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  1. Only really Gears of War 3 and The Witcher 2. And out of those two, I'll probably only buy the Witcher 2 straight away. Video games take up too much time now days. Working ten hours takes all the fun out of them, I find.
  2. Millennium. I love me some Lance Henriksen.
  3. Final Fantasy VIII is the best in my opinion. It was very much a emo game, but it was just so good. The junctioning system especially was a favourite of mine. FFVI was interesting in it's scope.
  4. Playing Dragon Age Origins. I've finished all the side quests up till the Lands Meet. I love this game. This and Mass Effect 2 are all I need this year.
  5. Of course there will be. Something that makes that much money for Sony will be beaten like a dead horse. I just hope it's good.
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