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  1. Any info regarding simuldubs? Or are they not sure due to COVID? I was looking at the Fall Simuldub Funimation site and they give the dates but I can not figure out if they actually are the dub dates or the simulcast dates.
  2. Streaming may not be possible but then how are people ripping anime that airs on Toonami from AdultSwim website? Using youtube-dl? They are cable-locked episodes but people still seem to be grabbing them just fine.
  3. Yeaup i can play that link in mpv. How do i obtain the the .m3u8 link for any show?
  4. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to watch shows and streams from Adultswim website in mpv? Apparently there is a way to do so using youtube-dl but I cant figure it out. I'm just trynna watch in mpv rather than using the web player and adobe flash. Any help is appreciated. For example, if i want to watch a Twitch livestream, all i have to do is open command prompt and write "mpv [twitch website link]" and youtube-dl handles the rest. Is there any way to accomplish the same with Adultswim streams?
  5. +1 for audiobook section because, for me personally, they are harder to find. But having both is even better. Yeah gonna agree with PM62, it is better to read that particular book. Like any practical book, you have to go out and practice the advice given in the text.
  6. Was waiting for this. Hands down nominating LOGH Die Neue These.
  7. rep is a palindrome!

  8. Finally saw the sequel. The amazing art and action is definitely here again. No comments on the plot/story though. Gonna rewatch both movies again soon.
  9. Saw Blade Runner for the first time and then its sequel. Now Im feeling the urge to rewatch GITS...

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    2. warlord8


      SeenĀ  SAC, meant the 1995 film though

    3. emjay911


      I also saw the first Blade Runner more than a month ago ... to be honest watching it was a drag.

    4. 21century


      yes first movie is slow and boring but sequel is to me million times more believable and interestingĀ 

  10. Yah, playing Ultra Sun atm, and its a blast. Decent little changes that made the story better.
  11. Yooo definitely agree with you there. Gundam Seed and Destiny had some great music. I used to listen to it all the time.
  12. Well it looks like i am sorta taking a break right now. I havent watched anime at all since September, but I do still come on Kametsu to see whats new.
  13. Really digging the way the site looks now... i know im late.

  14. Dunno if this counts since it isn't over, but I would nominate Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul.
  15. Wasn't too sure about what qualifies so I used MAL. From the series that are tagged as Psychological and Thriller, I would pick Re:Zero, Death Parade, and Terror in Resonance. As these are literally the only ones I have seen and enjoyed. I saw Paprika as well but did not like it.
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