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  1. it should be better than what boomerang Vietnam gives at least. Also, is it just me or does that upscaling look like something done in waifu2x? That color banding reminds me a lot of it when i tried doing 360 -> 1080 things
  2. looks like they upscaled and cropped a lot of these. this shot doesn't look very good, and judging by what CN releases on their CN VOD platform, it's probably gonna have their network logo and have really crappy video quality.
  3. It was never a project, it was mostly a proof of concept. It was only to become of thing if someone could supply the GPU power. I also did some testing on my friend's rig; a GTX 1080 can upscale 1 minute of 1080p video to 2160p in about 48 minutes. Each frame takes about 2 seconds. Something I recommend for iTunes files though is to set the noise removal to max. iTunes releases from what I've noticed are incredibly noisy. Otherwise, use Amazon WEBRips as they are pretty noise free. There's a massive improvement in quality when using Waifu2x.
  4. Could you rip World of Winx from Netflix? (In HD) It would be really awesome if you do.

  5. such shame that i can't rip from amazon
  6. that's the best quality starz offers. i told you I downloaded 1:1 files from starz, not captured/recording. If you want better quality, find a different source. Starz won't give you anything better.
  7. i'd like to give it a try. have an account?
  8. Disney

    I ripped an episode the other week for someone https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B44cs8jbL7CFTlpzTVpEQzZsNTA 1080p is raw but 720/480 are re-encodes
  9. Also, those 480p Netflix "WEB-DL's" are WEBRips, probably what you're referring to is WEBCap. WEBRips are for direct streaming rips. WEBCap is for screen recording/capturing/etc.
  10. Just do direct rips https://mega.nz/#!Ddtg3bKK!Un_JvZV-BbJLHNYqfmmglRYopu9WUjR_d4Iajk9GVts (I can rip for ya' btw)
  11. I ripped episodes 1-8 if you're still interested. https://mega.nz/#F!Pd0A3AgD!_PEOO3uGMlJL-Da7U1rmJA
  12. @GideonWrath asked me to do rips, so here is a rip of the first episode. Sadly, the best I can do w/out screen recording is 480p. [Dingo] Kulipari An Army of Frogs S01E01 [480p WEBRip H.264].mkv Audio English 64kbps Subtitles English [CC] Spanish French German
  13. i was looking for them too yesterday, best i found was the audio synced to DVDs