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  1. This was something else! I first though the main hero was a cheeky "token black person" to avoid all kinds of drama that's gotten out of hand lately, but it wasn't. They managed to make it really awesome and use the culture to advance the plot in ways that never could be done with another white-skinned Spiderman! Also, Loved the music. BTW, does anyone know if there will be extras/extended scenes on the blu-ray?
  2. How does it look? :)



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. aliqandil


      @AaronMeerkat well I activated your account manually, but the invite code is "QuediaStarts"

    3. AaronMeerkat
    4. AaronMeerkat


      Also, i hope i can download those episodes that i need, i know you said you you're not making a downloading site.

  3. Well now I'm sad and happy at the same time! :) welcome back.


    1. BarBarh


      Is it all over? now :( the days of MEGA? 

    2. dorna12345
  4. Writing a site of my own for cartoon/anime sharing... hope it works out the way I want!

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    2. aliqandil
    3. GardnerJ1995


      Will there be live action content on the site

    4. aliqandil


      They are harder to encode, so it's really not my thing. But I've already added "Girl Meets World" and so the system will support this type of content.

      Just will take more time before I start actually adding live action to my regular schedule.


      Anyway, I'm not really making just a downloading site, it's gonna be a fully community based system with a built-in torrent like system to help with downloading.

      In short, I'm making a "Git System" for media files! I think it's gonna take a lot of time to complete!

  5. You know there's 2 new episodes of Steven Universe out, right?


    "Can't Go Back" and "A Single Pale Rose".

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    2. aliqandil


      Waiting for rainbowcrash! :)

    3. Glacrwlf
    4. Glacrwlf


      I just got your latest Steven Universe episodes! They're amazing!

      What of "Legs from Here to Homeworld"?

  6. If everyone could doubt that they're retarded, the world would have been a better place! Anyway, cartoons are opinion based and if you don't like something, or can't bother to watch enough episodes to get engaged, just don't watch it, try finding something else that you'll enjoy! preferably from the start. For me, Steven universe was just too childish to watch! But I had nothing else to do so I watched it for the good quality. ( All `pika pika` and shit ) After the First season, I was actually too drawn to the story to let it go.
  7. Dude, Re-upload Regular Show Season 03 pls :byebye:

  8. Aliq You have Steven Universe Pilot in HD 1080p or 720p? and Billy and Mandy episodes with Subtitles? (CC)

  9. Hi! Thank you SO much for the latest Adventure Time time seasons! One thing, though: S06E12 doesn't seem to work - I though you'd want to know!


    Thanks once more!

    1. aliqandil


      You're welcome! :D

      OW! :|


      Will check, thanks for saying...

    2. johnnyintrepido


      No problem! Also I think S07E08, S07E25, S07E26, S08E06 and S08E20 are missing (also one minisode maybe?? i don't know if "The Gift That Reaps Giving" was officially released alongside the other 3 shorts)


      Sorry if this is annoying and thank you so much for all your work!

  10. Will there ever be a third season for arakawa under the bridge? I really would like that! Has the manga ended?

  11. Where are the Loud House eps Funny Business and Snow Bored?

    1. aliqandil


      Nowhere! I haven't released them... I think!

    2. AaronMeerkat


      Wait a minute, I didn't recalled That He uploads The Loud house eps. all I got from is Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of evil (season 1 only), And Gravity Falls.

  12. Can anyone please reply to this as to how to make a telegram account? Can't access Aliqandil's account otherwise and I've tried repeatedly, but the internet doesn't render any help. Please help me if you can spare the time. Again, I need help making a telegram account.

  13. Pardon me...


    I heard that you're uploading your Steven Universe encodes to Mega for now.


    Where exactly could I look for them?

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    2. TheThinker


      What do you use then if not telegram? Isn't that where he posts everything?

    3. aliqandil


      That is pretty much the only place i upload for now...


      I know it's not a good idea, since it requires your phone number for registrations,

      But That is all I can do for now, in about 6 months tough, that may change...

    4. Glacrwlf


      It's been a while since I last spoke to you... Do you have the newest Season 5 Eps of Steven Universe yet?

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