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  1. Finished episode 36 of DBZ Faulconer Revival!
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/QzMxIj2
    DVD Cover: https://i.imgur.com/rQMqXH0.png

  2. Finished episode 35 of DBZ Faulconer Revival. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/MXWblLw

    1. Masquerade
    2. Ashurbabel


      Dear theMaestro, I'm in love with your project. Could you tell me where I can find the episodes with the Faulconer music?

  3. Finished episode 34 of DBZ Faulconer Revival. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/G7s2RsO

    1. Kakarot Manrai

      Kakarot Manrai

      man i love your project but due to kametsu's new rules i cant find it anywhere, can you help me please