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  1. Only really Gears of War 3 and The Witcher 2. And out of those two, I'll probably only buy the Witcher 2 straight away. Video games take up too much time now days. Working ten hours takes all the fun out of them, I find.
  2. Trouble

    What Are You Downloading Right Now?

    Millennium. I love me some Lance Henriksen.
  3. Trouble

    The best final fantasy game ever

    Final Fantasy VIII is the best in my opinion. It was very much a emo game, but it was just so good. The junctioning system especially was a favourite of mine. FFVI was interesting in it's scope.
  4. Trouble

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Dragon Age Origins. I've finished all the side quests up till the Lands Meet. I love this game. This and Mass Effect 2 are all I need this year.
  5. Trouble

    Who thinks their is going 2 be a god of war 4

    Of course there will be. Something that makes that much money for Sony will be beaten like a dead horse. I just hope it's good.