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  1. Honest Public Advisory for the #NetflixFans:


    If you're honestly planned to record any TV Shows like #LoliRock & #Wakfu in your cable subscription credential logins... There is a certain catch. Some ISPs in selective higher bitrates are seriously much buffering = lagged on video during the recording = WEBCap will be completely rejectable & bias.


    My suggestion to everyone... to stick it to the professionals instead. That's my advice. End of story.


    -- weazelone

    1. weazelone


      Seriously. WEBRips in HQ are okay. We'll support the show after that.

  2. Good day everyone... Does anyone know if VRV is available exclusively on XBox One & PS4? I'm talking about Bee & Puppycat (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederator/bee-and-puppycat-the-series/updates)


    The hint for you can be found at the Cartoon Hangover. Here are the prices first: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxoraQWVIAAC7l-.jpg:orig


    Can anyone if you have on XBox 1 or PS4, would it be possible to record the entire episode of S1 & S2 since it's officially released after Kickstarter? I'm not recommending to use the YouTube version. VRV one is better. I've researched the series for episodes but, there are 404.


    And, i never heard about Bee & Puppycat & Bravest Warriors before but, i wish i could binge it in 2017 (once you've already record both of the series but not the YouTube one)... More donations, will happen guys... hope so...


    -- weazelone

    1. weazelone


      FINAL UPDATE: After 2 months waiting in our request... @Dingo will answer that one.

      -- weazelone

  3. Anybody remember seeing Angelo Rules on CN US?

    I honestly think if this one according to InstantWatcher though: http://instantwatcher.com/title/70229832 Only S1 was found, to be honest... Hoping to that for a professional WEBRip soon if interested (as soon as the donations are full). UPDATE: I found the whole French Dub exclusively on YT. But let me warn you honestly, these episodes are extremely limited. So from now... Binge the whole series to yourself or download the whole thing in several platforms. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Angelo+la+débrouille+saison+2 (S2) [NOTE: Try looking "saison 2 episode 1" and so on]
  4. I'm just going to download personally to #Magi-Nation right now...