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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    The Random Talk thread already is completely pointless. If people want to talk about certain topics, they should start their own thread. The Balamb Cafe is for all off-topic discussion. If we treat Random Talk as a necessity, then it makes the rest of the subforum pointless. Why bother creating your own topic and risk having people ignore you when everyone just posts to Random Talk?
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    The moment I realised I was dreading the start of the next month and dreading having to write and compile another issue, it was time to call it a day. I would have discussed it with people, but I suspect the result would have been much the same. Even if it were to change hands for a time while I took a break, there is still the issue of finding writers. Writing anywhere from four to nine articles every single issue is tiring for a free publication. Anyway, there is nothing restricting people from posting future articles on the forum proper. Reviews can still be posted to the Recs & Reviews subforum. If any headway is ever made on actually utilising the website (Kametsu.com), we would be able to have articles there and then a monthly compilation with bonus material or something. I debated whether I should add this to the newsletter, since I'd been sitting on it for a few weeks, but I figured it didn't really fit the "tone". This is my proposal for a newsletter subforum. Not worth much right now since, haha, I have zero power to effect this change even if I wanted to and at this point it's dragged on so long without a lot of participation that a break would be more beneficial than putting this into place immediately. The biggest boon to the newsletter would be having its own subforum. It would increase visibility and accountability. In an ideal world, this is what it would look like. Shinra Headquarters > Kametsu Informer Current Issue: Open and pinned General Feedback: Open and pinned Other Issues: Locked and unpinned Not much to explain here, so some general notes. “Crew members” are people who have consistently put forth quality and trustworthy articles, whose input on the submissions of others is invaluable. They are not editors. “Editors” will do as expected. Apply changes to submissions to ensure they are to standard. Editors should be given moderation power in the subforum to facilitate the movement and merging of threads to create newsletter issues. Regular crew members will not have moderation ability, but will be able to see the contents of this subforum unhindered. Current staff (admin, mods) should be able to view contents unhindered as well. >> Submissions Pinned: Submission Guidelines Pinned: Crew Applications Anyone can post. Ideally, threads would only be visible to OP and newsletter crew/staff. People receive feedback from current crew on how to improve submission. No need to visit third party site to submit or receive articles. Posts are moved from here to the Workshop, then into the issue thread proper, allowing for direct credit to its writer. Members already part of the crew may post directly to the Workshop for editing. >> Workshop Viewable only to newsletter crew/staff. Editors will move threads from Submissions to Workshop. Once articles have been completely edited and reviewed, they will be split off from any discussion and merged with the reserved issue thread. Once issue thread has been been completed, thread is then moved to the main portion of the subforum. Private discussions between crew and staff may be held here. It is a hiatus, it can come back should I find passion to continue to write for it. There's no need to close it down entirely. And pie surely is superior to cake. I will one day learn to make pie and that will be all I ever make. Pie all day. Pie all night. Pie every single hour. The newsletter itself wasn't particularly burdensome. It is a labour of love. That said, the general atmosphere of the forum seems to sap away the enthusiasm of any person, and I am no more immune to it than anyone else. I do still care, I just need some time to recharge and consider my options. Ultimately, I don't think the problem lies with the newsletter itself (that isn't to say it is perfect), but with the forum and its general atmosphere. That was the purpose of my rather damning words. It's stifling, the lack of change, the resistance to change. Posts from those seeking downloads just pile up largely unnoticed. It's almost like living on a landfill, and none of us can smell the garbage anymore.
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    Hello There!

    Unless I'm mistaken, Sinistra is Latin for left. It's been a while since I cracked open my dictionary. Also alpacas are pretty cool, they are always relevant. ouo
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    Hello There!

    Welcome to the forum, Sinistra! Do you like things on the left, are you left handed? Here's an alpaca. Enjoy your stay!
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    (Not so) new account here

    Yes, it's been licensed by NISA and slated to release early year~
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    Welcome to the forum, noscire! I'd give you a customised greeting, but I don't know what to say. So here's an alpaca. Okay, have fun.
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    What are Groups and Member Title ??

