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    IRC Channel Moved to Xertion Network.

    Please refer to the IRC tutorial index. There are also other threads wherein people make inquiries about Chatzilla. Should you still have problems, make a thread in the Tech Centre. And please refrain from making off-topic posts, especially in old threads such as this.
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    Baka cosplays...

    rajin: As per the rules, refrain from making such comments. They are rude and do not contribute meaningfully to the discussion. Failure to abide will result in further action. Don't be a jerk! [...] Abusive, threatening, or hostile content will not be tolerated.
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    Kametsu User Styles

    You know, I have Stylish installed but I never use it for anything, haha. It certainly is one alternative to having a bunch of skins! I think it'd be neat to see a few floating around~
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 2

    Table of Contents Announcements Anime & Manga Mirai Nikki Review -- Breathless Dreaming Anime Reviews: Clannad -- Dreamcastor Rei Art & Literature On Writing: Mary Sues and Wish Fulfilment On Writing: POV Miniseries [second-Person] -- Emotional Outlet Entertainment Let Me Tell You About Homestuck Fables: Not Your Mother's Snow White -- Emotional Outlet Gaming Submachine Ouya Has Shipped -- Emotional Outlet Graphics Layer Basics -- Dreamcastor Rei Tools of the Trade #2: Marquee -- poetictragedy Tech Flu Shot -- Minkseru US Regulates Bitcoins -- Dae314 Contact Us
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    Random Talk.

    Most female-identified people don't like to publicly identify as gamers because of the reactions it garners. There are more than a handful of anecdotes from people who use female avatars (who are male-identified in real life) and receive crass messages and propositions irrelevant to the game. They're also more likely to be looked down upon and treated as incompetent (consider the fact that "easy mode" on video games has been referred to as "girlfriend mode"). Then you have people who are quick to whip out the "fake gamer girl" card and subject them to a series of "tests" in order to verify their authenticity as a gamer, when most, if not all, male-identified players are not subjected to this. "Oh, you only play the Sims/Farmville/Bejeweled? You aren't a REAL gamer." Even though a person who only plays old-school arcade and adventure games is still considered a gamer. They're also often put on a pedestal at the expense of "other women". Simultaneously treated as "better than other girls" while being condescended to is a frustrating experience to say the least. The moment they show any signs of being like "other women" ("oh, you like makeup?" "you do your hair?" "you like romcoms?" "you have emotions?"), they're put down and reminded of their place. http://dresdencodak.tumblr.com/post/58344953500/shoomlah-bridgioto-theredmages http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/15/4622252/plague-of-game-dev-harassment-erodes-industry-spurs-support-groups
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    That is very optimistic of you, haha. I doubt anything on that level is going to change. I mean, how long have they have been that way? Probably since this iteration of the forum went up. Keeping documentation up to date seems to have fallen into my hands (the forum rules hadn't been updated until my last return, so people were beholden to a version of the rules I had written when I was a teenager). This is beyond my purview.
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    Hello again, it has been awhile

    Welcome back~ Where you at, Elmendorf?
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    My cats are slightly bigger than yours, haha. They're both over 16 pounds. The vet said they're both legitimately large cats, so they're only like one or two pounds overweight (one pound for Willis, two for Gertie).
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    Hello Kametsuians :)

    Welcome to the forum, AnimeZero! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here~
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    Welcome to the forum, Jash! I hope you enjoy being a lawyer, haha. Let us know if you run into any issues or problems~
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    Hello, I'm new here

    Welcome to the forum, theplunger! I quite enjoy reading, I'm sorry you find subs detracting. Enjoy your stay, you're well within good company here as many also prefer English dubs over subs.
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    That's the thing, though, we don't often delete accounts, even for extended periods of inactivity. There are people who have been absent for years and still had accounts they could access. I don't think I've heard of an instance where an account was deleted here, really.
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    I disagree that cats aren't smart enough to understand sadness. Most should be able to tell when things aren't normal with their owners, and the more time you spend with them, the more information they have to be able to tell when things aren't normal. I was very frustrated the night before I left for basic and my cat stayed by my side through the night. When Java was staying in the hospital, Willis would sleep on his side of the bed and keep me company.
  14. Emotional Outlet

    Song selection?

