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  1. Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I experimented around and it seems removing "the" and "of" brings up some results, but only if using Advanced search, not the upper right corner one. Also, I checked the "only search topics" and that helped too. Guess I am accustomed to just hitting items in the search box and pressing enter in most places, it's more convenient.
  2. Anyone remember Class of the Titans?

    Is up on youtube in 720p! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI6Or6tXCt8&index=1&list=PLxV3d7e0KlNXXtBJPYhqHOT5bWGOXWxBO
  3. Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I tried searching for "Class of the titans" using the Forums/Search button, same 0 results. Hey, you can try it yourself, it will do the same for you as it does for me. Some terms simply bring up 0 results, ridiculous since I just posted in the thread a few days ago.
  4. Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I dunno why, but certain searches (like All Hail King Julien yesterday) worked for me, but others still don't. I doubt this is dependent on what browser I use, if it works for one term but not the other, it is an error of the search engine. What's weird is that last week it worked fine.
  5. Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I have All Content set. Tried searching for Class of the Titans yesterday, a thread I am commenting in right now, and nothing comes up. Taking out "of" and "the" doesn't help either. Using Firefox btw, not that it should matter to a forum's search engine what browser I have, but just in case ...
  6. I don't know what happened, but regardless of what I search for using the search menu at the top right, it always brings up 0 results. Even when I search for thread names I am subscribed to, so I KNOW they exist. This happened only recently, so not due to the new forum design - things worked fine just 2 weeks ago. Please fix this, otherwise I cannot really use the forums to find any content...
  7. The Awesomes - FULL Season 2?

    See my post above, you can just get them from Kimcartoons (yeah they changed servers) http://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/The-Awesomes-Season-3
  8. Patrol 03 / Patrouille 03 / Patrulla 03

    It seems the english version of this show is downright impossible to find... I have half of the series on DVD, but in basque or french language (I cannot tell) - from the english show I was only able to track down 4 episodes. As they look DVD quality, I find it hard to believe a DVD was not released... For those who missed the huge popularity this show suddenly got through 4chan some 2 years ago (though I was well aware of its existence as I saw it in my youth too on TV - the show is from 1997) - Patrol 03 stands for the three eager but misfit police cadets, Shorty the basset hound, Carmen the wheelchair-bound silver fox, and Wilfred the hulking mouse. They get specially assigned to the force by Mayor Alexander Walrus to keep an eye on the corrupt police chief Pamela Bondani, who with the help of mad scientist Professor Molo hatches one scheme after the other to take the Mayor's place and assigns the Patrol 03 on meaningless tasks. This is quite an unique situation for a show where the main villain is also the boss of the heroes, and both groups try to act as if they were unaware of the other's true intentions. I have 4 DVDs with 3 episodes each, but a total of 21 exists. Most can be found on youtube, but only in french, basque or other languages. Anyone who knows what channel might air this show in english and can record it, would be appreciated if you let us know.
  9. [MEGA] Monster Buster Club Web-DL

    Or any links, for that matter? Only found this show on Kimcartoon and in 360p
  10. Wait, is this a new series? Got any clips or pictures? Is it a continuation of the old show, or that terrible 2015 movie?
  11. Bucky O'Hare DVDrips

    I was surprised to not even find VHSrips anywhere. But the show was released on DVD according to this fansite: http://www.buckyohare.org/dvdvhs.shtml Anyone has more info?
  12. Dinosaucers

    Umm, what was that? empty post?
  13. Kung Fu Dino Posse

    I dunno, that intro alone is something that could be used to torture prisoners...
  14. Kung Fu Dino Posse

    Well, firstly it had no release apart from those 3 episodes on DVD, and second... it is kinda famously bad, so there aren't many fans of it who would have recorded it. Atrocious Animations did a piece on it, for example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcDRvAxWYd8
  15. Kung Fu Dino Posse

    I'd check it out too, but it is not a free program. And I once had to do a complete system reinstall after trying my luck with these IP address modifying programs, so I rather stick to torrents.