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  1. Ok. As a general apology to everyone here,I was only trying to be humorous in my respond to the,person,who,used,commas,with,no,spaces. I simply find grammatical things in our new online culture to be of curious interest and humor is all. As for the Moran's (those from the Mora Colony) I am assured they are quite intelligent,even taking into consideration their tendency towards the complete lack of the use of spaces after commas when typing in English. I do mean this in the most heartfelt way. You see, I am widely disliked, greatly misunderstood, and actually largely, and mostly irrelevant. I am perhaps just an irritating AI routine, placed here by an evil hacker, who is bent on flooding your precious realm with inappropriate DVD upscale's, banding, over bloated BD release encodes with horrendously gigantic sound tracks, and other unseemly artifacts of encoding impropriety. Well, I do apologize for any inconvenience my existence may cause. *** * *** Now... as to the real queation... The question of Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Babylon 5? I love them all so much I cannot have a favorite. They are ALL my favorite. Of course. The list is actually much larger. It is always the same for me with these questions: Who is your favorite Composer? Who is your favorite Pop or rock band? What is your favorite Novel or Author? What is your favorite Anime Series? For me it is a list, and it grows ever longer as time goes on. I believe I am what is commonly referred to as "An Easy Crowd." I love fiction and sagas and tale and stories. And tails too, if we are talking about To Love-Ru... yet I digress... so sorry LOL Star Trek, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis, even Stargate Universe (yes I love it too). Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Stephen Baxter, Peter F. Hamilton, Evan Currie, Chicago Transit Authority, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, The Yarbird, Girls Dead Monster, High and Mighty Power, Yoko Kanno, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Sibelius, Copeland, Hindemith, Angel Beats, Gundam Seed, Fairy Tail, Gundam Stardust Memory, Gundam 00, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka, A Certain Magical Index, Kaze no Stigma, Shuffle, Little Busters!... a partial list here and the list just keeps growing. It never ends with me. Kinda of like my talking. lol Seriously though, I keep finding new things to love and new ways to love the things I already love. So the answer for me, to this question, is: I love ALL THREE. It is probably for the best that i do not attempt to explain exactly why,and what,and how,each series is great now. It could take several days of typing, and not only crash the server, but cause a major overload on the worldwide internet. That's a lot of... ellipses... LOLOL And really... I am supposed to be doing my laundry. Oh... the pain of it all. Take care. Be well. Carry on... nothing to see here. May The Force Be With You All, Always. Walter... Dial the Gate! And... Transfer Power To Ventral Relay. Mr. Robot, set course. Ensign Web-bitch... Engage! The End.
  2. Well, thanks. I do apologize for any slant that may have been perceived by anyone. It wasn't meant at all as any kind of insult,as I explained rather carefully. And I certainly didn't mean to threaten to ruin anyone's weekend. It was just meant to be a clever and comical play on words,triggered by odd typing. Well,we all know how strange grammar has become online,and also I used to know someone who was actually afraid of ellipses. lol Yep,totally freaked him out. Said they invariably made him suspicious and prone to all manner of strange thoughts and mental meanderings about the user and his comments. Hmmm... mmmm... ah.... uhm.... er... "Ominous they were," he said... As for the Moran's... yes, again a complete misunderstanding... as I think that in actuality most of the inhabitants of Mora,where the Moran's are from,are actually very intelligent. They are certainly NOT 'morons',just 'Morans'. 'Cause, well... it is where they are from. They just don't always type very well. Hmmm... The Dark Side... drawn towards-it,perhaps I have been. I will meditate... (for the duration of this ellipsis...) Aside from this is of course the rather obvious fact that,if there are any stupid people on this Earth,then I am surely their King. All Hail... Amen? (Shut-up Garo... right)
  3. Yeah. Books are a high maintenance hobby, for sure. I built a library over many years... what was shown in the image is a tiny portion I had on display at one time. They are lots a fun to pack and move, yes. I actually do all my reading on a tablet. But, for me nothing can take the place of real books. But, I don't just own them so I can read them. I don't just love the stories, I love the books themselves. Psycho... Reader... yeah!!! I think if you ask any comic collector they will tell you the same thing. No matter how cool the e-book and digital versions are for reading, and they are amazingly cool, you still gotta have the real thing. We... R.O.D. -> Read Or Die, I guess.
  4. Yeah, funny how a seemingly innocent anime can turn-out to have truly deep emotional impact, and even affect how we look at our lives, even our existence. You want impact on life, try "Angel Beats" sometime. But, then I guess it's probably fairly personal among people which stories really have impact. If nothing else, Angel Beats has fantastic music.
  5. 'Real Books' you say? Hmmm... what are those? Never heard of them.
  6. You see, this question comes-up among fans of Star Wars, which is: "Who was the greatest Jedi of all those seen and depicted the the movies?" And I think without question or doubt, pretty much everyone's VERY last choice is always: Luke Skywalker No one sees him as even being close to any of the other Jedi as shown. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Masters Windu and Yoda, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, all amazingly powerful and capable beyond imagination. The Sith... Sidious, Dooku, Mahl. Through the course of the story we are shown some extremely incredible Jedi, and Sith too. Since after all the Sith are really just Dark Jedi. However, I have thought about this, and also about what these movies really say, the story that they tell. And this story has one BIG component: LOVE Love is stated as being perhaps the greatest of the Laws of the Jedi. To be selfless and giving towards others. But also they show something surprising and amazing, and this is the reason why Luke is truly the greatest Jedi of all. It is because of one thing... You see, Luke proved without a shadow of doubt that love is the strongest force in existence. Because he showed that the power of the love between a father and son is more powerful than even The Dark Side of The Force. This is so simple and so plain before our eyes. Anakin showed us this too. His love for his children kept him from ever truly being consumed wholly be The Force and the Dark Side's Power. It is said that no one else ever came back once consumed. Yet he did, because the love never died. And Luke wielded that love in laying down his sword before his father and offering his life. Of course we are also shown how love can take us to some very dark places, and lead to things, and in particular actions, that are not so good. Since it can also trigger pain, jealousy, and even hatred. So, in light of his victory over The Dark Side, and the manner in which he achieved it, I give it Luke all the way. Yeah, it's boring compared to evil fancily dressed and fashionable Sith killers. And elegant and masterful older Jedi Generals like Obi-Wan and Windu, yet... I still hold fast to this belief. Hey... love beat them all, eventually. It just took one Jedi strong enough to wield it all the way home. To truly wield the force of love completely. So... The Greatest Jedi, Truly? Luke Skywalker, Seed and Son of Anakin Skywalker. The Seed that would bring back balance to The Force, and the Galaxy once again.
  7. k... Yeah just trying to figure out the best place and way so they can be view full screen, etc. Thx!
  8. So, I am a sure that I have done this before, but now it seems that if I include images in a post with the direct URL to the cloud location - which displays the image in the post - I can no longer open these images by clicking on them in the post and view them full screen. Did this change or am I just being stupid? Trying to post some screen captures but I really need them to be seen at full screen and true resolution.
  9. DRX

