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  1. Hey Misseps! Been a long time appreciator of your work due to Steven Universe previews, something came up and I decided to ask you about it since you're probably the best person for this.


    Recently Cartoon Network put up the first 7 episodes of Transformers Season 4 on their video site for streaming http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/transformers/episodes/index.html here


    Episodes King of the Hill Part 1 and 2 have already come out on Itunes, so there is no need to rip them, but still I haven't found anyone up to ripping Defrosted up to The Great Divide, a bummer since alot of us aren't in America and can't see it ourselves on their site, so I'd like to ask you if you could rip those 5 episodes from the site.


    If you find you have the time I'd share it with the other Transformers fans from TFW2005 with full credit to you and I'd also be pretty darn thankful!


    Either way, thank you for your time and sorry for begging, just couldn't think of anywhere else to look.

    1. misseps


      Sure. Might take a few hours before it's all ripped, encoded and uploaded.

    2. Turbomaster


      Awesome! Take all the time you need man, waiting hours beats waiting weeks! Thank you so much.

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