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  1. Hi there, this is Pacific85 here!  


    I want to know I came back to Kametsu! But it won't be for long. I know, it's sad for me to say this. But I want to talk about the two subjects. One regarding my experience and the other is regarding Kissanime.


    1. The reason why I log in is because I want to thank the site for introducting me to anime. I logged in for the first time back in 2015 because a user invitied me to the fourms because I was looking for some cartoon that I watched in the past. In 2017 I began to feel uninterested with the site. The site inspired me to have an interest in anime. Since then, I began to attend anime concentions and watch and learn more about anime.


    2. Kissanime had been shut down...for a good reason. I know you all been aware of the site but I want to recap what is going on. Japan is now tightening digital copyright laws which meants anything like anime that uploaded illegally will be taken down. Kissanime is one of the sites where it has been taken down recently along with Kissmanga. It is for a good reason because piracy can affect studios and their profits. For example, if you watched HeartCatch PreCure on KissAnime, it will affect Toei Animation's profits very badly. You really don't want this to happen. To combat digital piracy, AnimeLog was created for anyone to view anime legally. It is only available to Japanese audiences but it will be available to world audiences in the future. If you still like KissAnime, please do not visit sites that pirated anime because you are making the pieacy problem even way worse and thry will affect your computer with malware and viruses. If you want watch anime for free, you must wait for AnimeLog to be launched worldwide because it is the only legal way to watch anime for free. I am pretty sure that the Bandai and Takara YT channels has some anime episodes that you can watch legally. 


    I want to thank Koby and all other staff members for introducing me to anime.


    This will be my last post. Until we meet again in the near future, arigato! 

  2. Welcome back, Cartoons.

  3. Chuck Jones. Yin or Yang
  4. So wonderful. Here, we see Bikini Bottom, teeming with life. [Shows from left to right Patrick's, Squidward's, and SpongeBob's houses. Zooms in on SpongeBob's house]
  5. Because the best things will have consequences Why does Putin go to space?
  6. Jimi Hendrix Skiing or Snowboarding
  7. Should we have a competition for the meaning of the logo??
  8. Just to heads up Floopaloo is airing on Yoopa.

    1. DJStarfish


      Sadly my provider Rogers doesn't even have Yoopa.

    2. Pacific85


      I hope it will air on Unis too.

    3. The Anime
  9. B National Mall, Washington or Red Square, Moscow?
  10. President Would you meet Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi?
  11. Coffee. Punch Exercise or Kick Exercise
  12. Chocolate Kimchi or Sushi?
  13. 1,000 Years of Death is awesome If you want to be in TF2, will you join RED or BLU?
  14. Me. Advil or Tylenol?
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