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  1. I just saw the UQ Holder Eng cast list, and I'm really, really disappointed. Why? Just why, Sentai? Brittney Karbowski should not be voicing as boys, LET ALONE TEENAGE BOYS. Brittney has a really feminine sounding voice, which makes her unfitting even for little boys. No, she cannot roughen it up. It's not within her range.


    And here I thought that Tota's JP voice was horrible. Yeah, knowing what Brittney sounds like effectively confirms that this dub will be unenjoyable at best. I cannot imagine Railgun's voice coming out of this dude. Is this the miscast of the year? May as well be.


    Sentai has seen improvement in their dubs in recent years, but I dare say this ruins it. Now Tota's gonna sound like a whiny, feminine little brat. Seriously, VAs like Bryson Baugus (Bell from Danmachi) or Blake Shepard (Akito from Air Gear) could have nailed Tota. 


    Image result for touta konoe


    EDIT: Here's the dubbed preview for anyone that's interested in hearing how Brittney completely and utterly butchered Tota.


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    2. Inverti


      Kuromaru is voiced by a female VA as well, but it fits his design, seeing as he looks super effeminate. Tota, on the other hand, sounds straight up awful. Brittney sounds like she's killing her own throat. This is easily one of the worst English voices I've heard in all 2018 dubs. Looking at the comments section, I'm glad that some people are seeing it my way, too.





      Any female voice for Tota would have been bad either way, but Brittney is the worst possible choice. 


      EDIT: Wow, even people from ANN are dissing Brittney as Tota. This makes me feel a bit better.




    3. jhoopes517


      Why you disappoint me Sentai? :(

    4. Inverti


      I just hope Sentai learns from this mistake and casts fitting VAs next time for teenage boys.

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