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  1. xikarra

    do you read manga or watch the anime first?

    Anime over manga anytime since I get to enjoy art, animation, color, music and voice acting over art alone in manga which gives (people may disagree) more life to the content. Also, in manga, I only get to read the translation which is given to me while watching anime (Japanese dub of course) gives me the original words intended to be heard (or read). That helps sometimes to understand more subtle messages. I may pick up a manga from where its anime ended if I'm starving for more. The Flower of Evil is an exception where I just didn't watch and went straight for the manga version, for obvious reasons.
  2. xikarra

    Hello, everyone

    Hello and thanks Actually, I'm talking about Index', hopefully to be announced, third season. I've seen all of the anime content available (Index, Railgun, Index II, Railgun S and Index' movie). Railgun S was really good and I just hope the studio keeps going with the series. Xi~
  3. xikarra

    Hello, everyone

    Hi all, nice to meet you. My alias is xikarra, but you can just call me Xi. I'm a male, and a 19 year-old university student as I write these few lines. I just signed up here because I'm interested in taking a look at some content you've got here. (Shirσ's Anime Index to be more specific) I've yet to browse the forums but I'll take a look when I'm done with this post. I've watched quite a lot of anime during my high school days and at this point it's difficult for me to state my absolute favorite(s) but I usually go with Blast of Tempest. Nagi-Asu is my 2014 favorite and A Certain Magical Index' sequel is the anime I'm looking forward the most, if that helps. I also play video games, my favorite series being Sony's Ratchet and Clank. I'm also a sucker for the Fire Emblem series, my favorite being Radiant Dawn. I've no other outstanding hobby beyond hanging out with friends and procrastinating schoolwork. よろしく〜