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  1. Just another day playing osu and then RWBY "When It Falls" comes out I play it a few times to find out I just broke the top 50 scores on insane! WOO! Ranked 41st! :D:D:D

    1. Leon Astreal

      Leon Astreal

      Correction the difficulty is called Hyper but it's just another insane

  2. Remade and Revisited 2 AMVs down 1 to go and I still got another month and half before I can't work on them anymore. Doing pretty good if I do say so myself


    1. Leon Astreal

      Leon Astreal

      P.S. If you watch Revisited be sure to watch the first version first so you can see the progression of editing over the course of about 6 months.

    2. Pollux


      Nice, I like Amaranthe. :)

    3. Leon Astreal

      Leon Astreal

      Same I wish they had a little more than they actually do but they are a "new" band so it's understandable.

  3. Time for the reboot Round No. 349
  4. My 250th anime is complete (Pet Girl of Sakura-sou) and now back to work for AMVs. What am I doing with my life right now.

    1. DeathTheKid


      Anime is life so you are doing good.

  5. Out of the frying pan and right back into the furnace, one AMV done another to do for a friend's birthday with a shortened deadline. Time for the remake of my first AMV.






  6. You and me both I still got stuff from the Winter to clear out.
  7. @Alice Dreams Your turn to post again, if you don't want to I can restart it and post.
  8. @Alice Dreams Are you going to post the next one?
  9. And we have a winner! It is Black Cat.
  10. So much guessing for that one, @Koby made it hard. Round ???
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