    I don't know what your range is and even if you told me I wouldn't understand, so I'm just going to leave some stuff here for you. https://soundcloud.com/shsljackass ^ I like Nidai's and Mahiru's (first video above).
  15. Emotional Outlet

    My interview is tomorow and i need some advice

    Well, as the saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know". More people have success in getting jobs because someone else put in a word for them or someone in the company brought their resume to the hiring manager before the opening was advertised. If they know you're a student and that this would be your first job, experience shouldn't be as big a deal. You just have to give the right impression and don't give them any opportunity to tell you "sorry, you're not fit for this job". You have about two seconds to make a good first impression to the interviewer (or interviewers). And sometimes, they've already made up their mind about you within the first five minutes. I'm sure you have applicable experience, you just haven't really thought about it. An important skill is self-assessment. If you can't identify for yourself your own strengths and weaknesses, your own failures and successes, your own value and ability to contribute to the company, why should an employer bother doing any of that for you? They don't know who you are and they likely go through hundreds of resumes all the time. A lot of interview questions are really code for "Tell me why I shouldn't hire you". You have to do your best to politely decline answering that hidden question while still answering the surface question, if that makes sense. "Tell me your weaknesses"--tell them you're lazy, you're late all the time, and you hate paperwork, and you might as well have just gotten up and left the interview. "Tell me about yourself"--tell them your whole life story and you might as well have just broken out into song. At least that would be unique.
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    Welcome to the forum, Lily! No worries about boring people, there is no one on this planet more boring than me. We try to keep things on the up and up, so I'm glad the place has had a good impression on you. Bunnies are cool, they are pleasant to look at. One time I followed a toad while I was walking around my dorms a few years back--it let me follow it for maybe two minutes before it hopped into the grass and I couldn't see it any more. Rainbows are indeed very cool. How do you feel about insects and spiders? I quite like butterflies and don't mind the existence of spiders in my home. They eat all the other stupid bugs, assuming they aren't all eaten by my cats. Anyway, enjoy your stay and let us know if you run into any issues~
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    We don't normally delete accounts around here, even for long periods of inactivity. Do you have the email or username of your previous account? Anyway, welcome back to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay~
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    The issue I have with the descriptions being like a conversation is that, because of their length, people might not want to bother with reading them. I mean, this is what the forum index looks like to me. So much text. Nearly every other forum I ghost or participate in don't have subforum descriptions this long. Some of them don't even have descriptions at all, but I can understand the need for them here, since it's not obvious to everyone just what should be done in the SeeD Hallway. But it doesn't need to read like an ad. It's like... it's fun to have flavour text in a game. Click on a bookshelf and it tells you something kind of goofy and silly. But it's optional. Some of the descriptions read like that, except they're always there. Farplane description: Out with the old as they say. These are all old topics that we have trashed. So if you enjoy reading up on history of forums you could check it out; otherwise it's pretty much useless. First of all, there's barely anything interesting there because I've been in there and it's boring and awful and almost nothing good is in there. Second of all, why is this even public if we aren't going to curate topics that deserve to be archived instead of just dumping every single piece of spam in here. I mean, look at it the way a newbie would. Every single subforum has a description about as long as the above. Look at the downloads. I read long posts all day long and even this makes my eyes glaze over. It's so crowded and smushed together and nothing draws the eye appropriately. It's all just a mushy stream of text. (ETA: I don't like Brave because it's dark and way too wide. Clean-Cut is also too wide. Deviant 3 is just a smidge too wide for me, also I don't really like the colours. So Kametsu skin it is for me.)
  19. Emotional Outlet

    Laugh of the Day!

