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  1. Well, I know a lot of you probably know the answer to this issue and question. In fact, I think I even know the reason, and the general way to fix it. However, but there are probably many ways to accomplish this and some no doubt will be more effective and look better than others. So here are my most liikely erroneous assumptions: PROBLEM: SCROLLING Credits on Interlaced DVD or MBAFF BD sources are jumpy, and do not de-interlace, decimate, and/or inverse telecine properly like the rest of the video. REASON: The credit are actually produced at 60fps? (Is this correct? Really?) What I am testing now, and what I have done in the past to try and fix this isn't 100% effective. So, can someone perhaps please give me a better idea of what exactly is going on with this. And if indeed these credits need double fps, or some type of special handling perhaps a good example of an effective avisynth synth commands or script that will do it well? And also, can this be incorporated into a single script or do I need to split the ED, encode separately and then rejoin the parts? If anyone finds any time please let me know what you might have in the way of info on this and possible or effective solutions. THANK YOU!!! NOTE: So reading more about this it seems possibly somewhat complex. Perhaps leaving the fps at exactly 29.970 is what is required on the credits. I guess I was hoping someone could instruct me a little as to which direction I need to go with this...
  2. Seagate barracuda

    Sure. But barring any other environmental or usage issues (such you mention rough handling), which in my case there were none after I received them, heat is the most commonly ignored and prevalent cause of excessive wear and early failure in HDDs. I was merely indicating it wasn't a big factor in this case. This particular model though has had a really terrible failure rate over the entire industry from personal to enterprise use. In some cases up to 30%. Basically its just a terrible piece of hardware. There was a class action law suit pending at one time even. I have read that their new designs are better but I would be very reluctant to go with Seagate again.
  3. Seagate barracuda

    Ah, thanks. S'okay... these things happen. I should have been more careful in buying those I realize now.
  4. Seagate barracuda

    Absolutely agree! I rebooted my PC last year only to find that 1 of 3 x 3TB Barracuda's no longer existed in this dimension. Dead dead dead, and after only 1 year in very well cooled system too! Lost years of data instantly. But really I lost it when I purchased those lousy drives. Yeah, I would say go Western Digital Black or Gold. Also, I think that Hitachi may have actually been recently rated as the most reliable SATA III HDDs. But WD seems pretty solid. I am slowly replacing my Baracuda's with WD Black's. Meantime wincing a lot every time I reboot wondering about the 6 TB of remaining data. lol
  5. Help Translating: Enlgish to Kanji

    Enlgish... it's sort of like English. lol
  6. Hey there -> So, I have a request: I am working on creating Kanji subs for a couple of songs, and I was just wondering if there is anyone adept in Kanji who might be willing to help me proof read and check a recent translation? English to Kanji seems fairly consistent going back and forth between the two using online translation. Which is usually a good sign that the translation may be at least close to correct. But I'd feel a lot better if I could get confirmation of this from someone who can actually tell for certain. If you think you can help pm me and let me know. I would be most grateful. Thanks!
  7. Can I vertically encode subtitles

    If you still have not worked it out, this is a helpful page. Yes you will need aegisub or some other .ass/ssa subtile editor. http://docs.aegisub.org/manual/Using_the_included_macros
  8. This is Version 2: New improved individual songs, updated with new images and timing! I personally find 3, 7 & 8 to be particularly nice. The slow songs... 6 is the big double length battle movement. It features a double length version of the song I mixed. 'Cause i just can't get enough "Bokutachi no Yukue" and Hitomi Takahashi !!!
  9. Right. Yes, I am doing that now actually. But the @ variant is not included with the Gothic font I was using. Clearly can not be found in my fonts. It is there with DFKai I have installed, so I am trying that one since it is already installed.
  10. Yes thanks. I just noticed this in testing. I think I may have found the issue with the rendering inconsistency. It probably has to do with not having the @variant installed. Argh... I thought the "@" was a script call to the font. lol Doh... Ah, Ryutai found the actual tech note! Yay!!! Hey... who let you retire? Nooooo.... See... told you it was something stupid I was missing. I've worked with me before on these things. Thanks again both of you!
  11. Thanks for all your help and info yesterday. Ok. Kinda stupid question here... what does the "@" mean in the font name? I see many fonts listed twice. Once with "@name", the second instance with just "name". There is curiously no mention of this online, probably because the answer is so simple only I, Garo The Zero could possible not understand without asking.
  12. Yes. I hadn't really looked very closely as I was busy elsewhere, but then when I did look just now I realized you had just opened the .ass file as a text file in notepad. lol So, it's the entire script with the styles listed first. Nice.
  13. Oh, I do not see styles export option. Only import. Hmmmm.... Oh... OH... haha... I see. Nvr mnd.
  14. HaA!!! Why I do some of my best, er... my best programming, this way! Bahahaha.... HACKAACKEEERSSS ! "It is truly the txt files of this planet which shall secure the future of mankind. Uh, er... and stuff." There should be a cake. No, really... there should be. Oh... omg, wait... If I can import, then... I CAN EXPORT Too! PROBABLY!!! OMG... hold all my callls! And the cats too. I may be in my room for a while... time to make the pretty colored letters. Yes... yes...