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  1. Someone just ripped the 9anime video and audio and then tried to pass that off as a release..... What a joke.

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    2. Solaufein



      I'm pretty sure the consensus here is that the uploader's release is a complete joke.

      Please don't discount all the people silently shaking their heads and refusing to engage in this immature bullying when tallying your "consensus". Yes, it's a bad release for those of us with access to and the desire for better quality. It is not, however, a "joke" that warrants this type of behavior.

    3. Inverti


      Pointing out that a 9anime rip is bad is not bullying. Telling off someone that has no desire to improve is also not an instance of bullying. If there's any silent spectators in this discussion and they haven't made any opinions publicly, then it is safe to discount them. If you're not gonna make your opinion known, it's not gonna mean anything.


      At any rate, this discussion is completely pointless at this current moment. We all agree that 9anime is rubbish anyway, so I think we should stop talking in circles. There isn't much point to that.

    4. Solaufein


      And what exactly is your basis for assuming he has no desire to improve? His description was accurate and he recognized his own shortcomings. He clearly doesn't know where to find better sources or where to ask for help, and you were hostile and condescending from word 1. You could have pointed him in the right direction instead of just making him feel like shit for sharing his (admittedly bad) work for free.

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