    [ you might want to tone down your attitude a little bit, windows 8 ]
  20. Emotional Outlet

    My interview is tomorow and i need some advice

    HA! The server was having a seizure as I was trying to post apparently. Sorry for spamming you, brah. Maybe the story wasn't what they were looking for? That's not a situation they really want to see paralleled in their workplace, I imagine. I know sometimes they'll ask questions like, "Describe a time you have failed" or "What is one of your weaknesses" or something like that. At that time, they obviously don't want to know that you do two lines of coke in the morning and can't function without it. Or that time you tried to rob a bank and instead ended up in jail. They want to hear a situation that can be paralleled in their work environment and, ideally, in the process of telling your story, explain how you overcame it. So a time you failed. Say one time you forgot to turn in a huge assignment. Be like, "I accepted responsibility for my failure, brought in the assignment for half credit, and never forgot an assignment ever again." Or maybe you got a report card and discovered you were failing one of your classes. Be all, "I spoke to the teacher about what I can do to improve my grade and went in after school every day for tutoring and extra assignments. Since then, I've taken greater care in monitoring my grades."
  21. Emotional Outlet

    My interview is tomorow and i need some advice

    If you're given opportunity to express yourself as an individual, you should take it if you're confident you'll be able to remember your answers and expand on them later. Anyone can answer multiple choice questions without much thought--if they're going to be asking you about this questionnaire in the interview, you might as well start thinking deeper about it now. From the way some of the questions are worded, it sounds like they'll especially take any opportunity to reject potential hires. You need to be able to back up the choices you make. Companies like people who save them time, money, and effort. Things like streamlining certain processes, increasing productivity, saving money through savvy dealings. What does this company in particular value? Do they value creative and innovative thinking? Do they value interpersonal skills and diplomacy? What are the company's goals and how can you present yourself in a way that tells them they absolutely need you in order to attain those goals?
  22. Emotional Outlet

    Gay Rights?

    I don't understand. Are you saying you had a medical examination and the fact the doctor may have been gay was problematic? Did he overstep his professional boundaries or indicate in any way that he was attracted to you?
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    It is related to the newsletter because I wrote about it in the newsletter. It's all the same, really. Besides, I'd imagine some people would see the title of the Leaking Ship thread and think there's nothing new being discussed. The message at the top of the forum really should be updated--there's no need to have a mention of the chatbox at the top of every page. And the IRC channel isn't really "new", plus there's a link to it in the nav bar (although it seems to only work in the Brave skin). Subforum descriptions in particular also need to be updated--why do they all sound like ads, it's really weird. Some examples below. This is only Shinra Headquarters, but it should give an idea of what I think they should look like--short, simple, and to the point. You should be able to tell at a glance where to post things. Broadcast Station: All the latest news, updates, and announcements of the forum are placed within by the staff for you to read. So please do come in and read up on whats been happening. Shortened version: Official Kametsu news and updates Assistance: At the Assistance board, you may ask questions, make comments about the forum or sites within the network, or give suggestions as to what to add or take away from the forum to improve it! Shortened version: Questions, bug and error reports, and feedback regarding the forum and site network (Although some of the sites on the network seem to be defunct--Shadow Hearts site was last updated March 2010, Grandia and FM sites don't even load apparently, and Kametsu itself was last updated in February.) The staff room doesn't need a description. Tech Center: Find tutorials and more within. If you need help or just want to talk in general about graphics, your computer, or whatever else technical then come on in and do so here. Shortened version: Tech tutorials, discussion, and assistance (Mentioning "graphics" in this description doesn't really make sense when we have the Graphical Divison.) SeeD Hallway: Are you new to the forums? If so, come on in and introduce yourself and get to know some of the other members! I''m sure you will grow to enjoy it here. And be sure to welcome other new members! Shortened version: New member introductions and welcomes Anyway, cleaning house doesn't have to be as drastic as actual subforum deletion--simply hiding from view inactive areas until we build up our active userbase again would serve the same purpose. But definitely, moving stuff around and merging extraneous subfora would be a boon in terms of creating a fresher environment and condensing activity. Expanding the TCG forum to include pen & paper and board games would be pretty good, I think (renamed from TCG to Traditional Games, maybe). And I agree, there are few places to hold discussions outside of Forum Games and Random Talk--we've pigeonholed ourselves into a handful of threads when nothing is stopping us from expanding out. Random Talk is comfortable and safe, and very few "outsiders" post in it, which is definitely not how things should be. The biggest problem is only one person can put into effect any major changes. No one likes changes to be effected without discussion, but since not a lot of people talk about these things (because "things are fine the way they are" or they're just busy and it's not "fair" to exclude them from the process), nothing ever gets done. If everyone is busy all the time, then it all becomes very convenient--nothing has to change and no one has to do any work. Another thing I wanted to point out before I started rambling all over the place is that staff should be active. (This is another reason why I'm against bringing on new staff, because our activity levels are so out of whack.) Staff should be interfacing and interacting with users on the regular. Not, like, everyone has to be besties, but having absentee staff members not only looks unprofessional, it gives the impression we don't care about our users. We can't take it for granted people will assume we care, nor can we forget that a responsibility of staff is to encourage and create discussion.
  24. Emotional Outlet

