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  1. Did you download a zip file like from here or install it? If you downloaded a zip file and extracted it, just put mpv.conf in the same directory as mpv.exe
  2. Wow the answers sucked. Just put these lines in your conf file. The second line is so your png screenshot won't be a huge filesize because there's no compression (the compression is lossless too). --screenshot-format=png --screenshot-png-compression=9
  3. mpv_shot0001.png


    Does this font look too big or should I make it smaller? 

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    2. bluegrapes
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      Maybe this could help you. Try to make it the same size as the closed captioning (or an estimate).


    4. bluegrapes


      Thanks! I finally got it!!!!



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    2. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      I remember playing X/Y, Serena was the best

    3. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      If only I still had my 3ds, there'd be some serious doubles battle schooling going on between me and every Kametsu user who plays

    4. ElementalCards


      We could battle each other once you get a 3DS, but only through UltraSun and UltraMoon.

  5. Finally done with my first release xD

  6. Holy crap the process of muxing your video files/subtitles/chapters into mkvs is so boring and time consuming. 


    I have a new respect for you guys who manage to do this so frequently. I'm almost done with my first release. Now just have to wait for it to finish uploading to MEGA with it's throttled upload speed. :/

  7. Thank you! I wasn't really paying attention to where I put the periods at because I was just placing them in places where there are empty spaces. I thought a lot of release groups like to put periods or underscores in their filenames just to prevent empty spaces. Not because it makes it easier to read what codecs/video sources their files consist of. I think I'll use this: Osomatsu-san.S01E02.720p.BluRay.AAC2.0.x264-Bluegrapes[9E294E97].mkv Osomatsu-san.S01E02.1080p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-Bluegrapes[9E294E97].mkv The reason for that is because I was looking at when the OP/ED lyrics start on my aegisub file. I should instead have been looking at where the OP/ED actually starts. Dumb mistake Here's the corrected version https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ejh-MoB2eOZld0bzVZbmRoNU0/view?usp=sharing
  8. Thanks for showing me that example chapter structure! It made it a lot easier to make a chapter file. Now I think I know how to do it. Here's an example of what the final release will look like with the correct filename and chapter file added. I hard-encoded the subs for this example but the final release will be softsub of course. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ejh-MoB2eOUTR3V0ZSU3N3Qms/view?usp=sharing Now I just have to finish syncing the rest of the episodes. Only a few left.
  9. Thanks for showing me that program. I will include the CRC hashes in my release. I was thinking about maybe making a semi-crappy mini encode too. I think I'll make english subs default. I like using Plex/Kodi not only because it's easier for me to watch my movies/tv shows stored across multiple hard drives on my TV but because it's the closest way to see a "physical representation" of your digital media collection. Which than causes me to data hoard more. Also the ability to stream movies from anywhere isn't too bad. The funny thing about "episode 26" is that it is actually "episode 3.5". With the osomatsu-san anime, episode 1 is "banned" for copyright infringement because it included too many anime parodies like this. It's never allowed to be officially streamed or released on physical media. So episode 3.5 was included in the blu ray/DVD release to make up for the missing episode 1. So I would like to label that episode and a few other anime specials that was released in a way that doesn't mess up the main ordering of season 1. I still plan to include the tv airing of the first episode in my release. Maybe I can try Osomatsu-san S00E01 (3.5) (1080p-Hi10p BluRay FLAC 2.0 x264) [bluegrapes] [1234ABCD].mkv Osomatsu-san S00E01 (3.5) (720p-Hi10p BluRay AAC 2.0 x264) [bluegrapes] [1234ABCD].mkv Also I find that so annoying too when the group name is in front of the file/folder name. Ruins it if you're trying to alphabetically organize your media files like most people. I''ll be sure to include my name at the end of the files. That's fine! This discussion was very interesting! I'm going to try to use the method you detailed. It just feels a little daunting to created chapters for over 26 episodes. But I guess once I get in the hang of it, it won't take too long to finish. I guess the main structure of creating chapters for animes is usually --->OP --->Part A ---->Part B ---->ED ---->Episode preview >releases towards english (and maybe spanish viewers) viewers that are using a dedicated plex/emby/kodi box >balancing file-size vs quality >subtitle quality I would like to aim for these things! Maybe the private tracker thing would be nice if I was apart of any Thanks for the great answers everyone! You inspire me to try to make this release as nice as I can.
  10. Just a silly gag anime. But what's taking me a lot longer to complete this project is that I have to add a new translation for every ED because the lines for each ED is different. At least I'm almost finished and I learned a lot about using Aegisub from this. If I decide to sync any other animes, it will probably be faster to do if the OPs/EDs are already translated. Thank you I'll be sure to do this! I notice that in many anime releases, there's a little hash in brackets at the end of each video file. Do you recommend putting that in my release? If you do how do I obtain that hash for each video file? Thanks for sharing that link! I was considering using CTR's naming conventions because I wanted to make it easy for Plex/Kodi users (like me) to scan the episodes into their libraries. It's annoying how the TVDB scrapper hates anime specials unless you name them a specific way. Also I have two more questions for you guys. Is about 48gb for 1080p and 20gb for 720p too big? There isn't that many good encodes available for this anime and the ones I've found are the best IMO. I think with an animation style this simple someone could have released a good nearly transparent encode half this size. I wonder if the original blu ray had artificial grain added to it to bloat it? I guess I can atleast recommend people to download the 720p release since the 1080p verison is a upscale. My second question is do you recommend setting the English subtitle to the default track when I mux it? I plan on releasing this with English and Spanish subtitles.
  11. Thank you! I'll try to figure out how to create chapters.
  12. (Sorry if this is the wrong board!) I have a small question about anime releases. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to upload my very first release of an anime. Even though it's technically a remux because I didn't encode the video or create the subtitles, I resynced the subtitles to the blu ray release and added translations to every OP/ED. There was originally no OP/ED subtitles in the TV airing release. Is this enough extra work I did where it would be considered "okay" to add my name next to the sub group? Another question, is this a good naming convention? For labeling everything else, I'm considering following CTR's release standard's guide AnimeName.S01E01.1080p.BDrip.FLAC.2.0.x264[username] Last question, should I make sure to add chapters to every episode? Not sure how necessary that is.
  13. There will never be a DBZ blu ray set as good quality as the level sets again unless probably Toei releases it The 2nd best quality release right now are the dragon boxes. Also they cancelled it because the restoration techniques they used for that release was too expensive to continue because of low sale numbers. With the newer season blu ray sets they just apply a heavy DNR filter and call it a day. With the level sets they go through each episode frame by frame and manually clean up the dirt/dust. More costly and time consuming.
  14. bluegrapes


    Just making my introduction so I can help myself to the goodies in the download section Love the site!
  15. And double guess, Blu ray iso take up most of your space? I'm having the same problem with my hard drives.
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