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  1. How does it look? :)



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    2. aliqandil


      @AaronMeerkat well I activated your account manually, but the invite code is "QuediaStarts"

    3. AaronMeerkat
    4. AaronMeerkat


      Also, i hope i can download those episodes that i need, i know you said you you're not making a downloading site.

  2. Well now I'm sad and happy at the same time! :) welcome back.


    1. BarBarh


      Is it all over? now :( the days of MEGA? 

    2. dorna12345
  3. Writing a site of my own for cartoon/anime sharing... hope it works out the way I want!

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    2. aliqandil
    3. GardnerJ1995


      Will there be live action content on the site

    4. aliqandil


      They are harder to encode, so it's really not my thing. But I've already added "Girl Meets World" and so the system will support this type of content.

      Just will take more time before I start actually adding live action to my regular schedule.


      Anyway, I'm not really making just a downloading site, it's gonna be a fully community based system with a built-in torrent like system to help with downloading.

      In short, I'm making a "Git System" for media files! I think it's gonna take a lot of time to complete!

  4. Will there ever be a third season for arakawa under the bridge? I really would like that! Has the manga ended?

  5. [Kametsu] Encodes are the first thing I look for in AB. Good job guys.

  6. Well, Snow seems to be cheaper than light bulb, So way to go Koby!

    1. Koby


      I completely forgot about the interactive lightbulbs. :/

  7. I can't find Season 4 of 'Phineas and Ferb 1080p' anywhere!!


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    2. testing123


      Oh. So guessing that chinese site is fake?

    3. aliqandil


      I didn't see any! Also I don't think i can trust a site i can't read!

    4. aliqandil


      Ok! I found the chinese site: http://moviejie.com/movie/4ea44c/


      But how should one download "thunder:\\" links?!?!

  8. What!? When did we get the dark theme back! something is definitely wrong with me to notice it just now!:D

    1. Koby


      Like last year. =P I believe it was in December.

  9. Trying to get Steins;Gate M2TS from 'AnimeBytes' and I've been stuck at 90% for almost a month ...


    Does anyone know any other (private) tracker that's hosting the exact same torrent? So at least I know I'm trying to get into the right Site.


    (I did request a reseed several times, But the Uploader's last seen status in kinda old and has no active torrents.)

  10. So is it a Good idea to release an anime release with US's BD Video as a source?


    I just Can't get my hands on the JP one. Stuck at 90%

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    2. Hark0n


      For some recent releases, Funimation and Viz have made pretty decent video that is comparable to Japanese BDs (I have not checked Sentai). Aniplex of America usually use the same video that is used in Japanese BDs. Disney also provide very good video for their release, sometimes, arguably, even better than Japanese.

    3. JohnFlower


      You've got to compare each release yourself before you know which region is better.

  11. Why can't they just commit to an anime? I'm really getting tired of watching latest OVA's in japanese, When I've watched the rest in English (Some are better dubbed in my opinion). Angel beats, School rumble, Steins;Gate, Guilty Crown, ...

  12. Is it possible to make an OC release (Steins;Gate in this case) without omiting the commentary? (Add those parts in OP and ED)

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    2. aliqandil


      In Steins;Gate,

      OPsize + EDsize > AvrgEpisodeSize

      So, This one is not something attractive!

    3. Hark0n


      Are You making nimiMKV?

      I have deanzel's release with average episode size is 1.5 GB and OP + ED is 0.37 GB.

      Maybe use zones in encoding?

    4. aliqandil


      Well yes. When you use High Bitrates, the difference won't be noticable.

      I'm using CRF 21.5 and Also re-Encoding deanzel's release.

      Until I finish downloading that 200Gb Torrent from animebytes, Then I'll release my own. (Stuck at 90%, Uploader hasn't visited for a month!)

  13. I feel so happy! Yet bored! Therefore confuse...

  14. which anime releasers Seperates OPs and EDs and link them in the mkv file? I've seen 'CoalGirls' Doing it sometimes, And Maybe 'ReinForce' and also some other random cases.

    1. Hark0n


      This is usually referred as ordered chapters (OC for short).

      From Coalgirls only coalgirl uses OC.

      ReinForce (like most raw encoders) does not use OC. He also does not use Avisynth or other filtering besides x264 built in.

      coldhell uses OC for some of his projects.

  15. No matter how I look at it, encoding Hi10 Material with most CRFs (higher than 16 maybe?) is useless! When you damage the gradient even the slightest, you can't tell the difference between 8Bit and 10Bit Unless you are a machine, Can you?

    1. Koby


      10-bit is about decreasing banding (due to a larger color spectrum) upon compression to allow more compression without the compression artifacts. So the difference should be more noticeable when you do more compression.

    2. aliqandil


      Wow! That's a way to look at it!

  16. Is it actually possible to seed anything in animebytes?!?!? I have seeded only 1.6Mb after having a buttload of torrents activated for like 2 weeks now!

    1. Koby


      Only really for new torrents you upload. Otherwise you'll need to just keep the torrent active in your seedbox / torrent client for a while to earn YEN and trade that in for upload credit to maintain ratio.

  17. Can somebody send me a link to get me started with m2ts encoding or converting to mkv? preferably ffmpeg.

    1. aliqandil


      ffmpeg -i input.m2ts -c copy output.mkv

      mkvmerge -o output.mkv input.m2ts

      I know these two commands already, looking for more specifications...

      like what should i do with those little files in the BD for example!

    2. Arian


      PM me. I'll take care of you, azize-ghorbun. ;)

    3. aliqandil


      PMed, But Still new ideas are welcomed!

  18. Gonna start university (Computer science) in a week... I wonder if my encoding and media tampering skills will be of any use!

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    2. aliqandil
    3. jobonline20


      if you know a little bit about programming it will help

    4. aliqandil


      I am a pretty decent programmer!

  19. Can someone define 'omlet'? Is it just eggs? Can it have stuff mixed in it?

    1. aliqandil


      In my culture, It must have mashed tomatoes in it!

    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      put what the hell ever you want in it ... meat, onion, leek, green onion, tomato, pepper, ...

    3. DeathTheKid


      ....bacon, ham, jalapenos, and cheese.

  20. This site, Is my paradise!

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