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  1. yo what is it you guys need an outside team encoders help for exactly ? cus i can encode but i dont know what exactly u guys need but uh  id be willing to help if needed....

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    2. Vongola Primo

      Vongola Primo

      i know its not 10bit atm but i can see from what im looking at its already 720

    3. Vongola Primo

      Vongola Primo

      by the way are the issues the audio or the subs?


    4. NeutralHatred


      Erai is our last resort video source. Yes, it is already 720 but, Koby wants a better quality source to utilize, such as a 10-bit video with the proper filters to fix issues. Erai's issue isn't a big deal; I can just demux everything and remux them. Koby, and I for that matter, would like to use better source for our releases. Erai is barely better than HS.

  2. Hey guys I'm new just giving a shout out to all those fellow otaku's out there!
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