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  1. I imagine that this will do as well as the "female" Ghostbusters and Ocean's (Ocean's 8,) which isn't saying much. The appeal of these properties stem from their appeal to masculine traits. Feminizing them is only a gimmick. Then again, "what isn't?" when it concerns movies.
  2. athias1028

    Cowboy bebop live action movie

    It's not a film, it's a television series. I'll wait until a trailer emerges before I pass judgement.
  3. athias1028

    Supergirl (2015 TV Series)

    It's been very political since season 1, and it has been pushing its liberal and feminist agenda since its first episode. I've read the Supergirl comics as well and both CBS and the CW have perverted the story into some cliche feminist rom-com that I can't even bear to watch the rest of season 2 (I gave the first season a chance.) Unfortunately, with the influence of third-wave feminism, we're going to see more of these pet-projects of theirs manufactured at a nauseating rate.
  4. athias1028

    The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

    I liked Avatar: the Last Airbender--all three seasons--and just seasons 1 (and maybe 3) of Legend of Korra. Both series had terrible endings--i.e. ending the LA with Aang and Katara's kissing, and completely ret-conning the alleged lesbian relationship between Korra and Asami. Seasons 2 and 4 of LOK were horrible, and makes me wish that the series ended with just season 1.
  5. athias1028

    "Ghost in the Shell" Live-Action Movie

    I've been vexed by the mix reviews of Ghost in the Shell (2017) as well as miffed by the online fan response. Most of those who have reviewed this movie have like you, DarkGanta, yet to see any other Ghost in the Shell material, so instead of picking up on the other cameos and themes from the other incarnations of Ghost in the Shell, they merely mark it up as an unwelcome change to the original film. The online fan response is even worse--most have dwell or still dwell on the notion of the film's being "whitewashed." There's nothing fundamentally Japanese about Ghost in the Shell. Even the creator, Mamoru Oshii is on record stating that Blade Runner and British-Hungarian author, Arthur Koestler, in his book "The Ghost in the Machine" were huge influences on Ghost in the Shell. Furthermore, Ghost in the Shell's "mojo," for lack of a better term had already been taken by films like the Matrix, Avatar, A.I., and Ex Machina (all films whose directors have admitted to having been influenced by Ghost in the Shell) so Ghost in the Shell (2017) would appear derivative even though the 1995 film on which it based inspired so many films primarily plotted in artificial intelligence and internet-based realities. What bothers me most is that this a far more than decent adaptation of anime material, unlike what we've seen before--*cough* Dragon Ball Evolution *cough* Speed Racer *cough* Attack on Titan (Japan) *cough* Death Note (Japan)*cough* excuse me. This should be a building block for better adaptationss, especially considering how good this movie is, not a chopping block for a racist segment of the fan base who can't get over the fact that a white, popular actress in a predominantly white Western market was cast as its lead.
  6. athias1028

    "Ghost in the Shell" Live-Action Movie

    I've seen the film. Now, Ghost in the Shell (1995) is my favorite anime film--and honestly, it's one of my favorite films in general. Koby is right in that the movie is somewhat a Bourne series clone. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If I were to give this film a grade, I'd give it a "B" or "B-" which as far as anime adaptations go, is very generous. While the story veers from that which we had seen in the 1995 incarnation, the movie as a whole remains "sort of" faithful to the franchise. They combined many things from the franchise like Hideo Kuze and the Puppet Master, the disbandment of Section 9, the Geisha and Batou's dog, the recurring echos from her Ghost, etc. I also liked that they took time to focus on the scenery, much like that of the original movie. It also has a moderate pace and maintains a good balance of both action and dialogue. And while I agree that the film primarily focuses on her discovering her identity, which does turn out to be "Motoko Kusanagi," it does spend a lot of time emulating the detective themes particularly in the Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex series. Now, my gripes are: 1. The Making of the Cyborg scene. It wasn't bad, but they've could've done that better. They opted to play the song (the Buddhist chant) at the end of the movie rather than the beginning. 2. I wish they would've had multiple characters that had Major Kusanagi's prosthetic model. (It's a bit of a theme in the original film.) Instead, they decided to focus on her being one of a kind. 3. While I maintain that the climax and all that led up to it was great, the denouement was a bit of a let down. But I get it, they went more of the route of the end of Standalone Complex rather than the original. All in all, I liked it. I wasn't expecting it to be a clone of the 1995 film because let's honest, that film isn't for everyone. (It takes a certain kind of mindset to appreciate the original 1995 film.) But this live action film paid a lot more homage to the original film than I expected. I also didn't mind that much that they combined Hideo Kuze and the Puppet Master. The further you get into the film, the more you realize that perhaps the biggest fault of this film is in trying too hard incorporate the different themes of the franchise. With all that said, I would still recommend this film to anyone who likes Ghost in the Shell. It's not the embarrassment that Last Airbender was, nor is it the eye-gouging experience that Dragon Ball Evolution was.
  7. athias1028

    Top 15 animated shows of all time

    Here, they are by rank (and I assume this excludes anime): 1. Batman the Animated Series 2. The Boondocks 3. Courage the Cowardly Dog 4. South Park 5. Archer 6. Justice League (TV Series) 7. Hey Arnold 8. Tom & Jerry 9. Looney Tunes 10. Home Movies 11. X-Men the Animated Series 12. Aqua Teen Hunger Force 13. Avatar: The Last Airbender 14. Bob's Burgers 15. The Venture Bros. Honorable Mentions: Futurama Recess Gargoyles Darkwing Duck Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Adventure Time The Animaniacs
  8. athias1028

    Hi, it's athias1028.

    Hi, my name is athias1028. How did you find Kametsu? - I found it through animepassion.net (I know that Koby was unploader there.) How active are you planning on being? - somewhat active. I have work 4 days a week, and a daughter, so I'll try to be active on the other three. What are your top five anime? -Cowboy Bebop -Neon Genesis Evangelion -Ghost in the Shell -Fullmetal Alchemist -Samurai X Top five video games? - Fallout - Metal Gear Solid - Halo - Assassin's Creed - Pokemon What other hobbies do you have? - I edit pictures and videos - I beatbox Make any graphics? - Don't know how. Do you have any questions for us? Yes. Do you like pez?