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  1. theMaestro

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Didn't the Season Blu-rays (the 16:9 ones) not have grain to begin with? So I think the detail loss you refer to may have come from FUNimation.
  2. theMaestro

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I think Corpse's version might look better than Kai. Kai, even though it was from the best quality material from Japan, had many instances where there was less detail than even the standard-def Dragon Boxes. Corpse's version seems to have used something like MCTemporalDenoise (correct me if I'm wrong) to preserve as much detail as possible (in conjunction with Stab to stabilize the gate weave, which also aids the denoiser in preserving detail). However, there is still the "heat wave" side effect of temporal denoising that needs to be taken into consideration
  3. theMaestro

    Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    (Post Removed)
  4. theMaestro

    Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    I'm not sure. I used a RTMP downloader and maybe it just screwed up for a few seconds? But those seconds are easily restorable with the original DVD singles footage.
  5. theMaestro

    Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Nah these are from the Nicktoons website.
  6. theMaestro

    Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Here are the Toonami/Nicktoons edited versions of the Bardock and Trunks specials with Faulconer music in some spots. (note: there's a few seconds of the opening animation that's greyed out in the Trunks special and there's a few seconds where the video is greyed out at around 12 minutes into the Bardock special). But other than those few seconds, everything else, including the audio, should be intact! Bardock: https://mega.co.nz/#!zANwRAQb!aFFQzUCt4wvM54vkr7axB2mXWVrwSYpbRNuBvRh7pBA Trunks: https://mega.co.nz/#!OR1k1aaK!4R606V3VNb2vjld0Lxkw7lLN_nVS22Jeuckg9KTfN6g
  7. theMaestro

    i have some myspleen.org invites

    Can i get an invite?
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    Hello everyone, I'm a big DBZ fan.