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  1. aukaauka

    4K Media - Are you making the jump?

    At the end of next year I'll be considering buying a 65 inch 4K OLED but my main use for that would be pc gaming since I doubt there will be much or if any animated content being released in 4K by then. I would be using it a fair bit for 4K Blu-ray released films but I don't usually watch live action shows too often.
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    2. ElementalCards


      Pokemon - Beauty and the Beach


    3. aukaauka


      Indeed I do :) 

      Apologies for the links no longer work, I'll get them both re-uploaded. :byebye:

    4. aukaauka


      Here you go! :byebye:




      I also included the Japanese only part in a separate file which I pulled using mkvmerge with the idea of possibly adding it to a better quality cut version of the episode. 


  2. aukaauka

    Storage Options for Archiving

    I used to keep everything on 1-4tb external hard drives and I'd just buy another one of whatever size was the most value for money when I started running out of space. But recently I decided that because I wanted all my media to be in one place and I wanted some protection so I didn't lose a load of data if a hard drive died, I decided to build a storage server. Best way to go about a storage server is to build one yourself out of Lower End computer components and then put some server grade hard drives in there. I guarantee any cheap system you build will be way better and cheaper then the compact pre built systems you can buy and will give you much more flexibility. Here are the components I used in my build https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/FGdxzM tho I spent way more on the motherboard then I probably needed to and you only really need half the RAM The hard drives are always the expensive part but you can put in however many you like at first and put more in when you need more storage though you will need to if you want your data protection in case of hard drive failure. I use unraid as my operating system which has a one-off payment but comes to the 30 day trial Hope this helps
  3. aukaauka

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hi, how is everyone today?
  4. aukaauka


    I like watching all kinds of different anime, old to the most recent. I'm also an Eng Dub person, even if some of them are kinda terrible!