    Do note that an Uploader, while helpful folk, are not "officially" part of staff. They have no administrative or moderation powers and are not responsible for enforcing the rules in any capacity.
  8. Emotional Outlet

    Games that should be made into animes or the reverse

    I don't know that I would watch a Catherine anime or OVA. That would mean they'd have to pick one ending as "canon", and I can see a lot of uproar about that.
  9. Emotional Outlet

    Random Talk.

    I would have a dog, but given that no one but me cleans the litter box, I don't know that anyone would be keen on picking up dog poop, haha. And I know Java wants a big ol' dog, one I doubt would be excited about apartment living.
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    Laugh of the Day!

    Longish post. Preview:
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    (Not so) new account here

    Welcome to the forum, Prosix! Aww, yeah, Dangan Ronpa. How are you liking the anime? Did you read the LP or play the game? If so, how do you feel about the anime in comparison to that? Anyway, enjoy your stay, and let us know if you run into any issues~
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    Random Talk.

    Willis always looks like he wants to kill birds. He never gets far though, just chirps at them. Not my cat, but that's the sound he makes.
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    what country should i choose for studying abroad ?

    If you're still taking classes and this isn't a sure thing, I'd definitely focus on the present. ouo It's fine to be willing to study electrical engineering, but is that what you want? Is that something you're passionate about, something you really, really want to do? The way I look at it, this company wants or is willing to drop some money for you to go abroad, so it should be something that you care about, or at least something you think speaks to you on some level. Every country has its perks. Japan is cool. I've known people who went to China and had a blast. The UK is cool, there are a lot of countries in a small area. The less I say about Korea, the better. Anyway. Focus on your education. Pick a school you think will suit you and your learning style. It should benefit you as a student and as a person. In the process of learning about the schools, I promise you will learn about local sites and things to do, because there are loads of people who don't like going to school in underground bunkers far away from civilisation.
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    I am saidee and I am new

    Welcome to the forum, Saidee! I'm glad you think the place looks neat. ouo Let us know if you have any questions or problems. Enjoy your stay!
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    Video: Realistic Rain

    I like how you said "opacity". Things seemed a little far away, but otherwise it was good. ouo
  16. Emotional Outlet

    what country should i choose for studying abroad ?

    When I lived in Japan, plenty of people spoke English, especially near base. I will say that if you come in with expectations that it's gonna be an anime paradise, you'll be in for some major disappointment, because the way they view anime and manga is not the same way other countries do. One example? It's normal for someone in the west to have a collection of manga. In Japan, people usually don't--they'll keep a few that are special to them, but otherwise in the trash it goes. It would be majorly helpful if you'd tell us what you intend to study. Every country has its perks and interesting things to do, but not all of them will have an education that suits you personally. Take care of the big stuff, the important stuff, and the free time stuff will come easily. Honestly, though, it seems like you're dead set on Japan. If that's the case, then I doubt anything we say will change your mind.
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    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    Haha, yes. By the time they try to email any of our deployed folk, their low-side mail is usually full because people keep sending them bullshit. I checked my email on the regular, even checking it outside of work hours at the dorms and on my personal computer when I moved out, but I wasn't about to get up in the middle of the day to check that ish. I will do my fire extinguisher training, just not when I am sleeping! Emails get eaten and spit up all the time, if it's actually important, I wouldn't leave it to just email. Half the time they could just get up from their desk and actually talk to the person (because, you know, they're just in another part of the squadron), but of course they won't do that. Man, speaking of people being screwed over by debit cards, I saw this article a while ago about peeps working at McDonalds in Pennsylvania who have to deal with a similar thing. Basically they were on a Payroll Card that had a $1.50 ATM fee, $10 inactivity fee after 90 days, and $0.75 fee for online transactions and whatever else they feel like doing. By the time they actually GOT their money after dealing with all the fees, they weren't even being paid minimum wage. A card like that can be convenient IF they were actually being paid enough to cover the costs of all the fees and IF they were allowed to choose it themselves, with knowledge of the fees beforehand, instead of having it chosen for them.
  18. Emotional Outlet

    Laugh of the Day!

