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  1. zephy669

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Just started Pandora's Tower on Wii. So far pretty cool. Kinda a mix of castlevania and zelda.
  2. zephy669

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Thoughts?

    Obvious amazing news, especially for anyone who grew up playing the first one. To be honest, I'm really worried Square will just ruin the battle system making this FF, like so many other recent ones, a chore to play..... #notanff13fan
  3. Darker Than Black season 1. So far it's okay. Just started it and it seems like it's just building up the world and setting before it really delves deeply in the plot. It's not bad, but I'm just waiting for something big to happen.
  4. Asked this on another forum, and thought I'd ask here too What got everyone into anime? My sense is that most everyone got into it at a much younger age. For me, that was the case. But then I took a huge break from it, and finally went back to it when I was older, probably around 16-18 and stuck to it. I went back because I got fed up with live action TV and thought the plots were kind of boring and I wanted something more fantastical and speculative, but cartoons were too childish. Anime can be childish too, but it also has that ability to appeal to a whole slew of demographics and audiences. So I finally went back and stuck to it. The stories, plots, characters, were also hugely inspirational in my own writing. So what's everyone's genesis for anime-watching and why did you stick with it throughout the years?
  5. zephy669

    What Anime shows have made you cry?

    Gungrave ending, for sure. Guilty Crown (again ending). And actually, there are a lot of emotional moments in Fairy Tail that always seems to get me. It always comes as a shock too because that anime leans toward the light-hearted, fun side of things, but sometimes it can take a very sad turn of events.
  6. zephy669

    Looking for a tear-jerker anime!

    I second Gungrave. The bromance ending is way too good. I remember watching and being like, WHAT IS THIS SALTY DISCHARGE COMING FROM MY EYES!?!? Also, I thought Guilty Crown was a wild, emotional ride.
  7. zephy669

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    Just started rereading Berserk. Even though it is likely never to finish. Been years since he released any new chapters. Last I heard the author's health wasn't doing so well....
  8. zephy669

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Gemini Rue. It's an indie adventure game. Still haven't started it though....
  9. zephy669

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Final Fantasy Type-0 I'm finding it hard to get into it though.......
  10. zephy669

    Lame Joke of the Week

    I'm terrified of spiders. I couldn't sit through the movie Arachnophobia Or Charlotte's Web. Or the sequel, Charlotte's Web: The Reckoning. Actually that one's pretty good
  11. Anime: Code Geass Review: Just finished watching this anime. I was hesitant at first but I thought it played really well as a "mecha Death Note". There was a lot of great cliff-hanger endings to episodes that make you watch the next one and not go to bed. The political intrigue is also quite exciting, well done, and keeps you guessing. It's also a bit of an emotional ride as characters get in and out of extremely bad situations, sometimes ending in quite poor circumstances (i.e. death). The ending was fantastic! Verdict: 8/10 - I thought it was a bit long, though. They could've made it tighter. Would I recommend? Absolutely.
  12. Reading Gone Girl right now before I watch the movie. Freaking awesome book! Very exciting read. Not the best writing, but the plot and characters make up for it. Next I think I'll finish Brandon Sanderson's Firefight.
  13. zephy669

    What if your life was an anime

    If my life was an anime, it'd probably be something akin to Bakuman. Or School Rumble, but at work... more like Work Rumble.
  14. zephy669

    What anime do you want in English dub

    Saint Seiya was dubbed, twice. The first dub (Nelvana) was edited and crap, don't watch it. As for the second dub (ADV), it was uncut, but sadly got canceled after Episodes 1-60. I didn't know that at all! But from the sounds of it, seems like it was a good idea that I didn't...
  15. zephy669

    Favorite Fairy Tail Character (not a poll)

    Erza and Jellal. The stories that involve their relationship are some of my favs.