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  1. SwiftNimblefoot

    Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I experimented around and it seems removing "the" and "of" brings up some results, but only if using Advanced search, not the upper right corner one. Also, I checked the "only search topics" and that helped too. Guess I am accustomed to just hitting items in the search box and pressing enter in most places, it's more convenient.
  2. SwiftNimblefoot

    Anyone remember Class of the Titans?

    Is up on youtube in 720p! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI6Or6tXCt8&index=1&list=PLxV3d7e0KlNXXtBJPYhqHOT5bWGOXWxBO
  3. SwiftNimblefoot

    Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I tried searching for "Class of the titans" using the Forums/Search button, same 0 results. Hey, you can try it yourself, it will do the same for you as it does for me. Some terms simply bring up 0 results, ridiculous since I just posted in the thread a few days ago.
  4. SwiftNimblefoot

    Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I dunno why, but certain searches (like All Hail King Julien yesterday) worked for me, but others still don't. I doubt this is dependent on what browser I use, if it works for one term but not the other, it is an error of the search engine. What's weird is that last week it worked fine.
  5. SwiftNimblefoot

    Search function doesn't work anymore?

    I have All Content set. Tried searching for Class of the Titans yesterday, a thread I am commenting in right now, and nothing comes up. Taking out "of" and "the" doesn't help either. Using Firefox btw, not that it should matter to a forum's search engine what browser I have, but just in case ...
  6. I don't know what happened, but regardless of what I search for using the search menu at the top right, it always brings up 0 results. Even when I search for thread names I am subscribed to, so I KNOW they exist. This happened only recently, so not due to the new forum design - things worked fine just 2 weeks ago. Please fix this, otherwise I cannot really use the forums to find any content...
  7. SwiftNimblefoot


    Umm, what was that? empty post?
  8. SwiftNimblefoot


    They really went at it with a comedy in mind, even though the whole conflict was almost like on the Transformers, with also a homeworld they sometimes visited. But it was hard to take the villains seriously given their really silly plans. It's why when I recall this show from my childhood, I always remember preferring Adventures of T-Rex to this one.
  9. Hey Swift I saw in a previous  post where you were looking for the first 21 HQ episodes of Dinosaucers that were released on Amazon well good news I happen to have these episodes so if you are interested you can let me know.

  10. Hey SwiftNimblefoot how's it going man, this is Legacy and I just want to take this time to thank and commend you on the excellent job you are doing by sharing your insight and knowledge on various topics and also providing us with rare hard to find series out of your own personal archive which I think was real awesome by the way, you have no idea the difference you have made in so many lives (myself included) by your contribution to this forum so with that being said keep up the good work and I hope the karmic scales will be balanced in your favor in all your endeavors and also if you need any help trying to find a series I will be more than happy to assist you can reach me at jasonlegacy1524@gmail.com and here is a link to my Huge Cartoon list you might see something on there of interest to you  https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwj2gfmNr4TTAhUn5YMKHUxOD1QQFggKMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.80scartoons.net%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Fp%3D30371%26sid%3Db08de5b912291033aa17f02fc9e8d064&usg=AFQjCNEG-W3ck5ZTSLeih_td_5kKa_hfRA&sig2=AgLwQiumMMM-XIcz6EP0bw

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    2. SwiftNimblefoot


      Hi! Hmm, maybe I am not remembering correctly, don't think that was me... I am working on Adventures of T-Rex. With Astrodinos, I have some VHS tapes I want to rip eventually - sadly I still cannot get my VHS to properly connect to my TV for some reason.



    3. Legacy


      Hey Swift I just want to say that I have been collecting animated series for the past 8 years and during this period I have been able to get my hands on a number of rare series however there are few that are still giving me some trouble to find like Dinosaucers, Tigersharks, The Mighty Orbots, Laser Tag Academy and Turbo Teen, I call these the elusive 5 and I consider them to be the holy grail of cartoons if you happen to have any of these series you can let me know and by the way that Dinosaucers project that you are working on if you manage to pull it off I would be forever grateful.

    4. SwiftNimblefoot


      Sure, I will. I have a few Dinosaucers VHS tapes - in German, where they were called Astrodinos. I want to record them to digital format someday but sadly my TV does not recognize my VHS player for some reason. Still working on that.



  11. SwiftNimblefoot


    Yeah, it is rather silly and the villains are so ridiculously inept they give Team Rocket a run for their money - though the heroes aren't much smarter either. That, and well, too many kids as sidekicks... one should have been well enough. That said, as a furry, I do want this in HD someday for the reference screenshots. Barely anyone drew art of Princess Dei, for example (yeah, that pun-name hasn't aged well).
  12. Now that I am on 2 weeks of holiday, time to get back on putting english audio on the Adventures of T-Rex episodes again. :)

  13. SwiftNimblefoot


    So, anything came out of this?
  14. SwiftNimblefoot

    Can't use anything for an avatar...

  15. SwiftNimblefoot

    Can't use anything for an avatar...

    Ah, OK! Thanks. I will try again later this week then.