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  1. gamer33x

    One Piece

    Is there any question it is great.
  2. In A Fight the contenders would be: Monkey D. Luffy vs. Natsu Dragneel: = Monkey D. Luffy Roanoa Zoro vs. Erza Scarlet: Roanoa Zoro Sanji vs. Gray Fullbuster: = Sanji Usopp vs. Max Alors? Maybe?: Usopp Franky vs. Gajeel Redfox: = Gajell Redfox Nico Robin vs. Ultear Milkovich: Ultear Milkovich Who's sexier: Nami vs. Lucy Heartfilia = Nami Who's more adorable: Tony Tony Chopper vs. Happy = Tony Tony Chopper Who's more annoying?: Vivi vs. Mirajane = Vivi
  3. one of the coolest villains out there aizen
  4. I agree the ED and OP are great I also like the characters.
  5. gamer33x

    One Piece

    Unanimous decision Strong World is the best
  6. I have just finished reading Eat-man for a second time. That is how good it is. It has the perfect mix of Sci-fi and Fantasy. It is a recommended read for anyone who reads manga. I just wanted to know what other people thought about it when reading it.
  7. I think Jinbei is going to join the straw hat pirates what do you think?
  8. I was just wondering what other peoples favorites TV shows were from Britain. Mine are Doctor Who and Misfits. I love the story for Doctor Who and for Misfits I like the dark humor. So what are yours.
  9. Original Inuyasha had the worst ending I was pissed waiting for a whole week to see the finale and that came up I was so angry
  10. The rock can have different abilities depending on the rock and the rarity of the rock. The main character is from a forgotten race of people who can use the rock to their maximum potential or something similar to that. That is all I remember I hope it helps you help me thank you.
  11. I just hate how the main character Haruto Kirishima because he finally gets a girl that loves him and then goes back to the girl that dumped him for his new found friend who is dieing in the hospital. But he doesn't let his girlfriend down easy no. He tells her to dump him because he found someone he loves more. GOD it just puts me in a nerd rage I almost feel like punching the screen on my laptop. Does anybody also hate this manga as much as me!!! :anger: :anger: :anger: :anger: :anger: :anger:
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