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  1. Why are you not replying to my Discord message?

  2. I'd love to have it too. Unfortunately, I'm not able to rip from Netflix.
  3. Hi! I'm SchRita and I'm really happy to find your forum (thanks to one of your awesome members ). I'm mainly interested in computers, have began to learn some computer languages and web design, but no matter what I learn, they are always connected to some of my favourite cartoons (of which I have a LOT). I'm Hungarian but I also speak English (as you can see >.<) and Italian, I really want to learn French as well since there are lots of awesome French animated series that I like to collect. I'm hoping to be able to contribute to this forum in any way possible because I try to be a person that not only takes but also gives to others. If you have questions, feel free to ask me anything. Anyway, thanks for reading my introduction and have a nice day!
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