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  1. For those that have 1 or more Amazon Drive accounts, found a coupon to get amz drive for $48




    Remember, plz don't share our links, don't get us Banned/Jailtime for sharing our/other encodes/encoders. When you have money, plz for the love of god, support these shows, support who made your favorite shows, hoping for support for them bringing out other old shows that hasn't seen the light of DVD's yet. E.q. Popeye & Son, The Harlem Globetrotters, etc.

  2. Amazon Drive Users - BeWare. RIP, Sry @Tooncore if this might had happen to you.


    1. Fabio


      Thanks for the info

  3. Bought the very last copy of Cool McCool brand new for $24+s/h which been sitting in my list for quiet a while and never once I've seen on any torrent site before there would be no more copies and the price being $140+. This show must be very rare to even be that expensive for a used copy, few left used copies for the same price as a new one. Est. 2 weeks.
    If it wasn't that, i would probably had bought Lassie's Rescue Rangers

     along with saving money for my cat. ;(

  4. My password got hacked, changed it and doesn't mean I'm coming back, GoodBye and GoodLuck.

    1. artycharred


      aww man... x- x do you know where i could find the new adventures of winnie the pooh HD rips you had?

    2. Smileyyakadoo


      works with jDownloader

      TV SERIES for  HD/720p. ENCRYPT PSWD is "serienjunkies.org" w/o "http:// /"



      Also fixed the other winnie the pooh's

  5. Well since @Tooncore is gone for the week+, Wishing him a Happy New Year and everything is ok.


    Found my DHCP Passthrough and managed to cap The New-Scooby Doo Mystery's A Nutcracker Scoob in 1080p non-altered settings in my direct tv box. I'll do my best on handbraking this. Raw is 5GB. Unless your super/good exp in handbraking, we can Teamviewer. fast net with i7 4770k OC 16GB RAM

    1. Smileyyakadoo


      oops, i mean 1080i. old gen direct tv box. I'll cap one for 480p DTV has with my Elgato 480x640 for original production.

  6. Today and Tomorrow, they have a Scooby Doo Scrappy Doo (The New Scooby-Doo Mystery's) episode hasn't been on DVD yet and we can have a better copy of "A Nutcracker Scoob"


    I would cap it if i can find my dhcp passthrough. I'll try later if our old box doesn't have a security update on it yet, worked last time I capped from that box.


    Later will be "A Scooby-Doo Christmas" 3:30pm E.T. & 7:30pm E.T. Today. Tomorrow 12pm & 7pm E.T.


    But anyone else want to cap it? In case I can't?

    1. Tooncore


      My PVR should capture it because will be out at a party, but sometimes the TV guide misleads my PVR and I end up missing partial.

      So I can't promise but I'll try!


  7. The Downfall of Disney Channel, Pretty much downright accurate.


  8. Curios, does anyone speak Portuguese? Friend of mine has a tvrip episode that's nvr been on dvd yet and would like to see english subtitles.

    1. Fabio


      I speak portuguese


  9. Since loosing my extrernal drive months back, havent check it again to see if it works now but has anyone still have those Quack Pack avi 6.27GB torrent files and can upload them plz?

    1. TheLastOfUs
    2. rand


      this is why you have backups of backups

  10. Remember that those who don't do Amazon Drive is $60yr, separate from Prime,


    Frustrated per 5.6GB before saying you IP is capped bandwidth? Better if you have VPN but then you need to stay by your pc depending on your DL Speed.


    MEGAUPLOAD 2.0 Feb 2017. Rumor i hear is 100GB per free user.



    1. Arian


      Awesome, great. I can't wait for to put all my files up there just to have the FBI shut it down.

    2. RYONBO


      You never know


  11. Yes, we are late in the ball to cap these early episodes but doesn't mean we can start looking for those live in Germany that can Cap these Winnie the Pooh's, What's next? Bonkers? Hercules? Hitting the TV next? Think Hercules had caps in great Quality some where already but different language.


    Its never to late to start capping the rest of the series, Past episodes? maybe, even though there is no future seeing that they will air ever again, but we can still look closer to the future and news for them as well, Never to late.


    Only if the Royalties and Disney weren't going back n back with lawsuits.

  12. Anyone here use emby for there XMBC?

    And also use kodi?

    Is there a way to show extras in kodi like they do in emby? Something better than kodi?

  13. Some of us will slip away if you people who share our links outside of Kametsu.


    Reupload them to another site or same site with different links.


    There are a lot of us on here that really do great work for you that we believe is possible and upgradable work, takes a lot of our time,



    1. Etzimal


      ^ just point 'em here.

  14. PC: Nightmare Ned Disney Villians Disney Activity Center(s) PS1 Games SuperNintendo Games
  15. Star Wars Battlefield, alittle, bc i had a best buy card and didn't wait longer when i could have price match it for $20. One thing i don't regret is Battlefield Hardline for $3.99. lol, i'd sell it for $20 when i'm done with it,
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