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  1. Best antivirus software for PC?

    I usin' Malwarebytes and it was great, until the time when I cannot delete a one process. Ground.exe and that's really anoying.
  2. Kuromukuro [English Dub]

    I'll check it, but request is still actual.
  3. Kuromukuro [English Dub]

    Would someone capture and upload episodes of Kuromukuro from Netflix? [I tried but I have problem with cutted frames (seriously, I cannot guess a reason of 'cause I have good PC, I think so) Here's a examples : http://imgur.com/a/oq1xn] Prefered quality : 1080p [but 720p also will be fine].
  4. How to rip/download Netflix?

    Here's a link with a offline netflix movie files : http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/YwToQfUw/file.html[/CODE]. If who's want check it from inside.
  5. How to rip/download Netflix?

    I bumpin' this subject. How I can capture netflix without this glitches [interlacing?]? Look at hand.
  6. How to rip/download Netflix?

    I wanna bump this subject. Do you know how hide progress bar in window with played movie on netflix or capture full resolution without it? I have a possibility to record it with capture card with hdcp bypass but that thing is anoying and it don't looks good. Maybe do you know some software alternative for it? I heard something about playlater but I'm not fully sure is it good enough. I want rip Total Drama (2 first seasons) in 16:9 720:480 resolution.
  7. Um, hello

    So, how can I introduce, yourself. I'm Jacob, I'm not a big fan of anime, my hobbies is creating mixtapes and video effects, I found that page in searcher, and I want make something productive for this page in future. I wanna say "hello" every user in this forum