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  1. But then again Kenpachi is ruthless. I don't know anymore.
  2. Kisuke Urahara, the fadora (hat) makes everything better.
  3. There is no post count in SeeD Hallway or Forum games to try and stop the constant spam we have to deal with. Post anywhere else on the forum and your post count will go up but please don't spam or you may get banned.

  4. How come when i post a message the number of total posts never go up?

  5. Check out Bleach, Death Note and Inuyasha
  6. Wuts up! Welcome. Big fan of Afro!
  7. blackstarrpro


    Wuts up! Welcome!
  8. blackstarrpro


    Wuts up! Welcome!
  9. Yeah FMA brotherhood is better. Bleach takes a couple of eps to before it gets good, but it des get good!
  10. Hello Forum. I hate that I have to do this 5 times, to be able to download naruto shippuden. But, you do what you must for anime!
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