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  1. Okay, I will add my thoughts....E Because of my major...I have been able to talk to Electronic Engineers. This topic brought me to ask a contact of mine who is a professor in Environment studies.... One engineer told me when I asked him told me that no studies have shown that WiFi can cause health issues in particular. He said that some symptoms that people have experienced (headaches, and dizziness) are psychosomatic. This is the side of an Electronic Engineer though.
  2. Have you solved the issue yet? If not, I can guide you through the steps probably. I had a similar issue from installing a software from softpedia. I highly suggest not downloading software from there unless it is from the external site of the software. Meaning it goes to the software's site to download. Let me know!
  3. You can try https://sites.google.com/site/iossearch/ I will look up more for you though.
  4. Greetings Everyone! So I happened to fall upon this site searching anime! I am excited to join and be apart of the community!
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