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  1. 1 hour ago, IkarosBD said:

    Things like the A/V section for example I saw as beneficial (much like @Catar did), and as people like Scyrous like to do, they like to discuss their projects and such and I do not see any problem with any of this. The key thing from all of it is that pirated content can't be linked to anywhere on the site. Discussion topics surrounding it should be fine.

    I really like this idea of having project threads where they can be discussed but not linked to. That's how a site like originaltrilogy . com has survived for so long.

  2. On 10/14/2018 at 9:46 AM, Koby said:

    DorianHD loses detail, doesn't fully retain the film grain, etc... but overall I suppose decent enough for what you'd expect from anyone willing to put in any kind of work on nearly 300 episodes.

    Didn't the Season Blu-rays (the 16:9 ones) not have grain to begin with? So I think the detail loss you refer to may have come from FUNimation.

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