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  1. As promised, here is my final announcement... for real. i'm not kidding.


    Due to a huge legality issues, we are officially moving to our only platforms from here. I can ONLY contact via PM (Private Message) or our E-MailDiscord to you, starting officially right now as final at 6am (Manila local time). Plus, i can follow you privately in every new & tracking the latest episodes by all the cartoons like Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat, Spongebob Squarepants and much etc.


    It's been 4 years since we started until now, i won't be long from here.


    Starting now, i am not leaving Kametsu for now just because... it's going to be something different today. So, in our behalf for the Kametsu staff... thanks for everything by all of you everyone.


    For now until then, i'll see you all real soon... in the next chapter. As #DJRolandCastro from Power 91 FM Dumaguete in the PH...


    "I'll be back."


    Thank you & take care. Later guys!


    -- weazelone