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  1. Someone just ripped the 9anime video and audio and then tried to pass that off as a release..... What a joke.

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    2. Inverti


      When you made your first release, you at least know that grabbing a re-encoded crap video source isn't gonna cut it, right? Especially if it's from an illegal streaming site? And you do know that the video isn't meant to be re-encoded, with the Eng audio simply remuxed to the BD rip, yes? Even if it's not perfect, at least you got the basics down back then. Or am I wrong? 


      If you're going in the right direction, then you've at least got some potential to make even better releases. That uploader, though? NO potential whatsoever. Everyone thinks he's a joke and making memes outta him. He deserves it for not having conducted prior research. 


      There's plenty of people out there that know how to make proper releases, inside and outside of Kametsu. The community loses nothing from flushing out a moron that can't even get the basics down.

    3. (AC)


      And with that you can join the rest of 4chan.

    4. Inverti


      Sorry bruh, I'm not interested in 4chan. And good job dodging all of my questions. I get it, nobody starts off as the best. But there is a clear difference between someone that is capable of learning and someone that isn't. You and I have very different perspectives on what people are worth cultivating, so honestly speaking, I'd say we should just agree to disagree.

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