    Science humour. [ “no homo,” i whisper, pulling back from the microscope in front of me. the gene is heterozygous. i am a scientist ]
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    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    For sure, it's a 24 hour job, but they better have a good reason for breaking crew rest. We would legit get people telling us it's okay to break crew rest even though there's not an emergency. Crew rest isn't even a local thing we just randomly do, that's AF-wide. We won't do a lot of good if we're running on fumes and making dumb mistakes because we're falling asleep at the controls. Folks on mids would get shafted so much--we'd work a full shift, be told we have to do some admin stuff in the morning, and they'd ignore us for hours. If we worked 1830 to 0730 and day shift doesn't even roll in until 0900 (and no one likes getting mobbed soon as they come inside the fence, so you gotta wait at least another fifteen minutes before they're "ready"), I'm not gonna be happy about it. Work the night before and then tell me I gotta come in that afternoon to do admin stuff when I have to work that night again? Or you know I'm on mids, but you'll email me at 10 in the morning telling me I need to get stuff done at 1400 that same day, and then try to string me up for not getting it done even though I was on crew rest? No thanks. And I know for sure that mistreating folks who work shift isn't just a military thing. hurgleblakdfadffgl In other news, I don't understand why people post questions to the NaNo group and then get mad when people don't answer it the way they wanted. If you present a choice but then you're going to rail against people who pick a certain choice, then it's clear you have a preference and you don't want any input. Someone asked a while back if "alright" is acceptable to use in dialogue or if it should be "all right". Of course there were mixed responses. Any time someone said "alright" is never acceptable, the OP would try to argue and disagree. Eventually people were like, "You obviously want to use 'alright', so just use it. Why are you asking for our input if you already made up your mind?" Another time someone posted something along the lines of "A character's father thinks everyone has a price. How much money would it take for you to turn your back on your friends, family, loved ones, coworkers--everyone you've ever cared about--and join the dark side? Money is the only offer on the table." People couldn't fathom doing such a thing for just money, so they were trying to figure out more about the story. Is the character especially greedy? Is the character down on their luck and the money would be a boon? Can there be more to the deal, like power, guaranteed safety of loved ones? OP got upset and said he just wanted a number. People still wouldn't give a number and those who did provided numbers (billions) beyond what the fictional father could offer (he is only a millionaire). Despite people's attempts at helping him flesh out his characters and motivations, OP instead got offended and abandoned thread. I don't think OP understood how human beings actually work.
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    Welcome to the forum, AutoOps! I had no idea what a panel beater is, but according to Wiki it's like an auto body mechanic? Das cool. Anyway, enjoy your stay here! Let us know if you run into any issues~
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    Visual Novels, any and all info

