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  1. As promised, here is my final announcement... for real. i'm not kidding.


    Due to a huge legality issues, we are officially moving to our only platforms from here. I can ONLY contact via PM (Private Message) or our E-MailDiscord to you, starting officially right now as final at 6am (Manila local time). Plus, i can follow you privately in every new & tracking the latest episodes by all the cartoons like Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat, Spongebob Squarepants and much etc.


    It's been 4 years since we started until now, i won't be long from here.


    Starting now, i am not leaving Kametsu for now just because... it's going to be something different today. So, in our behalf for the Kametsu staff... thanks for everything by all of you everyone.


    For now until then, i'll see you all real soon... in the next chapter. As #DJRolandCastro from Power 91 FM Dumaguete in the PH...


    "I'll be back."


    Thank you & take care. Later guys!


    -- weazelone

  2. Welp... 2-3 months passed as expected, due to legality issues... I have one more post on my mind in a 'legal one'. This is for you @GideonWrath. We will be soon to be E-Mail, Discord & PM only (for security & legality reasons), starting at 6am today as final. So, here goes in public (if you honestly don't mind)...


    NEW EPISODE is OUT NOW in this legitamite way: https://vrv.co/watch/GRJ0J0K4Y/Bravest-Warriors:EP-451-EP-452 (Season 4 FINALE)








    The Bravest Warriors journey to the See-Thru Zone to finally rescue their parents. But do the Courageous Battlers even want to be rescued? And finally, with the Courageous Battlers happily trapped in the See-Thru Zone, the Bravest Warriors return to biz as usual, until they discover their parents’ bliss may not be on their own volition.



    and finally...




    So... it's been 4 years of myself, for the Kametsu ride... I'll tell you for my final post & changes, in just a bit. Stick around...

    1. weazelone


      Also, a special bonus-track post... Here's a legal preview for the new season of #BeeAndPuppycat, while you wait.



  3. Just a short heads up...


    The first 4 episodes of Hanazuki S2, concludes the leaked today from Pop UK... is OUT NOW. You might remember the Cecilia release last week right? So, we replace it urgently... right now.





    -- weazelone

  4. Just an honest question...


    Do you know what happened to Shark_Umaru [possibly former MoeRaws] (for the Japanese RAWS of Pokémon: Sun & Moon) that doesn't release the newest episodes (that already aired in Japan every week)? It's quite a month of inactive Nyaa user last June 2018, because it's probably already summer in America & somewhere all the Asian region or something as almost else in any reason.


    I only download the #PokéProblems for Some-Stuffs if found [but not the new episode per week], that is possibly not aired on selected local stations of TXN (like TV Tokyo & TV Osaka) for example... Shark_Umaru is quite like an iTunes or AMZN WEB-DL style in Japan & no watermarked, except for news alert during the anime like earthquakes and stuff & the japanese sponsors (if i'm wrong).


    I found the possible research of these two platforms (that is only available to watch or purchase the episode in Japan) :

    https://ch.ani.tv/titles/281 & https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/video/detail/B01N765S37


    Hiatus is around the corner but again honestly, do you know what happened to him lately? He's inactive in any reason...

  5. Good day everyone...


    Just to let ya know, I immediately re-uploaded only the entire HQ Thumbnail in all the 4th Season for #BravestWarriors (not the whole EP Upload)... due to BrasilTurbo website (as our uploading home), will be phased out soon. So we moved immediately to imagem.app (formerly BrasilTurbo), as a permanent substitution.


    Feel free to check our edited posts on myself, from start to present day right about now.


    Starting Point:




    Credits to @Mr. Kimiko, @GideonWrath, @Dulus_No, @Moki and others for the supporters and rippers of #CartoonHangoverSelect (CHS) on VRV.


    I appreciate it for all of you. And one more thing. This... The 4th Mid-Season FINALE of BW, concludes this Friday early morning or lunch in EST onwards. It'll return by Fall 2018 in September. Period.



    For now, thanks in advance.


    -- weazelone

  6. OUT NOW: https://vrv.co/watch/GY5P2ZJPY/Bravest-Warriors:EP-409-EP-410

    HQ Thumbnail (for your reference, but click this image for full.):




    On my honest side note: I can't send your PM due to your own unknown/security reasons so... We go in public one (instead) if you don't mind...


    Hope it helps. You can send me an E-Mail or on your Facebook Messenger privately in our PM (instead of the public Kametsu talk) if possibly available. Thanks.


    -- weazelone


    FINAL UPDATE: @szescxz does have a new hot EP copy (on this week's episode). You can import your copy to your Mega Account if necessary optional. --> [link]

  7. Good evening from Manila and our hometown of Visayas... Here's the promo of this week's NEW Episode of #BravestWarriors S4. Just in case if @GideonWrath and others; doesn't reach in any later reasons.




    That is right now today on VRV x Cartoon Hangover Select in the early/regular morning EDT. New EPs airing bi-weekly.


    On my side note, if it's not... we're quite okay with that. Just for checking if available.


    Hope it helps... Cheers.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Ep. 1-6 Plus a Documentary are up for Season 4.

    2. weazelone


      Thanks for that. And the latest one this week, probably sometime immediately later this weekend? Just asking... If it's quite not, we're okay with that. This is the only site of it's exclusivity...

    3. weazelone


      FINAL UPDATE #2: I'm pleased to say... the episode is legit as checked. Thanks!

  8. Honest Public Advisory for the #NetflixFans:


    If you're honestly planned to record any TV Shows like #LoliRock & #Wakfu in your cable subscription credential logins... There is a certain catch. Some ISPs in selective higher bitrates are seriously much buffering = lagged on video during the recording = WEBCap will be completely rejectable & bias.


    My suggestion to everyone... to stick it to the professionals instead. That's my advice. End of story.


    -- weazelone

    1. weazelone


      Seriously. WEBRips in HQ are okay. We'll support the show after that.

  9. Good day everyone... Does anyone know if VRV is available exclusively on XBox One & PS4? I'm talking about Bee & Puppycat (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederator/bee-and-puppycat-the-series/updates)


    The hint for you can be found at the Cartoon Hangover. Here are the prices first: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxoraQWVIAAC7l-.jpg:orig


    Can anyone if you have on XBox 1 or PS4, would it be possible to record the entire episode of S1 & S2 since it's officially released after Kickstarter? I'm not recommending to use the YouTube version. VRV one is better. I've researched the series for episodes but, there are 404.


    And, i never heard about Bee & Puppycat & Bravest Warriors before but, i wish i could binge it in 2017 (once you've already record both of the series but not the YouTube one)... More donations, will happen guys... hope so...


    -- weazelone

    1. weazelone


      FINAL UPDATE: After 2 months waiting in our request... @Dingo will answer that one.

      -- weazelone

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