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  1. Hi. Amazon has made available  all the Season of Totally Spies! you can buy?

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    2. MisterCoco321



      I did not know, You Are Too Much. I saw a post that you have the '' Totally Spies The Movie '' in 1080p, when are you going to make it available?


    3. zzzzzzzzzz
    4. MisterCoco321


      Thank you so so so Much.

  2. Don't worry, take your time. You can delete those IDs. Thanks!
  3. Here you go: 18661 18616 18630 18584 18542 18778 18839 18916
  4. Conversation with ID 19943 (I guess?) is one of them that cannot be deleted.
  5. I'm trying to clean my inbox a bit, but when I try to delete some of the conversations it keeps existing and my messenger storage stays at 95%. It seems to happen at random, but how father back in time I go most of the time it will fail to delete. Can anyone help me to find a way to delete them or to increase my inbox size if deleting is impossible?
  6. MissEps can you please send me a Private Message I need to ask you're something! ;) 

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    2. DigiPokeMon


      Maybe @misseps  PM inbox is full. He might need to empty it/clear some old msgs from it



    3. zzzzzzzzzz


      @DJHulp @DigiPokeMon

      For some reason old removed PMs reappeared and some PMs keep existing even though I remove try to remove them. I managed to get it back to 95%, so you can PM again.

    4. DJHulp


      Everbody Calm Down, The Eagle has Landed! ;) 

  7. Hey there, sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask - would you maybe happen to still have Totally Spies season 4? Mega is dead, and you never posted a torrent of that.

    I can't seem to find a single complete high res torrent or upload of that season.

    1. zzzzzzzzzz


      I've gotten a hand on more DVDs, but still didn't have time to create the proper avisynth script to make it watchable. I'll probably have more time in the summer.

  8. emmm... sorry for bother you but, is there something about steven universe?

  9. Hey, I wanted ti ask you if you know something about a especial evento called "Fly meto the moon" of Steven uni erse, is that a real name?


    Pd: sorry, I tried to delete the other message but i didnt know how :/

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    2. Aesio92


      Oh, and what about Change your mind or Reunited? Any extra info?

    3. zzzzzzzzzz


      Nothing, also not on any international channels.

    4. mrpopo


      Don't know if this is still relevant, but it is a real episode. It's going to be the next one coming out, on May 7th, apparently. Also, it seems like it's going to be some kind of 20-minute special.

  10. Any news about upcoming Steven Universe episodes airing, supposedly in France. 

    1. zzzzzzzzzz


      From what I can see, they will probably air Stuck Together/The Trial since the episode title/description matches, but I have no idea about the others. They could also be translations of the French episode titles from the first episodes of season 5.

      If they do air new episodes I can rip them in English like last time.

    2. Les4elements


      In two days, I'll be able to check directly on the official French CN TV program.

  11. Hi are there any previews, or screenshots for the upcoming Steven Universe episodes coming out on the app this week. Will CN air the new episodes on the App before airing on Jan 5

    1. zzzzzzzzzz


      No idea.

      No idea.

    2. szescxz


      @mrslick98 For previews and screenshots just stick to https://previews.ctoon.network/shows/8. If there's nothing on the site then misseps probably doesn't have them either.

  12. Miss, the channel of Cartoon NetworkEps posted the episode pilot de Steven Universe and posted some episodes in Sing Alone, you think you could make a WebRip of the pilot?
    Here the Link:


    1. D876
    2. Dulus_No



      Maybe it will have better quality (without chroma ghosting).

  13. Hi are there any previews, or screenshots for the upcoming Steven Universe episodes coming out on the app this week

    1. zzzzzzzzzz


      Usually stuff that gets released on Fridays is uploaded Monday evening. Nothing yet.

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