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  1. This was something else! I first though the main hero was a cheeky "token black person" to avoid all kinds of drama that's gotten out of hand lately, but it wasn't. They managed to make it really awesome and use the culture to advance the plot in ways that never could be done with another white-skinned Spiderman! Also, Loved the music. BTW, does anyone know if there will be extras/extended scenes on the blu-ray?
  2. How does it look? :)



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    2. aliqandil


      @AaronMeerkat well I activated your account manually, but the invite code is "QuediaStarts"

    3. AaronMeerkat
    4. AaronMeerkat


      Also, i hope i can download those episodes that i need, i know you said you you're not making a downloading site.

  3. Well now I'm sad and happy at the same time! :) welcome back.


    1. BarBarh


      Is it all over? now :( the days of MEGA? 

    2. dorna12345


      I’m afraid so.

  4. Writing a site of my own for cartoon/anime sharing... hope it works out the way I want!

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    2. aliqandil
    3. GardnerJ1995


      Will there be live action content on the site

    4. aliqandil


      They are harder to encode, so it's really not my thing. But I've already added "Girl Meets World" and so the system will support this type of content.

      Just will take more time before I start actually adding live action to my regular schedule.


      Anyway, I'm not really making just a downloading site, it's gonna be a fully community based system with a built-in torrent like system to help with downloading.

      In short, I'm making a "Git System" for media files! I think it's gonna take a lot of time to complete!

  5. If everyone could doubt that they're retarded, the world would have been a better place! Anyway, cartoons are opinion based and if you don't like something, or can't bother to watch enough episodes to get engaged, just don't watch it, try finding something else that you'll enjoy! preferably from the start. For me, Steven universe was just too childish to watch! But I had nothing else to do so I watched it for the good quality. ( All `pika pika` and shit ) After the First season, I was actually too drawn to the story to let it go.
  6. Will there ever be a third season for arakawa under the bridge? I really would like that! Has the manga ended?

  7. [Kametsu] Encodes are the first thing I look for in AB. Good job guys.

  8. Well, Snow seems to be cheaper than light bulb, So way to go Koby!

    1. Koby


      I completely forgot about the interactive lightbulbs. :/

  9. I can't find Season 4 of 'Phineas and Ferb 1080p' anywhere!!


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    2. testing123


      Oh. So guessing that chinese site is fake?

    3. aliqandil


      I didn't see any! Also I don't think i can trust a site i can't read!

    4. aliqandil


      Ok! I found the chinese site: http://moviejie.com/movie/4ea44c/


      But how should one download "thunder:\\" links?!?!

  10. You can use telegram AFTER making an account with your phone on any browser, Just go to web.telegram.org. You can have multiple instances on windows by using the portable versions.
  11. Well, KAT died and all with a lot of good material, communities and uploaders. So lets try to find our good uploaders again or find out if they stopped with KAT. Post who you are looking for or who you've found. Twitter accounts, Extratorrent, TPB, ... For example, I'm personally looking for Joybell/[Joy] to see if I can get the rest of Big bang theory. And If I can count myself as a decent uploader, Now I'm on Extratorrent and Telegram.
  12. What!? When did we get the dark theme back! something is definitely wrong with me to notice it just now!:D

    1. Koby


      Like last year. =P I believe it was in December.

  13. I don't think there's going to be a winner! Only temporary ones, like ME! (And everybody else!)
  14. Are you Sure it wasn't from CN itself?!
  15. Hello and welcome! I don't think this is a spam! This is just what you should do to show you care! (I think)
  16. I really Love telegram. The features are Unique and Useful. I've even made a channel there. They also claim that the whole system is highly encrypted, secured and private. And since the codes are partially open source, I admit that I believe them. Give it a try.
  17. I've moved to extratorrent too, But It doesn't feel like home! This is the closest place that feels like home right now! It's just not as public, It's more of a hideout! I'm a weird person!, I say random shit sometimes!
  18. I didn't even know that was a possibility!!! Is it even legal not to deliver an email to an intended user?
  19. Trying to get Steins;Gate M2TS from 'AnimeBytes' and I've been stuck at 90% for almost a month ...


    Does anyone know any other (private) tracker that's hosting the exact same torrent? So at least I know I'm trying to get into the right Site.


    (I did request a reseed several times, But the Uploader's last seen status in kinda old and has no active torrents.)

  20. Oh! That is what real curse feels like! I feel you bro! I watch Detective Conan!
  21. So is it a Good idea to release an anime release with US's BD Video as a source?


    I just Can't get my hands on the JP one. Stuck at 90%

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    2. Hark0n


      For some recent releases, Funimation and Viz have made pretty decent video that is comparable to Japanese BDs (I have not checked Sentai). Aniplex of America usually use the same video that is used in Japanese BDs. Disney also provide very good video for their release, sometimes, arguably, even better than Japanese.

    3. JohnFlower


      You've got to compare each release yourself before you know which region is better.

  22. The Only downside to the change is that 'Kametsu.com' is no longer an under blanket site! I used to visit the side right before I go to sleep since it was the only site dark enough I could look at in the dark! Other than that, All other changes seems to be favorable! (When I get used to them)
  23. You seem to be having a hard time with people and the new system! (I'm Glad this happened) Just asking as someone who is about to do the same to his own site, How much do you regret the update? Well I don't have much people yet, My site is not open to public just a few number of friends! But dealing with new systems is what I'm afraid of.
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