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  1. i used to play it on proud, but after that i got kingdom hearts 2 final mix and started playing on critical, i am on level 99 and sephiroth is Still to damn hard i can almost kill him, but it only takes one touch of his sword and im almost dead and when he uses the comets it only takes two hits and im dead, BTW sephiroth is not the hardest, the hardest one is the Enigmatic soldier (terra) that dude is 10x more harder than sephiroth and ansem combined
  2. Can someone tell me a good short anime, i dont care what it is about, im looking for something that will not make me bored. any suggestions?
  3. The last anime episode that i watched was Beelzebub episode 1 lol
  4. Happy B-day Minato ^.^

  5. lol i never expected so much people to post, but im going to say that Kingdom hearts 2- final mix, caught my atention and is now my favorite game, it is just a fun game to play and awesome graphics for being a playstation 2 game, and Call of duty: black ops might be like my second if they didnt make the game noob friendly oh and Birth by sleep , is 4th in my list of favorites game because its still in japanese lol
  6. Let me be the first one to welcome you to kametsu forums!, lol, hi!

  7. AIZEN!! lol, madara uchiha from naruto, pein from naruto, father from fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and some other ones but i cant remember them right now, lol im too asleep to remember, ill edit the post tommorow to add the ones that i forgot or simply dont remember
  8. minato krunch


    well welcome lol, i got here not by accident, a friend invited me here lol
  9. i dont know if it was Giant killing or Katekyo hitman Reborn! lol for giant killing ep 22, for kayekyo hitman reborn ep 198, still not sure wich was the last one
  10. lol hi, you know that ulquiorra is from 'hueco mundo' not huco mundo jaja but nice avi btw

  11. i think its the eyes, but thats just me, i have been wondering the same thing lol
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