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  1. Didn't Kametsu have a Live-Action subforum in the Distro area? What happened to it, I'm pretty distraught tbh.
  2. I remember seeing the first season in 2014 and getting info that the second season shall release in 2017...oh how have the years passed.
  3. I think it'll debut over the summer or fall latest
  4. Here- https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ysWyQV I improved upon the previous specs. Added a 1TB HDD and a 120GB Sata SSD while still staying in the sub 300 usd zone.
  5. Simple- just build one. I can bet that no sub-300 usd prebuilt computer boasts of these specs. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JCrpFd Peripherals and OS not included.
  6. Yeah you can watch it anyway. Out of LN Volumes 5,6,7, DxD Born actually features the 6th LN volume the most. You can read the LN's here-https://baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=High_School_DxD
  7. Technically, the three seasons up till DxD Born have covered 6-7 LNs. BUT the thing is, they changed the whole LN events placement in Born and basically skipped the main events of the 5th LN, the battle with the Sitri peerage. They also changed the whole plot of the 7th LN too. Not giving any spoilers but its a pretty awesome part of DxD's plot as a whole. I recommend you watch the first two seasons and start reading the LNs from Volume 5 on wards, that's what I did, 3 years ago (Note to self- ) Tbh, DxD Born felt poorly planned and kinda disappointing, if you've read the Light Novels. 1st season--> LN 1,2 2nd Season--> LN 3,4 3rd Season--> LN 5-6-7
  8. I just finished watching four anime sequentially- Steins;Gate, Date a Live, Trinity Seven and Code Geass R1. All were good. Especially Code Geass and Steins;Gate <3 I guess I love anime with a little brains and romance... Currently watching Magic Kaito and am planning to download and watch 'Freezing' Any suggestions on what to watch next?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Raystriker. I'm from India and am an Anime and manga fan. Though I've got a lot of studies in this phase of my life, I still try to take out time for my love for Japanese literature and stuff. Hope you take care of me.
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