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  1. Just an honest question...


    Do you know what happened to Shark_Umaru [possibly former MoeRaws] (for the Japanese RAWS of Pokémon: Sun & Moon) that doesn't release the newest episodes (that already aired in Japan every week)? It's quite a month of inactive Nyaa user last June 2018, because it's probably already summer in America & somewhere all the Asian region or something as almost else in any reason.


    I only download the #PokéProblems for Some-Stuffs if found [but not the new episode per week], that is possibly not aired on selected local stations of TXN (like TV Tokyo & TV Osaka) for example... Shark_Umaru is quite like an iTunes or AMZN WEB-DL style in Japan & no watermarked, except for news alert during the anime like earthquakes and stuff & the japanese sponsors (if i'm wrong).


    I found the possible research of these two platforms (that is only available to watch or purchase the episode in Japan) :

    https://ch.ani.tv/titles/281 & https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/video/detail/B01N765S37


    Hiatus is around the corner but again honestly, do you know what happened to him lately? He's inactive in any reason...

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