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  1. I got a request for your bot lol. Would you be willing to archive/offer more of OZC and EG? I noticed you have some of OZC already, but was hoping you could add his gundam releases. Similarly with EG. I think EG's work was considered better by a few when compared to OZC.
  2. Umm not sure tbh, I made an open request for it a few months back. It seems Catar has the materials and removed the ordered chapters, but I guess this broke the video(?). Hopefully, someone picks it up.
  3. Lulz, well I saw the death note request so I figured it was worth a shot. Yeah I didn't know about the full title of Eureka Seven S1 either, but i did put in parenthesis "S1" to help claify. You can add it to open requests, but honestly, I doubt anyone else will pick this up considering my requests arent always the most popular choices (*cough* Samurai 7 *cough*). If it were popular, it'd probably be done by now.
  4. I dunno if you are still taking requests, but I was wondering if you'd consider working your magic on a high quality Eureka Seven Psalm of the Planets (S1) release? Looking at aB alone, there's ozc and a-s, both of which are only AAC. So it would be nice to have FLAC for both audio tracks. As for sources, from nyaa, there are two that are 1080p-esque: NAOKI-Raws and EggPain-Raws&ANK-Raws. For EggPain-ANK, there are also subs that apparently work with the release. There may be other sources listed on other trackers. All that's missing is the eng audio track, but the bdmv is on aB.
  5. I couldnt say which version is better or not, but perhaps @Catar would be willing to offer REVO's Howl's Moving Castle through FakeEtzimal xdcc bot. It seems Catar has most of Revo's work and the Studio Ghibli movies though.
  6. Both hahaha Lol fail on my part, didnt read as usual.... What i mean is the following: The TV series, and NEW OVA ideally. I think the movies have been done by many, and OZC has done the other OVA. I checked bluray com and see that the USBDs do have english tracks for the series i mentioned. Poss source for TV(which has subs): https://nyaa.si/view/794024 - This guy used the USBD as video source cause he says it was better, but i dunno why he didnt include the dub... Blog is dead and so are the screenshots it seems. Poss source for NEW OVA(w Subs): https://nyaa.si/view/809170 (Blog) These are on aB btw.
  7. I know I asked all of this before, but is there any difference between the CTR DRRs vs Kametsu ones offered at that certain magical place? I like the CTR naming since it has the episode numbers.
  8. > best release of DRR s1: Coalgirls What happened to that CTR-Kametsu collab?
  9. Dunno if this counts since it isn't over, but I would nominate Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul.
  10. @DabDeity710 Apparently you missed it, but there is no existing dual audio HDTV release. There is a 1080p subbed one from Judgement on bakabt, but i cannot confirm since i am not a member.
  11. all i know is yousei-raws did both seasons of Railgun and one of index ayy lmao
  12. Cool please keep me updated on your findings! lel by looking at the amount of quotes in that reply post, it seems i asked you when you were the busiest, my bad.
  13. Lol not sure what you meant by the edit, but I glanced at the distro indexes of those you mentioned. It seems they did 720p only. That said I know I have your 1080p flac release for Railgun S and deanzels movie. Just looking for the rest with the same quality (1080p and FLAC).
  14. Catar, were you doing A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, or both?
  15. Nah it's cool, ill take your word for it.