    I will second the rec on Katawa Shoujo. Are kinetic novels okay too? Juniper's Knot (Free) That Cheap and Sacred Thing (Free) Some VNs I have enjoyed. don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story (Free) Digital: A Love Story (Free) RE: Alistair++ (Free) [text] (Free) Analogue: A Hate Story ($10) Cinders ($22.95) Long Live the Queen ($12.95) Magical Diary ($19.95) Hatoful Boyfriend ($5) And some sites. sakevisual Hanako Games Winter Wolves /r/visualnovels Fuwanovel Now, I don't know where you personally draw the line between "video game" and "visual novel" (the distinction made in the west is a bit different than how it is in Japan). I've seen a lot of back and forth on this, so it's up to you. Dangan Ronpa. Ace Attorney. 999. Persona.
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    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    Ageism is some balls, haha. I'm especially sensitive to it because people always tell me I look like I'm 16, so when they speak condescendingly to me (especially when they've teased me in the past about looking young), they're not even condescending to me as someone in their twenties, but as a teenager. Someone in the NaNo group was telling me about her husband was in the military and you just have to suck it up and deal with being shit on. Like no, there's a level of being shafted and being fucked over that is unacceptable. Being told to work 16 hour shifts four nights in a row when there isn't a critical need for it is ridic no matter how you slice it. Just because you signed on the dotted line doesn't mean they can treat you like that. I got so tired of hearing old fogies talk about the "good old days" and how it was so much better than the "kinder, gentler new military". Yet at the same time they can't figure out why linguists aren't reenlisting--when I separated, there were two other first term linguists on their way out with me, one who was on his second term (maybe), and before that I think there two or three 1N2s who separated. And obviously Java separated, so that's another 1N2. I know there were others in that squadron who were counting down the days until they could finally separate. I will put up with a lot of crap, but not to the point of sacrificing what shreds of mental health I have left. That squadron and the people in it really soured me on the whole thing. I guess with how much the AF as a whole struggles with force shaping and being bloated with so many people, they can afford to lose people--it's just too bad it's not in the AFSCs that actually are bloated. Far as I know, linguists--both ground and airborne--have been undermanned for ages, and they already have pretty high attrition rates in tech school. Sometimes I wish I was in a personnel AFSC instead of intel, but I actually LIKE doing intel work.
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    Laugh of the Day!

  24. Emotional Outlet

    Signature Giveaway

    I never win giveaways, but I will play. I hope it has a butterfly on it!
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    Say it. Get it off your chest thread! @_@

    Former coworker who's always been super condescending towards me. Would call me "hon" when we're not even friends. That riles me up like nothing else, do not call me "hon" or "dear" unless we are friends. It is illegal as balls to ask about stuff like marital status, disability, and religion during a job interview. I'm fortunate enough currently not to have gone to any interviews where this shit was pulled. That said, that doesn't stop them from drawing conclusions of their own (first impressions and all that) and refuse to hire you based on those conclusions, even if they don't say it directly. You hear about women who go into job interviews without their wedding or engagement ring because some people draw conclusions about that--maybe she'll end up pregnant! Maybe she's already pregnant! Maybe she won't care about the job because her husband is the one bringing home the bacon! All stupid assumptions. Another gem from her: "The pregnant woman thing, it sucks, but I think the employers are looking at it in a practical light. They don't want to hire a new employee whose going to require extended time off soon, and may decide not to come back at all." Okay, just like we should take into consideration that smokers can keel over and die at any moment, so we shouldn't hire them either. I mean, really, what's the appropriate response to a person who is pregnant and searching for a job? Welp, fuck you and fuck off because clearly you're not going to show up to work? Even though they might be a single parent? Even though they need the money to be able to support their child? Just gonna refuse to hire them and then later on down the road complain about how single parents are mooching off the welfare system and why should all your tax dollars have to go towards supporting lazy people, right? One person said she wasn't hired for a part time job because she was pregnant, even though the job was for less than three hours a day. You can talk practicality all you want, but I guarantee almost everyone has something about them that can be labelled a problem and justify not hiring them. [transforms into a giant monster] [destroys entire cities] On a positive note, however, it's not all bad and there are places that are very accommodating and understanding. I'm less upset about the status of the job market and interviewing procedures and more upset that someone would try to talk semantics to me about what is and isn't discrimination. Playing devil's advocate is a real quick way to get me to dislike a person. It's condescending as fuck. If you think you need to play devil's advocate to "help people understand their position better" or that they would somehow benefit from your "intellectual exercise", you're a total assmunch who thinks you're better than others, that people need your help and would be totally worthless unless you save them. It shows you don't see these people as your peers and equals, you see them as students, as lost sheep who need your guidance.