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  1. I leave you all this, a special wish of love, beauty, happiness, and most of all... hope.

    For a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and all the days of the coming year.

    (click lick to see Christmas Wish)


    Merry Christmas





  2. Sorry, first link had issue. Stupid Google Drive. It is fixed now.
  3. I leave you this, a special wish of love, beauty, happiness, and most of all... hope. For a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and all the days of the coming year. (click lick to see Christmas Wish) Merry Christmas https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6WbXzK_-5imdjdaT2N1M0FFQ1U/view?usp=sharing
  4. Yes. It helps a lot. I had come to the conclusion that what you are indicating was the case, and that the k timing is an offset to the lines start time. I was wasn't sure how to shift it after the start time to get everything aligned again. And I didn't seem to find this info anywhere is was looking. So thanks bunches!!!
  5. So I have a little question: I need to add lead-in to some k-timed subs using Aegisub. All perfectly normal, yes. Yet, when I add the lead-in in Timing Post-Processor, for some reason (probably normal I 'd bet) the k-timing also is shifted to what appears to be the new start time. To me it seemed like this should not happen. In any case I am wondering what I am missing, or if there is a way to re-shift the k-timing as a whole back the same number of milliseconds to its proper alignment. I know the real answer is to pay attention and ensure proper lead-in time for fade-ins BEFORE doing the fine k-timing. Yes of course. But, in this case I neglected this and the k-timing is timed really well, so I'd really like to not have to redo it all to add lead-in. Do the Timing Post-Processor results even show in the Aegisub preview? What does Post processor mean? Post to what exactly? Do I have to actually save and mux the ASS file and then preview it to see the real complete results? I am guessing not. I am missing something here probably quite basic I think. Let me know if you think you have an idea of what it might be. I'd most grateful. Thank you thank you thank you in advance. I will also add this to the Post-Gratitude Processor as well.
  6. Oh, I forgot update this... but, turns-out I went back to one of my previous versions of FFMSIndex I had saved before an automatic upgrade last summer, and everything works fine. Problem solved. One of the later version upgrades I guess. Don't really care which one, it works now.
  7. Well, I tried a few things, but seems I cannot really do any better with it than you have. Perhaps someone else here will have more skill.
  8. Thanks man! Yay, this is actually working. I notice this is the indexer L-Smash Works is using, which so far has no problems. Have to be able to fix the FFMS Index thing though... eventaully. I mean it must be something simple I am missing. Thanks!
  9. Actually, I don't think this link works for me. Is there a different link I can use to get the file?
  10. Currently encoding something, so I can't grab the exact error, but... something like "Cannot load DirectSource file, Class not found..." when loading an mkv file with ffms index. In MeGui, FFMS Index seems to have lost the ability to load and index MKV files. L-SmashWorks is ok though, still working fine. I don't often use it, but now I am. lol So, I keep trying at fixing this ffms indexing issue based on technotes yet nothing seems to repair it. Directx installation, System Scans, all seem ok. Nothing seems out of place. No error in eventlogs. WMP opens videos and runs them fine. It's just the damned indexing, apparently failing when trying to load the directsource file app for preview. I've replaced the MeGui and avisynth tools a few times. No joy. All the updates, over and over, 32 bit, 64 bit... still the same result. I can usually figure these things out. I have tried all the usual stuff... reinstall things, various apps. Register dlls. Register car. Register to vote. Register resignation to problem. Pay bills. Polish my monitor. Oil the mouse. Replace the keyboard. Move the mouse, twice. each way. Run the process again but instead of waiting expectantly to see if it works, glance away from the monitor while thinking calm thoughts, not about computers at all. Applying direct magic by hand, twirling hand in air and then thrusting magic pulse directly at screen. But, alas... nothing seems to work. So at this point I am wondering if anyone happens to have run into this before? Let me know if you have any hints. Thx. Note: Prediction... 1. 53 of you will tell me you don't use MeGui, that I should use a pure avisynth script in DOS, without the Gui interface to begin with. 2. 74 of you will tell me you don't know, you use vaporsynth. 3. 300 of you will tell me you use MeGui but have never had or seen this problem. 4. 12,497 of you will ignore this completely and do or say nothing. As if I do not exist. Well, perhaps I do not... to be or not... hmmm... 5. 12 of you will become irritated and lash out, 3 of which will accidentally hit something, 1 actually breaking something nearby. 5. 648 of you will thank God Almighty that at least I am not asking for actual encoding assistance. 7. 3 of you may mention you see banding present in this post. 20. The end. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  11. Well, what you are doing doesn't look bad at all so far. There are a lot of people here with DVD source encoding experience. Do you have a vob sample of the source you can share?
  12. Ah, now it makes sense. Well 3 is still pretty fast. Nice!
  13. Yes, thanks! I had stumbled upon the setting actually a little while after posting. Then Koby had sent me some instructions and the page of commands last night. Still working out the command though, was just trying it out. Seems simple enough, but so far it only allows me a maximum of 3 downloads at a time. I had thought to set the option to limit sends to only trusted senders. I may still, if I can make it work. After all, it's the thought, that counts.
  14. Say, where in mIRC do you turn on Auto Accept?
  15. Gundam Seed? Never heard of it... is that some type of cartoon? One of the greatest sets of sound tracks and songs ever written and recorded for an anime series. Hey, look... I know that's saying a lot, but... seriously... it's some incredibly powerful and moving music. Although, I would also have to say that about Angel Beats, though it was far smaller in scope, being only one short season. This is my special Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny track mix. Feel free to check it out sometime: Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6WbXzK_-5imNGhkSkN0R3ZTU0k Playlist: http://www.driveplayer.com/#playlistId=18APYRoosYslSqv9JY-UmeOx7M9MiNT80&userId=106873753296683539844 Yes, I know this is not the soundtrack thread, but hey... this is Gundam Seed were are talking about here! Besides, how often do I share anything useful?