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  1. Finished episode 34 of DBZ Faulconer Revival. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/G7s2RsO

  2. theMaestro

    Status Quo

    I really like this idea of having project threads where they can be discussed but not linked to. That's how a site like originaltrilogy . com has survived for so long.
  3. Now, that Kametsu is "clean", where does your Faulconer project continue?

    1. theMaestro


      I'll PM you about it

    2. LeonVIII


      please pm me also im so sadden by these turn of events

    3. 0w3nDavie5


      Oh wow, thought I'd check in to see how it was going... I've been so busy with work I haven't had chance to keep up. Kametsu has gone clean huh? Wow, personally for me this was really the only project I was interested/invested in... which probably means I'm a bad community member... oops. If you could let me know what's going on @theMaestro with your project I would greatly appreciate it so that I can continue my edits when I have time.

  4. theMaestro

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Didn't the Season Blu-rays (the 16:9 ones) not have grain to begin with? So I think the detail loss you refer to may have come from FUNimation.
  5. theMaestro

    i have some myspleen.org invites

    Can i get an invite?
  6. theMaestro


    Hello everyone, I'm a big DBZ fan.