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  1. Re:Creators

    I started watching this because of you koby. I haven't enjoyed anime for years. the only gripe I have so far is sota. why is it always a beta couldn't they make it a normal guy.
  2. (Request) Urusei Yatsura Manga

  3. (Request) Urusei Yatsura Manga

    I remember Mangatraders had it
  4. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)

    I have always loved animated superwomen but I find it hard to do the same for live action. only one I actually enjoyed was flash but that was because of the awesome villain
  5. Hello from an Otaku!

    shhhhh don't tell them
  6. Spring 2015 Anime Lineup

  7. Free Premium Link Generators

    this may be asking too much but does anyone know how to download 4 GB file from either uploaded.net or rapidgator it is the only sites hosting the file i need
  8. Hello everyone

    Hello I'm DevilMay I love anime/Manga/Cartoon/LNs