    Happy birthday bud, hope you have a fantastic day and many more to come ^_^

    1. Koby


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Garo7


      Oh, wow. Thanks guys!!! Really appreciate it!!! xD

  10. Sure. But barring any other environmental or usage issues (such you mention rough handling), which in my case there were none after I received them, heat is the most commonly ignored and prevalent cause of excessive wear and early failure in HDDs. I was merely indicating it wasn't a big factor in this case. This particular model though has had a really terrible failure rate over the entire industry from personal to enterprise use. In some cases up to 30%. Basically its just a terrible piece of hardware. There was a class action law suit pending at one time even. I have read that their new designs are better but I would be very reluctant to go with Seagate again.
  11. Ah, thanks. S'okay... these things happen. I should have been more careful in buying those I realize now.
  12. Absolutely agree! I rebooted my PC last year only to find that 1 of 3 x 3TB Barracuda's no longer existed in this dimension. Dead dead dead, and after only 1 year in very well cooled system too! Lost years of data instantly. But really I lost it when I purchased those lousy drives. Yeah, I would say go Western Digital Black or Gold. Also, I think that Hitachi may have actually been recently rated as the most reliable SATA III HDDs. But WD seems pretty solid. I am slowly replacing my Baracuda's with WD Black's. Meantime wincing a lot every time I reboot wondering about the 6 TB of remaining data. lol
  13. I leave you all this, a special wish of love, beauty, happiness, and most of all... hope.

    For a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and all the days of the coming year.

    (click lick to see Christmas Wish)


    Merry Christmas





  14. Sorry, first link had issue. Stupid Google Drive. It is fixed now.
  15. I leave you this, a special wish of love, beauty, happiness, and most of all... hope. For a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and all the days of the coming year. (click lick to see Christmas Wish) Merry Christmas https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6WbXzK_-5imdjdaT2N1M0FFQ1U/view?usp=sharing
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