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    Any anime Recommendations for?

    Can't really add much more to the above apart from confirming that Speed Grapher, Psycho-Pass, Eden of the East should all fit your needs, with Monster being a little less action but way more thriller and suspense. Elfen Lied, Darker than Black and Another all work well. If you'd prefer something just a bit more flat out action than Black Lagoon fits that to a tee, and possibly (albeit an older more lighthearted series, at least to begin with) GetBackers would suit your preferences?. Also, a little bit more off the radar could be Kurau: Phantom Memory - don't get put off by the intro to it, it's a good series with a bit of a sci-fi twist. Same goes for Gun x Sword actually, and Chrono Crusade. Steins;Gate (which I've only just gotten into at long last) is another compliment on the thriller/suspense but lacks on the aciton front.
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    Hello one and all! I'm new here (and thus the post!), been a long time fan of anime and hoping to get to know you all and spend time chatting about the old and the new.