?