    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    You're not a leecher, Kinara, haha. Not even close, don't worry about it. I've been talking with Java about it, since he's seen communities rise and fall over the past fifteen years. (What an old fart.) His input is pretty similar to mine. We have been doing the same thing for the past however many years since this forum first came into existence. As technology and trends on the Internet rise, fall, and evolve, those who survive are those who change and adapt. I think we need to cut back on a lot of things. We have nine staff members for 47 subfora, plus two more for the Farplane and Dead Links (those don't need to be moderated, per se, so we won't count those). Two of those staff members are responsible for three of those 47--two graphics mods for the Graphical Division, Showcase, and Contest Corner. That leaves seven staff for 44 subfora. We've discussed approaching new staff. I don't think this is ideal. We don't have an active userbase large enough to justify it, not to mention there's no consistency or an SOP on how to handle different situations. Another option is to cut back the subfora so we aren't spread so thin, and figure out what Kametsu's niche actually is, what we can offer to people to make them stay. And this is where resistance to change comes into play. There are supporters for each and every single one of these subfora. Hackles were raised each and every time the Alexandria Inn was suggested for removal, even though it's been almost consistently quiet. The Entertainment subforum doesn't seem to get a lot of mileage and would probably be better as part of the Balamb Cafe, but that idea was also shot down. I think we've been relying on the downloads to keep the forum afloat, both in terms of donations and activity, for too long. I mean, it's a good way to keep things rather hands off, if you don't really want to engage with other users. People know you can access the downloads if you donate and you don't have to post fifteen times, so there's an easy way out. Every day there's a new person in Today's Top Posters with exactly fifteen posts, activity is covered. It's just the 15ers don't really want to talk to the rest of us, and the rest of us don't want to talk to the 15ers, but the rest of us don't really talk to each other either. No one is talking to anyone. I don't think any amount of downloads is going to fix that.
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    The Kametsu Informer: Issue 8

    Loads of people have posted in it, I'm not mad at or blaming any single person. If anyone, it should be me because I have over four hundred posts in that thread. (And to further expand on the fact that I apparently dominate conversations, I appear in the top five posters in more than a couple of the Balamb Cafe threads.) Dae is behind me by just under a hundred posts. Incidentally, you're behind Dae by about a hundred posts as well, haha. The top ten posters of that thread made just over 70% of total posts in that thread. To be more specific, ten people have made 1994 posts out of 2742. That's very exclusive, considering a total of 101 people have posted in that thread. The number of single posts is also kind of surprising, but shouldn't be--46 of the 101 posters in that thread have only posted once. 26 people have posted more than 10 times. This is a trend that occurs throughout the forum. "will ichigo be head captain?" of the Bleach subforum. Two people posted twice, everyone else posted once. Total of 37 posters. "Far Cry 3" of the Gaming Realm subforum. Dark posted 12 times. Drumroll posted twice. Everyone else posted once. Total of 12 posters. "What is the most important quality an anime should have?" of the Anime & Manga subforum. Four people posted twice. Everyone else posted once. Total of 21 posters. "Game of Thrones" of the Entertainment subforum. Two people posted more than ten times (Poe - 23, Koby - 19). 12 people posted at least twice. Everyone else posted once. Total of 65 posters. "What Games Are You Currently Playing?" of the Gaming realm. 9 people posted at least 20 times. 20 people posted at least 10 times. 202 people posted at least twice. 876 people posted once. Total of 1108 posters. I imagine the numbers would be in a similar ratio for other large threads such as this. This is damning. If this isn't evidence enough that discussions aren't happening like they should be, if this isn't evidence that our community can barely be considered such, if this isn't evidence of the effect leechers are having on our threads, I don't know what is.