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  1. Probably you could read PMs now

  2. Moppet

    Let's rip Netflix!

    Audials does rip the stream. Playing in Silverlight on Firefox.
  3. Moppet

    Let's rip Netflix!

    I use Audials One. It records the stream.
  4. Moppet

    Let's rip Netflix!

    Yes, unlike iTunes and Youtube you can't download from Netflix.
  5. Moppet

    Let's rip Netflix!

    TL;DR: If you want to rip an animated series from Netflix, pm me to get an account, a VPN and a stream recording program. First people and mutual interests are top priorities. More: Ok, I have spent the last month pm'ing half a dozen people to help me help them record stuff from Netflix, but unfortunately things have been going on slowly. I'd do this myself but my ADSL sucks. Some stuff you have to pay on other services are free on Netflix because it's subscription based: pay for the month watch anything from any country. So let's not waste any opportunities.
  6. Moppet

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    MEGAsync is the MEGA program for Windows. I usually use the Android app for MEGA it's more reliable at upload/download jobs. And to think of it, you people make me positive about my 40GB over the limit storage. Might as well try going over 9000GB.
  7. Moppet

    This is gonna be fun!

    Hi there!