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  1. There's something called sushi which supposedly autotimes subs to the audio. I dont understand anything about it though because I'm stupid but here's the link, maybe you can make sense out of it lol. https://github.com/tp7/Sushi
  2. Doesn't seem like the entire series is on AnimeBytes. =[
  3. Where can I even find R2 DVD rips of Bleach?
  4. I wish I had an account on ADC
  5. Not trying to make this the Myspleen invitation thread but if anyone has a spare invite I'd love to have one too. I can show my bakabt ratio or whatever if needed. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask. Haha
  6. Those raws look great. Wish I could find sub files to use with them haha. Thanks for the links man!
  7. No problem. I'm trying to see if I can find the R2DVDs cause I hear the quality is better.
  8. Any idea where I can get the all the episodes subbed in good quality? Thanks
  9. You still looking for these?
  10. How's the bluray of Lupin III Series 2?
  11. SUPER late response but bakabt has one that looks better than a-s. Although I don't wanna take the hit to me ratio to I haven't actually downloaded it yet.
  12. Just finished up my long awaited DB/DBZ marathon. Was the first time I watched it in Japanese and I can say without hesitation that it was better in Japanese. Right now I'm working my way through the movies before I hit up GT. Haha.
  13. Hey! Obviously I'm a huge anime lover and I found this site. Seems like it's got some great releases on it and figured to check it out. I've been quite a quality whore recently so I'm hoping this site provides haha. Thanks! Oh and One Piece is my favorite anime.