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  1. Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT YTV Broadcast

    I think I'm gonna Like where this is headin'. Let's hope the FUNi/Madman singles will be used for the video source.
  2. Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT YTV Broadcast

    When do you plan on sharing? Everyone wanted clean audio of the Ocean Dub for years.
  3. Whaddya know, I'm a VIP Crusader+

  4. Kametsu is now on Discord!

    I use discord a lot, but I cant say I'll be using this discord anytime soon
  5. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    What's the tool's name? or I take it you're still reffering to FlixGrab.
  6. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Any news on a crack for the latest releases?
  7. I don't know if this will help, but here's a link from Kanzenshuu about color correcting the Dragon Boxes for the OG Dragon Ball. http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19448
  8. Just found out that the Panini Naruto DVDs from Spain contains 2 versions - the edited video source from Viz Media/Cartoon Network (uses Castilian Spanish for it's audio), and an Uncut source (natrually uses the Original japanese audio).

    1. LTCProductions


      I assume text is in Spanish?

    2. Arian


      And did they release all 220 episodes?

    3. MarioSonicU


      Well I am not sure, but the first 26 episodes in a box set are on ADC, and according to this website it goes up to 104.

  9. Hello! This is to chronicle the many threads and encodes of the Dragon Ball Franchise. There's something like this alread here but I want to make an updated version, with the most recent stuff and working links. Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Recut (WhoIsTheMilkMan) - A recut of the original DB series that removes most of the filler (similar to Z Kai) Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z Level Sets (Ecio(1-34), Metrunui(35-39)) - Encodes of the fan-favorite Level Sets that were unfortunately canceled. Dragon Box Z + BluRay Audio (lordashram) - For those who want to watch DBZ with 4:3 video and BluRay audio Dragon Ball Z Original FUNimation Dub (1999-2003) (Arian) - A continuing effort to preserve the original, unaltered release of Dragon Ball Z, The one that you've watched on Toonami. Dragon Ball Z: Faulconer Revival (theMaestro) - A version of dragon ball that replaces Nathan Johnston's score of the first 67 episodes with that of Faulconer Productions Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Edition Re-cut (Masquerade) - Ever wanted the ideal DBZ version? Then this might be for you. Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball Z Kai: The CW Broadcast Version (Green Dragoon) - This includes the first 75 episodes of the heavily censored broadcast (Blue Popo included) Multi-Purpose Random Dragon Ball/Z/GT Episodes from various Users (anon316) - An archive of Dragon Ball uploads that have been previosly uploaded to Kametsu Dragon Ball: The Ocean/BLT/Blue Water Dub Collection (Arian) - Continuing from the late Cartoon-World, is the long running archive of the Canadian Dubs OP wil be periodically updated
  10. Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Can anyone reupload the Bardock and Trunks Nicktoons Webrips?
  11. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I saw someone upload 720p DokiDoki uploads with 5.1 audio. https://kametsu.com/topic/61144-mega-glitter-force-doki-doki/?tab=comments#comment-584549
  12. Removing Background Music in Anime

    I made a thread like this a while back, but i am wondering how i can cleanly isolate the voice acting in Anime Shows with English 2.0 Stereo. (Mainly Viz Media-licensed anime like Sailor Moon and Naruto since they never seem to put a 5.1 option in their anime TV shows)
  13. https://mega.nz/#!ikICCYRI!GBW7txZrNEzE1PydbOAP4XSgRpKZUmombdx35AZtT8Q This is very WIP, and it has the endings. But the opening is removed. Hope you enjoy what i was working on
  14. I have been trying something with Adobe Audition's Center Channel Extractor and tried it on the converted wav track of Glitter Force (Smile PreCure's Dub) "An Exciting Beginning". It's very WIP as it still has a few traces of music and sfx in the background. I'll have it up in my google drive tonight
  15. I was thinking about it for people who just want to watch with original jp ost. would it be possible to isolate the vocals? If so what program and tutorials should I use